Hazen Audel


As one of the original members of Untamed Science, Hazen Audel represents the untamed nature of teaching in every way. He is a man seemingly with boundless energy that has troubles reigning in his desire to keep things simple, but always full of spirit.

Audel lives a diverse life shaped by diverse and charismatic family and friends, his inordinate interests and widespread travels living in such places as Indonesia, throughout South and Central America the islands of Hawaii and the hills of Montana. He‘s earned a living, -whatever that may be- by living his passions. He is an artist, and mentor and teacher, guide and speaker, biologist and naturalist, television host and personality.

The common thread in each of Audel’s unique living experiences has been his outgoing personality and ability to earn the respect of those he comes in contact with: whether the indigenous people of a rural community, sophisticated travelers, or business associates.

Hazen has been uniquely fortunate in his travels to find himself jumping in and getting into peculiar lasting situations in which he lives as a member of a community rather than just a traveler. He continues to spend much of his adult life working with and living alongside indigenous people from some of the most remote places of the world. These experiences shape much of how Hazen lives his life and how he views the world. Audel feels as if he has family and life long friends throughout the landscapes of the earth caring for him and it is evident when being with Hazen that he too deeply cares about the characters in his life and what he has been taught.

A Kootenai and Salish Native American by descent, Audel was born and raised in Spokane, Wash., where he still lives much of the year. He attended Eastern Washington University, Northwest Indian College, and Western Washington University to obtain Bachelors in Science in Biology and certifications in Art, Chemistry, and Spanish. Later, he obtained graduate studies from the University of Hawaii in ethnobotany, cultural use of natural resources, Meso-American traditional hunting practices and tropical ecology. Then he also received his Master’s in Teaching degree from Whitworth College.

When not exploring wild lands, Audel is exploring new techniques and ideas from his art studio where he lives. He is currently expanding his art studio and building his home from a century old, historic barn. This is a life long dream that is now arduously materializing and continuing to inspire his appreciation for the old ways, craftsmanship and interdependence with his natural surroundings.

Other aspects of Hazen Audel Artworks include the published illustrations, creation of stone, bronze and iron sculptures; custom architectural installation; interior design fabrications; and landscape features.

To fulfill his enjoyment of teaching and being around youthful energy, Hazen is a teacher. Here he is able to share his love for the sciences and life. An educator and mentor in the classroom and out, Hazen agrees that his life is busy but equally fulfilled.

As a trained biologist and teacher Hazen greatly enjoys sharing his love of nature and adventure. For nearly the last ten years he has devoted much of his remaining energy and career ambitions to include creating and hosting for television media.

Hazen Audel, both artistic and charismatic, is comfortable in any environment, and has the gift of translating his inner peace to those around him. Check out one of the original bio videos we created in 2005.