Science Videos with Pearson Publishing


Over the last 3 years, we have created an amazing amount of video content that is being utilized in science classrooms all across the country.  Take a look at these three series!


High School Biology

Released in 2009 with the new Miller and Levine high school biology textbook, we produced 35 science videos to complement each chapter. There are videos in human biology, ecology, evolution, cell biology, and gentics. Each video is designed to elaborate on the chapter mystery for each chapter. Learn more about this program at:

Some high school biology video examples:


High School Chemistry

Chemistry has traditionally been a difficult subject for students to see its real world applications.  Our new chemistry video series is designed to help students see how practical chemistry is in the real world.  Not only do we venture to far off places, interview chemists,and visit industrial sites to see chemistry in action – there is also a heavy dose of humor throughout.  We have 25 videos for this series, some of which we will be releasing starting in 2012.


Middle Grades Science

Pearson is changing the way middle school science is taught.  Their new program makes the learning process more interactive. We have 65 videos to complement this new initiative. We made videos for Earth Science, Life Science, Chemistry, Physical Science and Technology.  It was a huge undertaking, but the results are phenomenal. Videos were released into classrooms in late 2010.

videowatchMiddle Grades Science Video Examples:


Elementary Science

Possibly our best series yet, we have 80 videos intended for grades K-2 and 3-5.  We divided the series between these two different age groups, tailoring the content for each level.  Every video begins in the Untamed Science Clubhouse, and we receive a question from a student.  We answer the question through research in the clubhouse, an adventure field trip, an experiment, and a fun music video. Here are some examples of those music videos:

Cells: A sample video from Elementary

Electricity Music Video – A Sample from Elementary

Gravity Music Video – A Sample from Elementary


How do I get these videos?

The best way to use these videos is through the science curriculum we created with Pearson publishing. However, you might find what you are looking for in our list of Science Videos.

If you need more specific help about obtaining these videos, send us an email via our contact form.