Meet the Hosts and Producers of Untamed Science

Rob Nelson

Rob is a marine biologist and the lead Untamed Science US producer. He is also the lead producer and current executive director of Untamed Science. He coordinates the Science Youtube Channel, the How-to Filmmaking channel, and the filmmaking portal. He stars as an on-camera personality in Pearson’s new High school, middle grades and elementary BioAdventures DVDs that are currently in 6 million school classrooms. He is an award winning author and Emmy winning filmmaker. He’s been a host for Animal Planet, Discovery, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic and the Science Channel… more on Rob


Jonas Stenstrom:

Jonas is the main producer for Untamed Science Europe as well as an on-camera host and filmmaker. Jonas is originally from Sweden but has a work visa in the US. Jonas coordinates our current educational outreach efforts overseas. He coordinates the Biodiversity pages on the site. He is the primary dive ambassador, and is actively working to help promote Ocean Awareness with the Untamed Science team … more on Jonas


Haley Chamberlain Nelson

Haley studied Bryophytes (mosses) in South Carolina.  She also studied and worked as an actor in Minnesota.  She is the series producer for our elementary series with Pearson Publishing.  As an ecogeek Haley is passionate about finding creative and entertaining ways to tell our science stories. One of her new passions is directing the music program. As a host she works educating youth through both her on camera presence and her in school appearances…more on Haley

Louise Fornander

Louise is our chemist. She has a PhD in physical chemistry at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. She was assistant producer for the 2011 International Year of Chemistry program highlighting how chemistry is so much more than labs and white coats… more on Louise

Other On-Camera Personalities You May Know

Hazen Audel

Hazen is a native of Eastern Washington. He is an avid adventurer and currently works as a biology teacher and artist. Hazen is one of our on-camera hosts for the ecogeeks.  He is also the star of the Mushrooms chapter video that will premiere with the BioAdventures Video Series that is coming out in the new Macaw books with Pearson Publishing … more on Hazen


Danni Washington

Danni operates out of Florida where she works as a nature tour guide and a coordinator for art and the ocean projects (through her big blue and you campaign).  Danni studied marine biology at the University of Miami and most of her outreach is dedicated to ocean conservation work. She appears in several of the high school, middle grades, and elementary BioAdventure videos  … more on Danni


Science Writers

Other Producers We Work With

  • Dan Bertalan
  • Jamie Jacobsen
  • Melissa Salpietra
  • Michelle Lotker