The Best Math & Science Activity Ideas to Do with Preschoolers

In today’s world, STEM courses and occupations are gradually taking the lead. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM-related occupations are expected to grow by 8% by 2029. This number is significantly higher than the expected growth for other occupations – 3.7%. 

Thus, for any parent, it’s never too early to introduce proper math courses to a child, either through math lessons or fun experiments. While children might not be able to understand advanced math and science, trying out kid-friendly activities sets a solid foundation for further studying. Fortunately, we’ve collated some of the best math and science activities for your preschooler. Let’s get into it, shall we? 

The oil and water experiment

This science activity is a fun way to teach your preschooler that oil and water don’t mix. The best part? All the items you need can be found in your kitchen. 

What you need: a glass of water, food coloring, a few tablespoons of vegetable or olive oil. 

How to play: Mix the food coloring with a few tablespoons of oil. Once you’ve done this, pour the mixture into a glass of water. Naturally, the oil will remain at the top of the glass because it has a lower density than water. On the other hand, the food coloring will sink to the bottom (since it’s water-based) and create a really colorful firework effect. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Homemade slime

Everyone loves slime, from preschoolers to adults. Playing with slime offers your toddler a great sensory experience and could even help develop their motor skills. 

To create your own homemade slime, combine a bottle of glue with 1¹/² tablespoons of contact solution and half a teaspoon of baking soda. To make your slime stretchier and more colorful, you could also mix in warm water and some food coloring. 

Roll and cross

Roll and cross is a fun math for kids activity that can be added to any preschooler’s routine. It utilizes the core principle of the math learning platform game-based learning. With this activity, you can teach your kid all about numbers. 

Get a dice and write down numbers 1-6 on a sheet of paper (write 1-12 if you’re using two dice). Next, have your kid roll the dice and cross out the corresponding number. For instance, if they roll the dice and it lands on 4, they have to cross out the number 4 on the paper. 

To make this activity more fun, you can create a head-on competition between your kids. The first one to cross out all their numbers wins. 

Shape sorting 

This is yet another fun math activity for kids. Geometry can be pretty tricky and thus, it’s advisable to “catch them young” by teaching kids about shapes in preschool. Get a piece of cardboard and cut out multiple circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. Next, ask your preschooler to sort the shapes in groups. This game will teach them to recognize and identify shapes. 

Volcanic eruption 

To try out this fun preschool science activity, get some baking soda and vinegar. Mixing these two ingredients in equal amounts will create a fizzing effect that resembles a volcanic eruption. Your child will certainly find this experience exciting! To get more out of this activity, you can switch up the measurements and see how the results will change. 

Final Thoughts 

Looking to help your child create a strong foundation in STEM? Try out these fun math and science activities. They’ll not only help your kid learn core concepts but also give them an opportunity to have fun. 

Good luck! 

How understanding of math can increase your winning chances at playing online casino games

The overwhelming majority of people believe that gambling has no luck. It has a mathematical connection. Though the secret to a lot of sports betting or online gaming is mathematical theory. Yes, the games available online are designed to boost players’ prospects of long-term success. However, this does not change the fact of the matter. They merely rely on mathematical concepts and have an edge over other gaming websites. But mathematics isn’t just for gambling. You have the opportunity to make the most of them. We cannot, however, be that ambitious.

The significance of casino mathematics in the development of gambling

The most popular casino game has been played daily for centuries. Casinos are the same. The structures were built in Florence, Italy, sometime in the 17th century. Initially, they wanted to build a secure atmosphere for gaming. Mathematical abilities for gambling have always been popular among gamblers. It was also a place where eminent scientists and mathematicians would argue over problems and methodologies. Frequently, probability fields are the most fascinating. The problem of points is a well-known probability issue. The subject is discussed between Pierre de Fermat and Blaise Pascal.

Why Learn Mathematics for Gambling?

Many unskilled gamers do not believe that learning maths is important for success in gaming. In actuality, you have little chance of winning if you can prevail without using mathematics. It was incredibly unjust. Relying only on your instincts to get things done is not worth it. Primarily as a result of superstition and incorrect beliefs. However, this can often be more difficult because it depends on the game you intend to play. Knowing the math behind the game’s regulations can sometimes increase winning odds by enabling players to make the least expensive wagers. Best NZ$10 Deposit Casino would be the best place to learn to use what you’ve learnt into practice.

Random occurrences

There are countless possibilities for a variety of outcomes that might be predicted in casino games. Describe a few of these. Let’s pretend we are playing blackjack. The odds of victory are equal for each participant before the game even starts. Roulette results in the same thing. When the dealer spun the wheel, all players who made a single stake received the same winnings. That means the game’s card distribution and stopping point are completely arbitrary. With me, it wasn’t the case, but it was. However, this does not imply that they lack a defined structure.

Large-Number Rule

The law of large numbers needs to be understood clearly for a brief period of time. Casinos frequently ignore this, but being aware of it makes a significant difference. It provides information on expected player losses as well as long-term profitability. Give me the precise response. According to the law of large numbers, the mean result is likely to approach the mathematical likelihood as the sample volume rises. Simply put, it means that an event travels further toward its goal the more times it occurs.

