Sarah Abbott


Sarah is happy to be the Australian arm of Untamed Science. She is a science writer and producer whose low boredom threshold and short concentration span make her terrible at long card games and nutting out ‘who done it’ in murder mysteries, but help her out no end in her work as a teller of science stories. After accuracy, Sarah believes most in making science easy to digest and minus the boring bits.

Setting her career trajectory by completing an undergraduate degree in biological sciences and a Masters in science communication, Sarah worked in a number of science and nature based education roles before volunteering as scriptwriter for a feature length documentary about biodiversity in the Philippines.

From the jungles of Polillo Island (and the smog of Manila) she leapt into writing and producing stories for the Australian nationally broadcast children’s science television program, Scope, and its animal and adventure based sister program, Totally Wild. Then, 650 stories later, it was time to move on – this time to the lovable island in the Southern Ocean known as Tasmania.

In Tasmania Sarah works as a freelance science/nature writer and videographer, jumping on exciting stories as they happen in order to share them with the world. She is currently contributing to Untamed Science as a writer, and looks forward to video based adventures with the production team down the track.


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