Best Netflix Documentaries for Students

How do you spend your free time? Yes, what do you do when you buy essays online and get several reckless hours? Well, modern students have a lot of options: take a nap, meet friends, and update their Instagram. But if you find yourself pointlessly switching between sites, why wouldn’t you get the most out of this chance?

Netflix documentaries can be an amazing way to introduce yourself to new topics, they give you food for thought as well as ideas to share and discuss with your friends. They develop your brain and they surely help you with writing assignments as you can learn some facts and get inspired to delve deeper. Finally, they are very interesting, so choose one and have a great time!

My Octopus Teacher

IMDb 8.1; Rotten Tomatoes 95%

It doesn’t matter what your major is, and how good you are with biology and other natural sciences. If you care about our planet, about its flora and fauna, and if you want to know more about the hidden secrets of the ocean, you’ll appreciate this movie.

It tells the real story of Craig Foster, a South African naturalist. One day he met an Octopus, a strange animal that has changed his life. Foster dived underwater over and over to get the new chance to spend time with his friend and teacher. Remaining an outside observer, he noticed how the Octopus hunts, defends itself from enemies, trusts, and learns. This year, My Octopus teacher won an Oscar for the best documentary feature. 

The Social Dilemma

IMDb 7.6; Rotten Tomatoes 86%

Undoubtedly, you spend hours with a smartphone in your hand. But can you tell that it is you who owns your social media? Or maybe they own you? The Social Dilemma documentary consists of interviews with former workers of the biggest tech companies. They shared their knowledge and thoughts about the mechanisms and algorithms that run our favorite social networks. Once this movie was launched, a lot of people deleted Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other apps from their smartphones. However, is that a solution? Some critics believe that the documentary highlights manipulating issues with pretty manipulative methods. 

If you believe that you spend too much time online, you can:

  • Add the most time-wasting apps to the blacklist;
  • Organize regular meetings with your friends or family;
  • Find a new (real-life) hobby;
  • Manage your time with special trackers.

The Game Changers

IMDb 7.9; Rotten Tomatoes 70%

You surely have mentioned that vegetarianism is at its peak now. There are a lot of people who believe that we should get rid of meat products for different purposes: ecology, health, animal rights protection, and so on. At the same time, there are many debatable issues, like is it possible to do sports and develop your body without animal protein?

The Game Changers Netflix documentary was produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton, Jackie Chan, and other brilliant sportsmen who chose life without meat and meat products. There are a lot of tables, graphs, animation pictures, research results so that you can better digest new information and look for additional info if necessary.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should start the vegan diet right now. This topic is still controversial but this documentary surely teaches us to look at it from a new angle. 

HeadSpace: Guide to Meditation

IMDb 8.5; Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score 100%

This is an animated documentary series that offers simple but efficient meditation techniques. They are believed to help relieve stress, improve mental health, lower blood pressure and lessen sleep issues. When students meditate, they also receive the chance to boost their mood, energy, and productivity. 

If you have heard about meditation but you have some prejudice, there are several lessons that you will learn from HeadSpace: Guide to Meditation:

  • It is not just about sitting calmly on the floor with closed eyes. The point is that you find a comfortable environment to focus your energy and thoughts. You can practice meditation while lying down, with your eyes open, with other people, and so on.
  • There are many meditation techniques. The documentary introduces you to 8 different styles, and you can choose the one (or more) that works for you.
  • There is science behind meditation. Along with reducing stress, lessen negative thoughts, and improving mood, you can also increase the flexibility of your brain. So, if you still believe that meditation has nothing to do with actual science, watch this series to dispel your bias. 

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet

IMDb 8.5; Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score 100%

You have surely written a lot of essays about climate changing as well as about the devastating impact of humanity on our planet. This documentary details just how far people have pushed it beyond the boundaries, and what we can do to turn things around. 

At the core of the movie lies a primary message of action: the next decade can safeguard the future of Earth if our generation cooperates and stays innovative. 

Feminists: What Were They Thinking?