Gambling online and probability

Those who are interested in gambling should keep in mind that there is a chance involved. Imagine your surprise at how simple the response was. Every game at a casino is based on probability. The word “probability” can also be used to describe the likelihood of an event occurring. Probability in gambling displays the likelihood of winning. There’s a number that ranges from 0 to 100. The 0 means that there is little chance of success for the gamer. Better odds come from larger chances.

Indicators of Probability

Probability and odds play a key role in gambling websites and casino games. It displays the prize money and odds of winning to which a player is entitled. And to be clear, what is generally believed is irrelevant. Typically, a potential outcome is calculated using probability. Odds, on the other hand, are ratios of a player’s chances of winning and losing.

Three examples of filmmakers’ love of boxing

The industry loves sports, from the top scriptwriters and movie-makers in Hollywood to the best of the emerging talent on the independent scene. Some of the most memorable and famous films ever produced were based on true stories from the world of sports. The story of the underdog’s rise to fame, playing a high-stakes game of chance at a Las Vegas sportsbook, a star goes from hero to zero and a battle against all the odds. We have seen it all over the years.

Sometimes, the fact is stranger than fiction, and we find many examples of that in movies. What is your favourite sports movie? You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding an answer to that question and nailing down your all-time go-to sports flick. There’s The Hustler (1961), Hoop Dreams (1994), Remember the Titans (2000), Miracle (2004) and a League of Their Own (1992). 

Movies that pack a punch

The list is extensive, and when you have chosen your own favourite sports movie, you are ready to enter the great debate. The one that has raged for generations, and there will never be a correct answer to; what’s the best sports-themed movie ever released? Start that conversation at a party, and the night is over. You’ll see friends and family in a new light and may wish you kept your opinions to yourself.

The movie business loves sports, but there is one sport in particular that Hollywood can’t get enough of professional boxing. Small hall, smoke-filled shows with two contenders going toe-to-toe, scrapping for a better life. The rise and fall of the champions. Gladiators battling back from a career-ending injury to win the world championship. There are many boxing films, most of which are either true stories or based on true events. But which is the best? 

If you were to choose only one boxing movie to watch, which would it be? Rocky? Million Dollar Baby? Raging Bull? Below we choose three contenders for the crown of the best boxing movie ever made.

Raging Bull (1980)

This isn’t just the best boxing movie ever made; it’s the best sports movie ever made. That’s our opinion, but it’s one shared by many in the know. Released in 1980, Raging Bull tells the story of true-life world champion and troubled boxer Jake LaMotta, played by Robert DeNiro.

This movie is described as the tale of a washed-up boxer past his best, struggling to come to terms with the harsh realities of prizefighting and life after boxing. But that’s not strictly true. Raging Bull covers some of LaMotta’s best and most famous bouts, including the ongoing battle with Sugar Ray Robinson. 

Jake is a fearless, aggressive, no-nonsense fighter inside of the ropes, qualities that are great in boxing, but can he switch them off in his day-to-day life? Not even close. This is funny, romantic, engaging and downright appalling. It’s considered to be the most accurate reflection of boxing at the highest level.

Rocky (1976)

This movie is over 40 years old, can you believe that? The Rocky franchise became a bit corny in its latter days and attracted much criticism, but the first movie is something special. How we judged Rocky on realism is the conversations going on in the background in Micky’s gym. It doesn’t sound or feels scripted. 

Instead, it’s a believable setting and an accurate representation of a boxing gym, especially one a generation ago. There are no electric machines, huge free weights or too much sports science. It’s all about hard work, determination and a desire to better yourself through sport. And that’s exactly what the sport of boxing is to millions worldwide.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

If Rocky Balboa were a female, you’d come close to Million Dollar Baby, although it probably wouldn’t have been accepted back in the mid-1970s. The movie tells the tale of an aspiring female boxer with no quit in her is emotional, gripping and life-changing. Just as Rocky attracted countless young men to their local boxing gyms, Million Dollar Baby did the same for girls from every corner of the globe.

Who’s Happier: People Looking for Hookups or Those in Relationships?

There is an ongoing debate about whether people in relationships are happier than those looking for a hookup.

Some people argue that the search for sex is what makes people happy. But others believe those in relationships have something more ‘tangible’ to focus on and their partner to provide them with emotional support. But what about those looking for a hookup and able to focus on their own self-worth, fulfillment, and happiness?

Ultimately, it comes down to your own unique circumstances and what you believe is right for you. Some people who are in relationships still go out together and look for a third – that’s how things are in open relationships. And singles are always free to mingle and try casual hookups whenever they want. So, there’s something available for everyone, and it has become more accessible, especially with adult hook up sites becoming so popular.

From Hookups to Serious Relationships – Find Everything on Dating Sites

Researchers observed that young adults who engaged in sexual activity outside of a romantic partnership were less happy with their love lives on average than their counterparts who engaged in sexual activity more frequently within relationships.

