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  • There are a LOT of "Bugs" in Your Home

    A small group of entomologists from the NRC and UNSU in Raleigh are conducting a pretty amazing study of arthropods in people’s homes. I got a chance to join them for this week’s video, and was it ever an eye opener. As it turns out, it is not uncommon to find 100 species of bugs in any given house. The other major findings were that 1) every house has lice 2) almost every house also has carpet beetles and 3) the most diverse group of organisms in the house are flies! Here is the original study.

    Since this original study, Michelle Trautwein and Misha Leong have continued their work to examine the bugs of all the continents. Here are the ones we’ve been to so far.

    Bugs in Homes: San Francisco

    Bugs in Homes: Sweden

    Bugs in Homes: The Amazon

    More Information About This Research

    Written by Rob Nelson

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