IMDb 7.0; Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score 80%

It is a documentary that takes a look back at the 1960s and 1970s when the second wave of feminism has produced essential social change. Traditional female roles were questioned, and women overcame their powerlessness to achieve new heights, forgetting about abuse and harassment. The film tells stories of different women, showing diversity. Unlike many historical documentaries about feminist movement, this one doesn’t shy away from intersectionality issues. 

The filmmaker also focuses on how women are struggling to achieve equality right now, since there is still room to grow in social, economic, and political spheres. There are new battles that require unity. 

Undoubtedly, this documentary is emotional and sentimental but it surely provides students with food for thought and great material that will be helpful in class. 


How to take good photos

Such a hobby as photography is currently gaining popularity. This hobby can be taken up by anyone, regardless of their main field of work. Almost everyone owns a good camera these days. Considering also that there are different kinds of cameras available for purchase in the market, it is a hobby that is accessible to anyone who is seriously interested in it. So what does a budding photographer need to know in order to turn their hobby into a professional activity?

What challenges may arise

It’s not hard to get started in photography. Perhaps the biggest challenge at the start is deciding on the kind of photography you want to do. Some people like to take landscape photos, some people specialize in portraits and some people only take photos of wildlife. As you’ve probably realized by now, there are a lot of directions and styles, as well as writing services for poets. Experiment and you’ll find yourself!

How to choose a camera

A good start is not to buy the most expensive camera on the market and a lot of equipment to go with it. So pick the one that best suits your style of photography and buy only the essentials:

  • good lens
  • few batteries
  • pair of memory cards

That’s everything a budding photographer needs. Such a kit can cost you between $500 and $1000. There are some great camera brands whose products you can buy without worrying about the quality and reliability of the product:

  • Sony
  • Canon
  • Kodak
  • Casio
  • HP
  • Fuji
  • Minolta
  • Nikon
  • Pentax
  • Olympus

The choice is yours. These brands have models suitable for different budgets, levels of experience. It is better to invest some of your money in private photography courses or in the necessary literature. Any expert will tell you that in-depth, solid knowledge of how to take a great professional shot is far more important than the cost of equipment.

How to get started

People who manage to capture interesting moments in their surroundings are capable of subtly noticing the relationship between objects, their particular angle and beauty. If you decide to get into taking photos and make it your hobby, there are some helpful guidelines that professionals use.

Learning the basics

Owning a good camera won’t guarantee you a fantastic picture. It’s better to invest your time in learning the fundamentals of shooting. This can be done through books, videos and dialogue with professionals.

And remember: photography is a very experimental hobby. You might have to take more than a hundred shots before you get the perfect one.

Don’t be afraid of advice

Don’t be afraid to start taking photos, even if you are inexperienced in the business. If your love of snapshots and the nature of things doesn’t drive you to become a professional photographer, but your camera and your desire to shoot are a strong passion, it’s worth taking some tips to help you get some great shots. It can save you from facing harsh criticism from professionals and turn the process of photography into a pleasure.

Pay attention to the details

Remember that an interesting and successful photograph is not the fault of the camera, but of the photographer. Therefore, without knowing the minimum basics of capturing shots, you won’t be able to take good photos even with an expensive modern camera. The main thing for people who have chosen this fashionable hobby is to understand what to shoot and how to take photos.


Many photographers use pre-visualisation as a mode of action. The hobby of people who love taking photo shoot has allowed them to develop a photographic mindset. It lies in the ability to see a shot before it’s taken.

You can develop this ability if you practice imagining things not as people are used to seeing them, but from a different, unconventional perspective. Using this method, you can create real masterpieces, even from the comfort of your own home. To get great shots, it’s important to think about what the shot should look like before you even pick up the camera.

It is especially useful to plan for a future photo when a certain view or object seems particularly interesting. Make a habit of writing down the interesting parts of a future shot. This will ensure that you don’t miss the main points of the photo when you start taking it.

You could visit a nice, interesting place with your family at the weekend, and during the work week think about what kind of shots you will take when you go there again. Such thoughts will fill your mind with pleasant anticipation, good spirits and increase your motivation for the activity.