Does that mean you should avoid looking for a hookup? Not really! There are other studies suggesting that casual sex benefits your mental and physical health in so many ways. 

What it means is that you should go with what floats your boat. If the idea of hooking up with a complete stranger excites you, go with that. And know that dating sites are available to make it happen. In fact, many adult hook up sites are so versatile that you can arrange virtual dates on the platform and even engage in some virtual sex action online.

On the other hand, if you want a serious partner, there are platforms to help you find serious, long-term dating partners. They require you to fill out your profile, share your photos, and talk about what makes you a great romantic partner. Interestingly, many of these sites rely on the latest technological innovations and utilize AI matchmaking algorithms to suggest the most suitable partners. 

Look for a Platform According to Your Goals

It’s important to understand that now you can find niche dating sites, so never worry about what you feel is the best way to enjoy relationships. 

Just don’t go on the site without a purpose, like finding love, learning about yourself, or meeting new people. If you have no idea what you’re looking for, then signing up is probably not the best decision.

When you know your goals, you can easily identify a platform to achieve them. For instance, you may be a mature guy looking for a younger girl. There are sites dedicated to mature dating that you can use. 

Similarly, you may be a couple in a serious relationship but want to try some threesome to re-ignite the spark in your life. Know that there are dating platforms to help you do exactly that.

Tips to Find Singles Online and Be Happier

It’s true that some studies suggest those in relationships are likely to be happier, but it doesn’t stop people from hooking up. 

In today’s modern society, young adults frequently engage in hookups. One study of people between the ages of 19 and 22 indicated that 41% of males and 31% of women reported having had sexual activity with someone who was not their love partner within the last 12 months. If you haven’t had any luck until now, you may not be using dating sites to your advantage.

Here are a few tips to help you find a partner for whatever dating type you love:

  • Check to see that your profile is full and accurate. This includes posting genuine images of yourself, giving accurate descriptions of who you are, and being specific about what you’re searching for.
  • If you want to connect with other users, you should take the initiative. You shouldn’t sit around waiting for individuals to message you; instead, you should reach out to those who pique your interest.
  • Use successful pick-up lines. Inspiration can be found just about anywhere, from YouTube videos to movies to the profiles of complete strangers. Making someone laugh is like scoring a touchdown.
  • Don’t be scared to try new things. Due to the wide variety of users present on dating apps, you are almost certain to discover someone who shares your interests. This means you shouldn’t be timid about exploring new interests and activities.


While there’s evidence suggesting people in relationships are happier, don’t let it discourage you if you love casual hookups. After all, the researchers didn’t include you, did they? All you have to do is find the right adult hookup site, share your likes and dislikes, and wait for some hot singles come looking for you.

Study Finds: Why Do Men Totally Hardwired by Evolution to Prefer Curvy Women?

Since the beginning of time, women have been at the center of worship for many cultures. In the past, being slim and without curves meant that women were sickish and unable to carry out their pregnancies. Curves were a sign that she’s been taken care of. Big breasts and behinds were signs men always looked for when searching for a partner. This curvy trend lasted for centuries until the fashion industry decided to intervene and change things (for worse, if we’re asked). The dominion of very skinny women is slowly but surely, coming to an end. Women worldwide decided it’s enough of the media’s terrorizing and pushing unrealistic pictures to their headliners.

Moreover, women aren’t the only ones who are fed up with fake images. Men are reporting that being too skinny is not sexy at all. It seems that men are going back to their roots; they’ve been craving ladies with some curves they could grab and enjoy.

Read on to get behind the men’s brains and see why they love curvy girls. In addition, we’ll tell you how to meet a plump woman and the best ways to score a date with her.

Dating Sites Are New Hunting Spots

As mentioned above, the public’s opinion about big women is changing. Slowly, but it is. 

Men are becoming enchanted by curves that can nowadays be found everywhere. But modern men aren’t hunting those BBWs in real life. They changed their modus operandi and now can be found online. 

Dating sites are good to start searching for your better half. Those sites have come a long way since their first appearance, so nowadays, you can find specialized dating sites. So, if a person is seeking a curvy woman, they’ll apply on some plump dating sites and try their luck. Those sites are all about security and are doing all they can to ensure that. AI feature is the latest technology accomplishment that does just that. AI works around the clock to ensure 0 data leakage. Users reported liking playing games such as Swiping, where you’re giving a deep insight into algorithms of your preferences. That helps algorithms match you up more precisely.

Many users love the sense of security they have when in the online world. Dating sites help shy people to open up. Also, women and men prefer being rejected online than in person. It’s less embarrassing for them. But, when you put things into perspective, online dating provides more potential partners than regular dating. That way, users can see plenty of fish in the waters.

Tips & Tricks for Dating a BBW

We promised some tips and tricks for dating a plump woman. Yes, we know men are wired to like curvy ladies, but we all know they need help from time to time. They know they like them – confidence that radiates from a curvy lady is contagious. But, it can be tricky for men to approach a BBW without stuttering and incoherent speaking.

