Dan Bertalan

As a Senior Producer with Untamed Science, Dan taps into an unusual mix of talents and experience when crafting educational media. His roots within science run deep – thousands of feet actually. He spent years as a professional environmental and consulting geologist protecting natural resources and exploring for mineral resources a mile under the surface using a combination of geological and geophysical techniques.

His published science and technical writings expanded into other forms of creative science media and before he knew it, Dan waded into the realms of syndicated radio, television, and documentary filmmaking. His productions have earned national and international awards in media education while impacting millions. Besides designing and producing educational media for a number of state agencies, educational non-profits, and industry coalitions, Dan has also developed promotional and distribution programs to successfully place his media in front of a variety of target audiences across the country.

“Today’s educational media” says Dan, “isn’t about telling students facts or what to think about science. That what’s textbooks mostly accomplish. Instead, it’s all about using engaging media to equip them to think for themselves while connecting their lives with concepts in science that will shape their future on this planet. Because once you give them the conceptual tools to make their own decisions about the importance of science in their lives, you’ve given them ownership in their future using science. And I can’t think of anything more important in media production that inspiring the next generation of scientists to embrace fulfilling careers as scientists, or even scientist filmmakers.”

That rare professional blend of being scientists and filmmakers is one of the distinctions of the producers at Untamed Science that have helped them place over 200 productions in front of millions of students while earning national acclaim as leaders in today’s arena of inspiring media education.