Final thoughts

There are people for whom photography is not only a great way to take a lot of good photos, but also a great way to escape their problems and restore their mental balance by taking a passion for what they love. Many beginning photographers look enviously at pictures from big Internet publications, photo book or covers of glossy magazines and dream to create photos like those there. But let’s face it, any goal is achievable. It means any goal is achievable, it doesn’t matter how unachievable it is, as long as you have a will to create.

How Websites have Changed over the Last 20 Years

Technology really has changed rapidly over the last few decades. It’s also interesting to see that our attitudes towards tech have shifted as well. Marketing techniques that would never be used are now being utilized and on top of this, it would seem that things are opening up remarkably when it comes to website design.

Importance of Website Design

Website design is so important in this day and age. Website users are much savvier when compared to a few decades ago. They also don’t end up sticking around if a website is hard to use or if it is messy. UX and design is now more crucial than ever if you want to have a good website. So many people are used to having glossy or innovative website designs and it’s very easy to forget that things were not always this way. In fact, even the biggest giants out there, including Ebay and Amazon once had a very basic website design that is nothing like it is now. The live casino industry has also undergone a huge overhaul. Websites were once only able to support flash games but now they are able to support many diverse games, including blackjack, bacarrat poker streams as well as live tournaments.

Advances in Online Tracking

There have been a lot of advancements when it comes to online tracking. People can now track any information they want when it comes to online customer journeys. They can also build buyer personas and this is ideal for helping people to find a particular product or even a service. Websites are now using data like this so that they can make sure that they are doing their bit to attract the right customers. In the early days, the only thing that you had to think about is how your website looks on a computer monitor. Now there are so many devices out there and it’s safe to say that this has been a driving factor behind the general design of websites. Search engines are used much more frequently when it comes to mobile devices when compared to desktop, so designing websites for phone usage is now more important than ever.

Putting Mobile First

Mobile internet usage managed  to surpass the usage on desktops in 2016. People now spend far more time browsing the internet on their phone when compared to using a desktop. If you want to make the most out of your marketing then you have to look at what kinds of devices are going to be used to access a site. This will help you to design a site better while also helping you to create a much more user-friendly experience. The mobile-first approach starts the design process at the mobile end. Designing a website around different mobile users brings its own set of challenges. When designers are able to overcome the restrictions that come with mobile, it’s then very easy to change things into a desktop version.

Of course, mobile usage has also meant that designers have to think about touchscreen technology. Most users aren’t using a mouse to navigate a website page and for this reason, website designers have to make sure that they are designing with a touchscreen in mind. They need to think about natural hand gestures and they also need to think about the action of typing, tapping and more. They also need to think about natural habits as well, and how easy it is to interact with on-screen elements. Crucially, users expect their website browsing to be as quick as it is on a laptop or a desktop and this has helped to change the way that websites are made in general.

New Online Dating Study Reveals How Far Are People Ready to Go to Find Their Soulmates

Everyone has the hope of finding their soulmate at some point in their life. We all want the cliché Notebook ending, even if we aren’t willing to admit it. But how far are people really willing to go to find the love of their life? 

Why do people prefer dating locally?

Long-distance dating can seem unpractical and hard work. People prefer dating locally because they feel better connected to the person they hope to build a relationship with, and it can be a lot easier to reach and spend time with them. Doctor of information science Mark Newman and his assistants in sociology and phycology from the University of Michigan believe there to be a ‘psychological barrier’ in long-distance dating, which is also why people subconsciously prefer dating locally. Meaning it is actually possible and sometimes simpler than it seems; we just prefer that special person to be a little closer. Plus, seeking local dates became easier than ever before, thanks to technological development. Nowadays, almost all websites for local dating have special filters that show profiles closest to you first. You just pick a city, connect with single people living nearby online, and then go on dates in real life. So dating locally is usually the easiest option all around. 

Geography-based dating makes sense for people living in big metropolises 

Living in a metropolises means your city holds a high population count, so there are thousands of people around these areas who you may potentially end up chatting to or dating at some point. Geography-based dating makes it easier for people living in such highly populated areas. It narrows down your options to who you might want to match with based on how your locations may affect your dating life. Of course, there is much more science behind a healthy relationship than just geography, but to some people, it plays an important role. 