Be Confident in Who You Are

If you’re attracted to a curvy woman, you surely see how confident she is. There aren’t many things in the world that scream sexy! as confidence does. So, be proud of who you are, and don’t tone yourself down. Plump women are all about accepting your own body and body positivity, so she wouldn’t be impressed by an insecure man. 

Treat Her Like a Goddess that She Is

Once you start dating a bigger woman, don’t make everything revolve around her pounds. But she’ll glow when she catches you eying her behind. It’s time that BBW returned to its throne. Their lush curves are a symbol of fertility and well-being. Men don’t realize why they are attracted to a goddess, but that’s their ancient heritage. 

When younger, men want a skinny woman who fits into the modern picture of a perfect body. The male biological clock starts to tick as they grow older, and men are drawn to a curved woman. Their unconscious mind craves family, stability, and children.

She’s Perfect just the Way She Is

If you’re looking for a quest and someone with whom you could lose weight, you’re in the wrong place. BBW doesn’t need someone to fix her. She’s happy with herself the way she is. It’s better for you to train your brain than try to train your body. It can only backfire.

Enjoy your time together, and learn what she loves doing. Plan your dates, treat her to dinner, and spoil her with a ticket to her favorite show. The sky’s the limit when dating a BBW.

Hopefully, you understand why men are wired to like curvy women. These tips and tricks should be handy once you score a date with a chubby woman.

Equine Science 101: 5 Basics Of Horse Care

There’s no doubt that having a horse is a thing of prestige, not to mention how fun it is to care for and have one around. But we all know that to ensure the fun and prestige don’t wane, one needs to properly care for the source of it all, which is the horse.

Caring for a horse is no joke and can be quite overwhelming. A horse’s diet and needs aren’t the same as your regular pet’s, so you need to pay close attention to it all. Are you planning to get one or two horses soon but don’t know the first thing about caring for a horse? Or do you have a horse but you’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing when caring for your horse?

Whether you belong to the former or the latter category, this piece will serve as a guide that’ll include everything possible, from feeding to housing, hygiene, and so much more. For those about to start their horse-care journey, pay close attention; and for those who already have an idea of how it goes, this should serve as a revision.

1. Basic Needs

To begin on the right foot with your equine friend, the first basic thing to do is ensure you have all the basic needs or requirements to cater for and maintain a horse through all its life stages. These basic needs include:

  • A safe pasture area free from hazards like rusty machinery, loose wire fences, or holes that the horse could get trapped in, causing anything from scratches to deep cuts or worse
  • Shelter to protect from harsh weather conditions with a clean and dry area to lay down whenever needed
  • Grazing land with chemical-free grass or a good supply of quality hay  
  • Access to fresh and clean water  
  • A safe fenced area made from horse-friendly materials like mesh wire, wood, vinyl, or plastic 
  • Companionship from other animals or people as well as daily monitoring  

With these in place and set in motion, you can now begin your journey to caring for your horse adequately.

2. Feeding

Just like humans, your horse also requires adequate supply and access to healthy food and clean water for sustenance. An inadequate supply of proper food with the required vitamin supplements as well as water can lead to malnourishment, dehydration, as well as growth-related ailments like joint issues in horses and more.

An adequate diet for a horse should include quality roughage from grass or hay when the grass isn’t available, as well as grains and supplements. As an equine owner, you must be sure to avoid horse feeding mistakes like feeding your horse with bad hay, chemical-treated grass, as well as all sorts of weeds like couch grass, fireweed, and others. All of these can drastically affect your horse’s lungs and bring other complications.

To ensure that your horse is never dehydrated, you need a constant supply of clean water. There’s a strong emphasis on this because dirty water often has germs, viruses, and bacteria that can affect the health of your horse. Hence, make sure that your horse’s water trough is always clean and filled with clean and safe water. Plus, a horse consumes a lot of water, about 5-10 gallons a day, so always keep that water coming.

3. Shelter: Stable Or Boarding

Horses are free animals that love running wild. They’d gladly spend most of their day outdoors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require a safe area for them to rest and get shade from the sun’s heat or the cold.

To house your horse in a safe and suitable environment, you should build a stable designed for the height of your horse, about 12×12 ft. for average-sized horses and 12×14 ft. for large-sized horses.

Make sure the stable:

  • Has enough headspace for your horse
  • Has proper ventilation
  • Must be free from protruding or sharp objects
  • Must be easy to clean and maintain

If you feel you don’t have the facilities to shelter or house your horse, you can make use of boarding stables. These boarding stables offer a variety of services from full boarding to pasture boarding, part boarding, self-care boarding, and so on. Boarding stables also offer services beyond sheltering your horses; some also see to the daily needs of the horse and can serve as a full-on care home for your horse, just like a boarding school for horses.

4. Grooming And Health Care Needs

Your horse needs to be in top shape at all times with impeccable health. That’s why when caring for your horse, you must include proper grooming and healthcare needs on the list. It’s advisable to groom your horse before every riding or walking activity, and it should include proper care of the hooves and skin.

