Dr. Camille Fritsch – Hippo Expert and SA Guide

Camille Fritsch PhD. is an on-the-ground expert for South Africa hippos, crocodiles, and birds of prey. An active researcher, guide, and hippo expert, he can help with your investigation, filming logistics, and more in South Africa. 

Camille is a passionate Ecologist and guide with a PhD in hippo behavior and ecology. He is an active member of the IUCN SSC Hippo Specialist Group and has extensive knowledge about hippopotamus biology. Dr. Fritsch has over ten years of experience leading conservation and research projects on hippos, crocodiles, and crowned eagles in the KwaZulu-Natal and Kruger National Park regions of South Africa. He is bilingual in English and French and enjoys working with researchers and film crews from all over the world. Camille is a valuable asset to the back end of your project but is also familiar with being on camera, after making an appearance on 3 different international wildlife series. 

Camille is currently the KwaZulu-Natal regional expert for wildlife, logistics, and security. This year he has helped international film crews locate and film charismatic wildlife, including megaherbivores, birds of prey, reptiles, and even fish. If by chance Camille is not the best expert for your particular species of interest, he also has an extensive network of regional specialists that will be able to get you the best results. On top of this, he has also co-founded and is now guiding for  Imvubu Safaris. Get in touch with Camille with his email: camille.jacques10@gmail.com and follow him on Instagram

Camille chatted with us about hippos here for this episode of StoneAgeMan talks! Here he told us how best to stay safe around hippos, a bit about hippo biology, and the threats facing hippos today. Check it out!