How do psychological barriers affect one’s perception of dating across state lines? Who’s ready to go that far in the name of love?

As Doctor Newman explained, psychological barriers mostly affect those in different states. He believes that your partner being in a different state can affect you subconsciously because even though they might be just a few miles down the road, they are still in a different state, so your mind is convinced it is a long distance. For example, Newman said, someone who lives in Texas is more likely to reply to someone who also lives in Texas, even if it is right at the furthest side away, over someone who lives a few miles away but in a different state just across the border of Oklahoma. 

To test breaking the psychological barrier, you have to be prepared to try long-distance dating. You could even try slowly expanding you’re your geographical circle of dating. 

We aren’t saying long-distance dating isn’t difficult; it can be. But they say absence makes the heart go fonder! There are many perks to long-distance dating, too. Such kind of dating can help strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It can also make you appreciate the time you spend together more than it would if you lived closer together. However, we understand that with dating locally comes the comfort of knowing your partner is never too far away, and it can be much easier and practical. 

Overall, it’s safe to say most people aren’t actually willing to go that far to find love. It is easier to find comfort and love in those bonds we establish that aren’t too far away. There are pros and cons to both local and long-distance dating, but there is no harm in trying out both, too! Your soulmate could be right under your nose or half the world away, who knows!

3 Habits That Could Improve Your Life in 2021

Life can be incredibly stressful at times. We all have way too much to do every day, and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. In the morning we wake up to a jarring alarm clock and bolt out of bed to shower, get dressed and help get the kids ready for school. We need coffee to rev our system up as we get ready to tackle the endless projects and to do list from work. Hour after hour goes by, and by the end of the day we feel totally drained. 

Even with normal life, we’re all constantly stressed. With the pandemic added to the mix, we can easily find ourselves overwhelmed by everything going on in our lives and in the world around us. Life can start feeling pretty out of control and hopeless when we are facing our current challenges. Caring for ourselves is so very important right now, and finding ways to lower stress levels should be at the top of our list.

Reducing Your Financial Stress

Money and your financial well-being can create a lot of stress in our lives. It seems that no matter how hard we work, no matter how many hours we put in, there is never enough money at the end of the month. To add to the pressure, the pandemic wreaked havoc and many people were laid off or had their work hours cut. 

It helps if you have a financial cushion and know you can handle your monthly financial obligations. If you want to have access to the money you need to get through everything, you can look into taking out a personal loan from a private lender. By taking out a loan you’ll be able to pay your bills more easily and you’ll reduce the financial pressure on you every month.

Create Your Own Spa at Home

When the pandemic triggered lockdowns, we suddenly found ourselves living our entire life in our house or apartment. As the weeks went by, the walls seemed to be closing in and there was seemingly no way to escape the events in the world and the building stress. To survive, you have to come up with creative ways to help you unwind and enjoy life again. 

One of the ways you can nurture yourself is to create a spa at home. You can take a bathroom with a lovely tub and dedicate it as a sanctuary where you can get away from it all. Find the best bath salts, so you can soak your cares away. Nice lighting, aromatherapy candles and beautiful, fluffy towels can add to the ambiance. 

Spend Time Outside in Nature

During times of stress, our bodies are under constant pressure as fight or flight chemicals are released into our bloodstream. We have to break this cycle, and give our beings and minds a chance to reset. If you want to break the cycle of stress, you should be sure to spend time in nature each day. 

When we spend time outside in a peaceful place, our bodies are entrained by the more soothing rhythms of nature. Our cares seem to drift away and we are blessed and blissed by the beauty of the world around us. It’s especially helpful if you can walk in a park, a forest or by the sea away from civilization.

Autism Meltdown – Strategies for Dealing with Meltdowns

Dealing with Autism Meltdown

An ordinary person does not always manage to cope with nervous tension, and sooner or later he has a breakdown. Let alone people with special needs. Let’s talk about Asperger’s meltdown. What is autism meltdown and how to deal with it?