While grooming serves as a form of daily external health check, your horses still require routine healthcare, which is monthly or annually routine care. Some aspects of general healthcare such as heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and others can be taken care of by you, but others such as teeth checks, immunizations, diseases or even birthing require a professional equine vet to take charge. In addition, always have a horse first aid kit available for any emergencies.

5. Conducive Environment

Lastly, your horse needs a conducive and safe environment to thrive. Be sure to provide a safe, friendly, and natural environment for them to live in. Make sure they have companions to keep them company as, like humans, they also feel lonely. Provide all necessary needs and keep them busy to prevent boredom.


Whether you’re a first-time horse owner or someone already into it, you know that caring for a horse isn’t easy, but it’s fun once you get the hang of it. With the guide above, we hope you now have an idea of what your horse needs to thrive and that you’ll put in your best in caring for your equine friends.

How Science and Innovations are Changing Human Choices and Behaviors

Over the years, science and innovation have led to massive developments in the world. Technology has grown immensely; we now have smartphones, the internet, artificial intelligence, and even robots.

These innovations have affected every part of our lives. Business, travel, communication, government, and entertainment, are parts of the sectors that have all been affected by these changes. Even the gambling industry is not left out. You can read more here about USA online casinos and how science and innovations have shaped them.

However, when people discuss the influence science and innovations have had on humans, they hardly mention one very important aspect, our brains. To what extent has science affected human behavior and decision-making? Will a person who lived 50 years ago and a person living now behave the same? In similar scenarios, will they make the same decisions?

All these and more are some of the questions we’ll answer in this article. Here’s how science and innovation are changing human choices and behaviors.

More Attention, Yet Less Attention

Over the past two decades, the attention span of humans has fallen massively. It has gone down from 12 to 8 seconds, and reports are already predicting further downfall. Currently, a goldfish has a higher attention span than us.

This downfall is credited to our heavy reliance on mobile technology and the internet. There are now multiple options to keep us distracted. With a smartphone, you can play games, and music, watch movies, read books, communicate with others, and the like. With these many options, it’s becoming difficult for people to tolerate any form of boredom. Humans no longer want to give quality time to anything; if it doesn’t impress them within seconds, it’s over.

The dangers of low attention spans are numerous. For one, it can lead to poor performance at school or work. It will also make it challenging to complete daily tasks without losing focus and can make one miss out on important information and details.

hot girl with cell phone

Influencing How We Make Decisions

Humans now rely on science and technology to make any decision. If you want to buy a new house, a new dress, or even something as simple as a burger, you first search online. People no longer trust themselves enough to make decisions, and there’s a heavy reliance on scientific processes and innovations.

This, in a way, is good because we don’t have to stress too much before gathering enough details. However, technology has altered our perception of options. For example, when you visit a new location and look for the best cafés for snacks, you probably go to Yelp to search for options. But the Yelp algorithm will only show you options based on the choices of others.

While going through your phone, searching, you might even walk by a really cool café with fantastic coffee and a mini-art gallery. This cafe might not have made it to your Yelp front page because it’s not as popular as the others, but it doesn’t mean it’s not of excellent quality.

Technology and scientific innovations can make you believe you have access to everything, but there are things the algorithm won’t show you, really good things.

Better Communication, Better Relationships?

One of the most significant advantages of science is its influence on communication. Gone are the days when people had to write physical letters and post them before they sent a message. Now, you could easily communicate with someone thousands of miles away with just one click. There are also airplanes, cars, and various other modes of transportation to allow people to meet up with their friends and family easier.

However, has the increased ease of communication led to more improved relationships? Research has shown that tone, pitch, and pace make up roughly 17% of our communication ability. Non-verbal communication makes up almost 76%, and words are just 7%. When we text, we use just words that are mostly short and leave a large room for misunderstanding. There’s also a massive decay in the use and quality of language.

Furthermore, while communication is bringing people forward, it’s also taking them apart in a way. It’s not uncommon to see a group of friends all sitting together but actively focused on their phones. While making friends from all over the world has become easier, humans are finding it harder to build solid interpersonal relationships.

It Has Changed The Way We Look At Important Things

In 2019, a 21-year-old Patrick Wood Crusius killed 23 people and injured 23 in a mass shooting that occurred in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. In a manifesto Crusius released before the killings, he compared himself to video game soldiers from Call of Duty, claiming that he was not new to such violence.

Though the killings are mainly a result of ethnic hatred, there’s no denying that video games influence how humans behave. Games have trivialized some real-life events, making them look less severe than they actually are. For example, games about war have made it easier for people to joke about war, forgetting how dangerous it can be in real life.

Some people get so indulged in these games that it becomes hard to distinguish them from reality. Even non-violent games can lead to derealization, depersonalization, and addiction. All of these can heavily change our view on life and affect our decision-making.

The Bottom Line

The world as we know it is rapidly changing. Hardly a day goes by where there isn’t something new, another amazing application of science. But while these innovations are there to change and somewhat improve different aspects of life like communication, transportation, and entertainment, they have also changed how we think and behave.

The growth of technology has led to an increased interest in smartphones and devices; however, it has also changed how much we pay attention. There has also been an increased level of communication but an overall reduction in the quality of relationships.