Causes of Aspergers meltdown

Such people often experience sensory overload, which results in breakdowns. What can cause an autistic meltdown in children? Any situation that seems normal can serve as a trigger point. For example, places where there are a lot of loud sounds, a large crowd of people, bright, pungent odors, and aggressive fluorescent lighting, as well as many other factors.

You need to understand that such a breakdown and the usual tantrum of an autistic child are not the same things. Hysteria can be provoked, but meltdown is not. This is a completely uncontrolled state.

How does one go through an autism meltdown?

Every person with autism experiences the condition differently. But there are similar characteristics of seizures. They say that a breakdown is something like a nuclear explosion in the brain. When the entire nervous system and brain simply overheat and respond to this recycling with a momentary burst of energy.

People with autism themselves describe the condition as a moving uncontrollable train at full throttle. For some, it seems as if their consciousness is in the form of uncontrollable anger. Aggression is bursting out, while some part of them remains watching, but cannot influence the process. No matter how the meltdown is described, it is clear that the person at that moment feels nothing but fear, rage, and anger. He has no control over his body, a huge charge of energy has been given to his brain. And he is not told how to use it.

Strategies for dealing with an autistic meltdown

Meltdowns in children with autism are quite common. They can be caused by nervous overexcitation or fatigue if the child has been stressed for a long time. Such meltdowns are very dangerous for children. Therefore, the task of parents is to find ways to stop this condition and minimize the number of such cases.

So, how to calm an autistic child?

Try to understand what exactly caused such behavior

Possible causes:

  1. Anger over inability to explain his desires. Imagine how frustrating it is when a person needs to explain something, but cannot express it in words or understandable sentences. This causes great distress, and the child may snap.
  2. Sensory overload. Autistic children may experience irritation when there are too many stimuli in the room. Bright lights and loud noises make a child angry and uncomfortable. This can cause an emotional breakdown (which looks like a tantrum, with the child unable to control himself) or withdrawal (when the child stops responding to what is going on around him).
  3. Unwillingness to do anything. When a child is forced to do something against their will, they may lose their temper.
  4. Last resort. If a child doesn’t believe he can get his way with words or alternative means of communication, he may resort to this behavior, believing it is the only way to be understood.

Respond calmly and patiently

Never raise your voice or threaten your child. Demonstrate the kind of behavior that you yourself would like to see in moments of anger. A child learns behavioral patterns by watching you. Give yourself time to cool down, if necessary.

Take a time out

If the above actions don’t work and the baby is difficult to calm down, this is usually due to an older age. Then it is necessary to show firmness. Simply tell him that he needs to be alone and leave him in the room. No one will tell you the exact amount of time it takes to calm him down. It may take anywhere from 3 minutes to several hours. It all depends on the severity of the breakdown and the age of the child.

Prepare for the next breakdown

Unfortunately, this condition is not an isolated incident. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared for subsequent attacks. Hide items that can cause injury. A child with a breakdown does not control himself and can harm himself and others. Warn those around him of the possible condition so that they do not feel fear and make the situation worse. Always carry your work phone with you. To have contact with the doctor or other relatives and acquaintances in case you can’t make it on your own.

Autism is one of the widespread developmental disorders, with symptoms usually appearing before the age of three. Life is a source of stress for individuals with autism. This stress results in behavioral patterns that pose some difficulty for parents. However, if treated with love and respect, it is possible to improve the child’s social skills and make the child’s life happy.

Fortunately today conventional treatment as well as treating with stem cells offer an entirely new tool for parents and patients to explore. Thus, stem cell treatment for autism in Switzerland lessens some autistic characteristics. So that it reduces their negative impact on the patient’s life. This type of treatment has several other positive changes in the health of people with autism.

How to prevent seizures in autistic children?

Don’t let your child get bored or overexcited. Fatigue, frustration, and overexcitement are the main signs of such conditions. Protect the child from stressful situations. Do not let him be in places with a lot of people and loud noises. Try to talk to older children. Explain the difference between good and bad behavior, and explain that the child can try to cope with a meltdown on their own. When a child tries to control his behavior, be sure to praise him, and in general, try to punish less and emphasize positive parenting.