Artificial intelligence and algorithms have also altered the way we make decisions and our available options. Lastly, modern innovations have reduced the importance we attribute to some vital things in life.

Citation Indices for Scientific Papers

The method for calculation of citation indices for scientific papers and the role of the Institute for Scientific Information is described.

Once a paper has been written, submitted, and accepted for publication — a process that can take between a few weeks and up to two or more years — the next stage is incorporation into the formal scientific literature. A paper will be assigned to an issue of a journal, with a publication year, volume, and page numbers.

Citation indices are systems that measure the number of citations that scientific papers appear in. Some researchers who use the write my essay service get this task done along with the main part of the text. These papers are published on high -ranking and discipline-specific academic journals which sometimes rank among the top academic publication.

Significance of Scientific Papers

It has been estimated (1) that 50 million scientific papers have been published since the beginning of time, obviously the vast majority over the past couple of decades. This number, of course, depends partly on the definition of what is a paper, but the number of published scientific articles is enormous by any standard.

So a question is which are most read? Many papers are only read or understood by just a handful of people and can be regarded as “trophy papers” – possibly something that a Ph.D. student needs to write in an attempt to get a thesis approved, or a condition of obtaining funding to present material in a conference. Other papers, however, have an enormous impact and are well-known throughout the scientific community many decades after their first publication.

It can, however, take many years before the significance of a piece of work is established. Many papers are read by just a few and then largely forgotten, whereas others take a long time to become established but are highly regarded ten or twenty years after first publication.

Institute of Scientific Information and Web of Knowledge

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), now since a takeover by Thomson Reuters, part of the expanded Web of Knowledge (WoK), was founded by Eugene Garfield in 1960 and is widely regarded as the established custodian of information relating to the impact or otherwise of papers and journals.

ISI provides information about how many times papers are cited. A citation involves referencing an article (called the “cited” paper) in the bibliography of a paper (called the “citing” paper). Each time an article is so referenced, it is said to have been cited. Hence if an article contains 40 papers in its bibliography, there are 40 citations in this article to other (previously published) papers. If an article were to be listed in the bibliographies of 8 different citing papers in 2009, then it is said to have been cited 8 times in 2009.

Of course, matters are not necessarily so simple: sometimes papers are inaccurately cited, and so they do not count, for example, the year or authors’ initials or page numbers may be wrong in the citing paper: this is a surprisingly common problem.

A second issue is that ISI determines which publications are considered core journals – these are journals that they use in their database for counting citations. If a journal is not included, then its bibliography does not count toward the total number of citations. Books, new journals, journals that are not well refereed, and local or informal magazines are usually excluded as core ISI journals. It is always possible to get paper help from special services as every new publication has to apply for acceptance. Finally, the database is currently based upon journals that are considered scientific and if an author publishes outside such literature their citations may not be counted.

Google Scholar 

The total number of citations recorded in the Web of Knowledge may be less than the total number of citations that could be found from all sources. There are several competing but less established databases, a common one is Google Scholar. These tend in most cases to cover a broader range of sources so that the number of citations for recent papers tends higher, but cover only the more recent literature, so are unlikely to provide a true indication of the impact of papers published several decades ago.

ISI is still regarded as the most authoritative course for citation information and is sometimes used in grant applications, CVs, and applications for promotion. The number of times each paper has been cited as assessed by ISI can be listed.

Citation and Publication Lifecycle

It is important to note that citations often take many years to build up. A paper must first go through a long editorial and publication procedure, then it must be incorporated into an issue of a journal (that sometimes takes several months). Next, other people must read it and find it sufficiently interesting to cite in turn, and then the next generation of papers cite this source. This cycle means that for some papers it can be 4 or 5 years before its impact can be truly judged.

Biology Papers: Good Research Makes Good Papers and Posters, Keep it Clear, Simple

Good and great biology investigators can develop at an early age. Natural inquisitiveness, probing questions, and thoughtful insights provide the foundation for future scientists.

Scientists are born every day. Different people have unique personal skills and talents fit for certain types of work or careers. Are scientists, doctors, dentists, lawyers, or whoever, naturals in that field, or are they somehow trained and grown into those vocations? 

This question will remain unanswered and left for others to debate and decide. One thing is sure, training in the scientific method and scientific writing benefits all who reasonably apply themselves to the task. It is highly important for students who constantly need to hire essay writer for academic purposes. So it doesn’t matter what career you pursued.

The purpose here is to encourage those who won’t, those who can, and those who influence others to embark upon the less-traveled science road. Today, more than ever, biologists, scientists, and mathematicians are needed and in demand.

Biology Projects, Choose Well, Choose Wisely, Begin Early

Biology projects should be chosen carefully and well. They should be:

  • thoughtful and of interest to young scientist-investigators.
  • reasonable—easy to design and do.
  • good examples of the scientific method.
  • safe, not dangerous.
  • capable of completion in a reasonable time.

Research Guidelines for Science Fair and Student Biology Research Projects

Biology Science Fair projects and themes typically are approved by the student’s science teacher. Here are some important ideas:

  • compose a list of at least 3 possible projects. Think about projects that interest young biologists and people in general. Possible projects might include 
  1. Can the abrasiveness of different kinds of toothpaste be determined by physical and microscopic studies? 
  2. Can toothpaste inhibit microbial growth? 
  3. Can friction differences be determined using inclined planes and standard simple model sleds?
  • choose a reasonable hypothesis (pl. hypotheses) for each project, e.g.: 
  1. Different kinds of toothpaste have abrasives and some abrasives can be detected. 
  2. Toothpastes can inhibit microbial growth. 
  3. It is possible to determine friction effects on inclined planes using test sleds or flat objects.
  • seek a mentor, in addition to the science teacher; helpful mentors include researchers at the city, state, and federal facilities, college or university biology teachers and professors, businesses such as plant nurseries, electric and water companies, and similar entities. Mentors help guide, advise and direct wisely. They coordinate work with the student’s science teacher.
  • plan the research schedule for library research and teacher-mentor time; gather materials and supplies, notebook, and calculator.
  • budget the project, so the cost is known. Keep costs low.
  • begin when all the above are done, and approval has been given.

Doing Biology Science Projects, Beginning, Middle and End

The science project begins in real-time.

  • Maintain a Scientific Notebook. The student’s name is on the cover, the science project name, class number, and other relevant information. Keep it neat, clean, and complete. Number each page and date all entries.
  • List all the materials that are used and provide detailed notes on the Methods. Make sure anyone could understand what is written in the notebook.
  • Prepare Results Tables and Graphs when appropriate. Take any needed digital photos to show the setup and design of various experiments.
  • Repeat each experiment at least two or three times to demonstrate reproducibility.
  • Maintain a regular research schedule and follow a timetable to finish the project on time.
  • Discuss the project regularly with the biology teacher and mentor. Even fellow student scientists might be involved.

Biology Projects and Science Fair Research Report/Papers and Posters

  • With a notebook in hand, begin to write a Title, Abstract, and Introduction for the research done.
  • Next, do Materials and Methods writing. Be clear, concise, and complete. Ask — could someone repeat the same experiments from these writings?
  • The results section is written next with appropriate figures, graphs and tables added as needed.
  • Discussion is the final big section of the paper or poster. Discuss the experiments in a logical, integrated, orderly, and clear fashion. Remember clarity gives a reader knowledge parity. Too many words kill, too few can leave too many questions unanswered.
  • Literature Cited is last.
  • Acknowledgments at the end are for those who helped make the project possible — biology teachers, mentors, donors of materials or supplies.

Biology Students and Critical Thinking

The study of Biology presents some difficulties for students because it is constantly evolving. In addition, learning techniques and classifications vary among textbooks and teachers.

Some students learned that there are six characteristics of particular phenomenon while others learned nine. These students become fixated on the number of characteristics in textbook lists rather than the actual characteristics. For example, one person may insist that energy, form, and matter are characteristics of life, while missing the point of the text: the seven characteristics of life are the seven criteria that all living organisms must possess. All objects, whether living or non-living, have form, matter, and energy.

Students may perceive this example merely as a discrepancy in theories and say that one is correct over the other, but this is not usually the case. In this case, any pro essay writer agrees that students should:

  • Discern the goal of a text. Regarding the characteristics of life, is it describing characteristics that all life forms have or the characteristics that make life unique from non-life? It is not uncommon for students to misunderstand the text or to do poorly on a test because they misread or misunderstood the material.
  • Consider what a point truly means and encompasses. If respiration is not listed as a characteristic of life, is metabolism? Respiration is part of metabolism. If the student feels that respiration is not considered on a list that contains metabolism, then the student probably does not adequately understand the concept.
  • Think critically. Try to support and refute everything. By searching for evidence both for and against a theory, both students and scientists often find that what they presumed to be true was false; what they thought was wrong was correct; or that a “sure thing” wasn’t so sure, after all.

Biology Concepts and Connections Change with New Research

New concepts are sometimes discovered and either refute previous hypotheses or lead to further understanding that necessitates the reclassification of current knowledge. For example, archaea and bacteria were once classified into a single domain: Domain Prokarya. It was later discovered that archaea and bacteria were quite different even though they look the same.

Biologists found that archaea are more genetically similar to the Domain Eukarya, which includes humans than they are to the Domain Bacteria. This led to the abandonment of the two-domain system in favor of the three-domain system of the Domains Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya.

Viruses do not exhibit all of the agreed-upon characteristics of life, but some biologists argue that viruses are living organisms. The discovery that some viruses can be infected by bacteria is convincing and compelling evidence for some biologists that viruses are living organisms. Other biologists refute that theory by pointing out that viruses still do not seem to possess all of the characteristics of life.

New Discoveries Require Further Research

It is critical thinking that many undergraduate biology programs work to develop in their students. Research projects may demonstrate that further research is needed upon the conclusion of a study.