Why You Should Improve Your Website’s SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in search engine’s results by optimizing your website’s pages with keyword phrases that people are most likely to search for or are relevant to your website. Improving your website’s SEO will allow your website to reach more people as it will be ranked higher on various search engines. There are many other reasons you should improve your website’s SEO, not only for your website’s users but also for yourself. In the following article we will take a look at some of the main reasons why you should improve your website’s SEO.

Drives more traffic to your website

One of the most significant benefits that come with improving your website’s SEO is that it brings more traffic to your website. Without exception, SEO optimized websites will be ranked higher in a search engine’s results, for example, on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Optimizing the site means that it will be more visible to people who search for keywords related to or relevant to your website and pages, and the products or services you sell. Therefore, these people will be more likely to visit your website over other websites listed further down and will ultimately increase the traffic on your site. Increased traffic proves that SEO can be highly beneficial for your website and its revenue.

It helps to target an audience.

As well as bringing more traffic to your website, when you improve your website’s SEO, you will be able to target a more specific audience. This audience, or target market, will be the group of people that you want to view and use your website. They are also the group of people most likely to search for keywords relating to your website on a search engine. For example, this website that offers space theme slots has optimized its website with SEO keywords to target a specific audience that they want to visit their website.

Helps to overtake competitors

As previously mentioned, when you use SEO on your website, it helps to boost your website’s ranking on a search engine. By improving your website’s SEO, you will rank higher than your competitors when a keyword relating to your website is searched for in Google or Bing, for example. Having a high SEO means that as your website moves up in search results, it will earn a more significant percentage of the clicks for your target keywords, and your competitors will earn less. Increased clicks mean that your website can quickly overtake its competition within the market and reap more benefits.

Improves user’s experience

Not only does SEO have some great benefits for your website, but it also offers benefits to your website’s users. The goal of a search engine is to provide its users with the best possible results when they search for something. Therefore, with a website optimized with relevant SEO and critical phrases, search engines rank the website highest in a user’s search. Optimization means that users will be provided with precisely what they are looking for and will be satisfied with their result, overall improving their experience with a search engine and your website.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should improve the SEO that is on your website. Not only will it help to improve a user’s experience, but it will also allow you to overtake your competitors within the market and drive more of a targeted audience to your website. If you have been considering optimizing your website with SEO, now is the time for you to do so.

6 Flowers You Can Incorporate in Healthy Recipes

Flowers aren’t commonly used as ingredients in food, but it’s in our opinion that cooks should start adding edible arrangements to their recipes. Flowers contain vitamins and nutrients that can be found in fruits and vegetables, but their unique taste will add some spice to your dishes. These 6 flowers can easily be incorporated into your healthy recipes for weight loss or nutrition.

How to Incorporate Edible Flowers in Weight-Loss Recipes

With over thousands of edible flowers to choose from, it was challenging to narrow down our list. However, the following picked flowers are easy to find, taste incredible, and full of nutrition.

1. Dandelions

It sounds hard to believe, but dandelions are a superfood filled with vitamins and nutrients. Despite their status as a weed, they are highly nutritious as they contain vitamins A, B, C, E, K, folate, iron, calcium potassium, and magnesium. Dandelions are classified as an antioxidant, can reduce your cholesterol, boost your immune system and protect against skin damage.

Dandelions work best in salads and bread, but they can be eaten raw or steeped in teas.

2. Nasturtiums

One of the most popular flowers used in cooking are nasturtiums. Their bright orange and yellow colors add depth to most dishes that can be served raw or cooked. Nasturtium blossoms taste similar to pepper with an added spicy flavor, but its leaves are milder and less peppery. Nasturtium blooms open like lily pads, making them easy to stuff with cheese.

Nasturtiums can be blended into a pesto or used as a garnish on pastries, cakes, and salads.