How to Train Your Brain: Improving Memory And Attention Through Playing

Sure, many people are into playing computer games. The other part considers that games are for kids, and gamers should pay more attention to self-development and education. However, this kind of activity can be beneficial for our brain. People should just pick the correct games. Well, we will understand, if you are pretty skeptical about this, but read this article first and give us a chance.

It was proved by scientists!

There is a bunch of different research on this topic—for example, the study of Beckman Institute, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois. On tests of fundamental advertence and performance, skilled gamers frequently perform better than non-players. These variations could outflow from impact to video games or represent other sectional variations among those who play or don’t play games. In recent studies, action video game playing has been related to enhancements in a rank of optic and attentional abilities. Video games with action change curated optic advertence. By analyzing pro/noob dissimilarities and the effect of video game playing on activities accessing an extended diversity of cognitive capacities, such as solicitude, retention, and executive swaddle, the current study aimed to reproduce and increase these findings.

Noobs engaged in 20+ hours of puzzle, real-time strategy, or action gaming. Professionals were better at tracking items moving at higher gear, specifying shifts to things held in optic volatile storage, switching between activities faster, and internally spinning things more effectively than noobs. Surprisingly, playing a lot of games didn’t significantly increase non-players performance on the majority of cognitive tests, while they did see modest improvement in conceptual spinning performance. Our findings imply that no less than a couple of the disparities in standart conceptual performance between professionals and noobs stem from either significantly more broad gaming background or from inherent sectional division in ability that lead to a customizing outcome. So, it can be 105-year-old woman revelation, but most young people know the fact, that there are useful part in games.

Memory Game Play and Its Importance (especially for kids)

The value of play-based learning grows as children become older and approach pupil age. Kids may foster their imaginations, listening skills, and other crucial cognitive abilities through play and activities that will help them in the future. And a key component of this is playing memory games.

Everybody has at some point participated in a memory game. Whether it be playing crossword puzzles, simple card games like “find the difference,” or even basic matching games. To win the game, players must apply their memory to each of them. Users are also honing their essential abilities in the process.

Today we’re going to play a traditional mind game. So how exactly may mind games aid in kids’ development?

  • Other mental processes, like twist, cluster, and advertence, can be enhanced by playing Retention games. Retention games allow for critical thought, which assists little ones improve their advertence to dribs and drabs.
  • Playing mind games could enhance optical perception. Children can develop their optical selectivity skills by playing mind games that involve finding distinctions or connecting 2 similar pictures. This will speed up the process of differentiating between photos.
  • Playing retention games frequently will enhance volatile storage, which is essential for them. A person’s permanent storage could be enhanced by having a strong volatile storage. Either are interconnected, and examining in other areas will improve if you can transfer information from your volatile storage to your permanent storage.
  • Although they provide a quick boost, memory games need players to make plans as they go. Kids may study the value of planning by plotting their next course of action or by exposing a card.

Besides, if you’re an adult, you might improve your intuition by placing bets or playing casino. If you are a newbie in this, we want to present you top online casino bonuses

Some memory-training games

Maybe Christmas does not need Santa, but people need to keep their brain healthy. Take a look at this catalog of games and pick something you’ll fall in love with.

1. Lumosity

Free cognitive and scientific games from Lumosity are accesible on the different mobile systems, and they are all aimed at daily brain stimulation and working memory enhancement. These games are created in part to assist you to brighten your capacity for turning the spotlight on the proper things and learning to disregard the things that don’t help you achieve the task at hand. More than sixty million individuals consume Lumosity, one of the most well-known brain-training games accesible.

2. Dakim

Dakim, which bills itself as a “brain fitness program,” provides people with a selection of games and puzzles that are intended to help you give your mind a thorough practice. You get access to more than hundred various mind drills through the software, all of which aim to increase focus and spotlight. These are the exact types of mental activities that have been shown to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and its associated symptoms. On their website, Dakim is accesible for chargeless use.

3. Clevermind

Clevermind is more than just a collection of games because it is specifically created for people who are currently dealing with Alzheimer’s, which sets it apart from a nubber of other brain-training games. Anyone who has cared for someone with Alzheimer’s will tell you that controlling them involves much more than just providing mental induction. To achieve this, Clevermind offers social, medical, and dietary tools, all of which are shown in an intuitive interface and have a digital assistant with a Siri-like voice. You may get Clevermind, if you have an IPhone

4. Fit Brains Trainer

By providing you with access to more than 360 games and puzzles, Fit Brains Trainer enables you to “amend your retention, focus, and mind gear.” To ensure that you always have a task in front of you and never run out of ways to give your brain a useful training, the supplement is cleverly built to get harder as you get better. Every mobile system supports Fit Brains Trainer without charge.

5. Brain Fitness

Cognifit is a chargeless download from the iTunes store. Users of Brain Fitness get access to a huge selection of entertaining, well-made games created by neuroscientists. You may monitor your development as a gamer and even start with a cognitive evaluation. If your desire to prove to your buddies that you are the most intellegent one, you may challenge them as well if you’re feeling competitive.

Did you change your mind? Did you consider games as a positive thing from the very beginning? Anyway, thank you for reading! Have a nice day.