3. Rose Petals

With over 150 species of roses available to purchase, you can find them in any color or size at a local market. Just be careful; roses contain more pesticides than any other flower. Buy locally grown roses or add them to your garden so you can experience their sweet, aromatic flavor without worry. Roses can be eaten cooked, raw, and mixed with other sweet fruits in a salad.

For a low-calorie and healthier candy snack, make candied rose petals with sugar and water.

4. Squash Blossoms

Squash blossoms are the male version of squash plants, but the zucchini squash blossom is the most popular. They taste similar to the female squash plant but milder and can be eaten raw or chopped into salads. Squash blossoms are popular in traditional Mexican cuisine, but you can use them in virtually any spring salad, cheese or meat-based dish, or baked bread.

Some popular ways to eat squash blossoms include stuffing them or dipping them in hummus.

5. Hibiscus

The large ornate blossoms of the hibiscus flower are popular in European and Asian cuisine because they’re packed with antioxidants, fight bacteria, and help promote weight loss. The most common use for hibiscus is in teas, as the drink is easily made at home with hot water. Besides teas, hibiscus is used in mechanical applications and can be eaten raw or cooked.

Add hibiscus petals to relishes, salads, or jams and as a garnish for cakes and cookies.

6. Lavender

Another flower that goes well in teas, lavender’s distinct fragrance, is widely sought for its calming effects. Along with the color and unique, aromatic taste, lavender can be eaten cooked or raw by humans, but not by pets. When paired with savory or sweet ingredients like berries, citrus, thyme, sage, and chocolate, lavender’s sweet flavor platelet truly comes through.

Infuse lavender in herbal teas, spice rubs, syrups, and herb mixtures for color and flavor.

Start Adding Flowers to Your Meals Today

Although cooking with flowers may put many healthy eaters out of their comfort zone, adding them to your meals can bring a pop of texture and color to any diet. Additionally, flowers aren’t just pretty to look at: they’re filled with vitamins and nutrients integral to good health.

Want to Learn more about eating plants? Check out this video on our Youtube channel were we walk through 5 more plants you can eat in the wild.

TOP 8 Horse Hoof Problems 2021

Main horse hoof problems: types, symptoms

The health of horses is largely determined by the condition of their hooves. The limbs of these noble animals require increased attention. Unfortunately, no matter how attentive the owner is, it is impossible to completely exclude the risk of diseases. A horse may get injured and get an infection, get an abrasion or bruise that will cause a serious illness. Therefore, every horse owner should know what diseases of the hooves occur in his wards. Unfortunately, horse hoof problems is not a well-covered topic. If you need a biology research, dissertation or thesis, you request these paper works from professionals on This article will look over the main types of diseases and the symptoms of various injuries. Please remember: do not engage in self-diagnosis and treatment. Always seek help from a competent veterinarian. Unhealthy horse hooves can really lead to serious problems.


Corns are tumours on the sole. Most often, they appear because of stuck stones, strong pressure on the hoof or poor-quality forging. If a horse has corns, you should remove them immediately. Then you have to cut out the discoloured part of the horn. If an infection has added to the corn and the hoof is too hot, you need to make an epitheme. You can ease the pressure on the hoof by putting a horseshoe that will protrude beyond the level of the heel. This will help it to not touch the ground. Most often, you can find corn on the front hooves.


This horse hoof disease is also known as the founder. There are quite a lot of reasons for this, let’s look at the most common ones:

  • Obesity and poor nutrition;
  • Excessive grazing on young grass;
  • Riding and heavy physical activity on hard ground;
  • Weight transfer from one leg to the other (when the first leg is ill).

However, most veterinarians think that the cause of laminitis is watering a hot horse with cold water, bathing it or a draft.

The most common symptoms are:

  • Inflammation and swelling of the hooves;
  • Strong pulsation of the finger arteries;
  • When pressed with hoof tongs, the animal will experience pain and significant discomfort;
  • The hooves may have a high temperature;
  • Lameness.

Disease of the navicular bone (or navicular disease)

In this case, a small shuttle-shaped bone that supports the flexor tendon is deformed. This is one of horse foot diseases that affects both front legs. If the horse has a navicular disease, it will usually stumble and limp. The animal lowers its hooves when walking firstly on the front part to reduce the pressure on the sore spot. Exercises can eliminate the problem at an early stage of the disease. If the disease has started, the horse is likely to limp. There are no methods of treating this horse hoof disease, but you can use various meds to ease the pain. The doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or anticoagulants. You can also use corrective horseshoes that will lift the heel and reduce pressure on the navicular bone.

Hoof cracks

The causes of cracks are excessive drying of the horn or serious mechanical injuries to the hooves. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of the disease.

Wounds in the region of the sole

In most cases, the wounds are stabbed, less often — cut. When examining the affected area, you can find a puncture channel. After mechanical cleaning and clearing of hooves, you should treat the affected area with a 5% alcohol solution of iodine.


This is one of horse hoof diseases that horses get mainly in the fall and slushy winters. The horses are  usually kept in muddy fields and the hygiene rules are not followed. The disease is caused by blood-sucking microorganisms. They live in the soil, where they can wait for years to get into damaged, chapped or softened skin. Grease usually appears in the area of the heel bumps and headstock, but in advanced cases it spreads higher up the leg and can even cover the stomach.

Inflammation of the hoof bone

Radiography reveals structural changes in the hoof bone — it is thinning, the number of channels increases. However, all these changes in the initial stages of the disease can be pronounced. Sometimes it is quite difficult to detect inflammation of the hoof bone. The reasons for the disease are serious injuries to the sole. Sometimes it can also be caused by repeated systematic microtraumas of the hoof bone, for example, due to prolonged work on hard ground. Especially often the pathology affects thoroughbred riding horses. Unfortunately, treatment is rarely effective. The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs has a short-term effect. You should place the protective pads made of polymer materials under the horse’s shoes. Good results are obtained by using orthopedic horseshoes with the effect of limiting the work of the hoof. At the same time, round off the hook part of the horseshoe for ease when pushing off from the ground.


If the shoe is not properly shod, the hoof nails will hit the sensitive part of the horse’s foot or pass too close to it in the hoof wall. The horse shows signs of pain when driving a horseshoe nail. Sometimes there is blood on the nail. After 1-3 days (up to a week), the horse starts to limp. It practically does not rely on the affected limb. You should immediately remove the incorrectly inserted nail. Then you have to treat the remaining wound with antiseptic. Do not allow sudden movements of the horse during shoeing.

Follow the horse care guidelines published by The Humane Society of The United States to avoid health problems for your horses.

European Forests in 360 Degrees

Forests are both important for biodiversity and for planet health. We need the lumber from them to build with and to sequester carbon. That means we need to be smart about how we manage forests. While some can be set aside purely for wild lands, others need to be set up for their lumber production.

In a recent campaign, we traveled through Europe to look at what we can do to mitigate insect damage which is being fueled by an increasing global temperatures, drought, and severe weather. The following three videos show what forests look like with different levels of management.

(See more about how you can make your own 360 degree videos)

A Spruce Monoculture

The above video is a spruce monoculture in central Czechia.

A Spruce Forest in Transition

This is from a forest that is in transition. It used to be a thick spruce monoculture and is now in a transition to one with beech and fir.

Mixed Production Forest

This clip is an example of a working forest where some trees are harvested for lumber, but when the trees are of poor quality, they are left as downed trees. The canopy is of mixed species and age classes.

Selectively Logged Trees (Using Horses)

This video was taken inside of a production forest where they’re trying to reduce the impact to the soil by using horses. Horses, while a bit more expensive, are wonderful at keeping the other trees healthy.

Beech Forest

Beech is one of the main trees in a European forest. It grows relatively quickly and is often an early colonizer of gaps in a forest. Having beech decreases the likelihood of a forest-wide spruce beetle outbreak in that it acts as a bit of a buffer. Here we are in a forest in Bavaria.

Years After a Spruce Beetle Apocalypse

This is a walk-through in the National Park here in Bavaria with the Deputy Director of the Park. He explains a bit about how the ecosystem works. You can see large standing dead trees in addition to a ton of new tree growth all around him as we wander through the forest in this 360 Degree short.