International Year of Chemistry 2011

Here is a brief introduction to what 2011 has to bring!

March Video: Chemistry and Climate

So we keep hearing about changing climates and global warming. But what is the science behind all this? Well, it turns out that in almost every step of the climate discussion, there are interesting chemistry stories to be explored.

February Video: Chemistry and Gortex

Ever wondered how Gore-tex really works? It has a lot to do with the specific way it was designed … and it all comes back to Chemistry.

January Video: Chemistry and Color

2011 is the International Year of Chemistry and Untamed Science team in Sweden is going to produce a new chemistry video each month to show how chemistry is a part of all our lives. The theme for January is Art & Culture where we dive into the history of the color Indigo. Did you know that you might have some Indigo dye in your wardrobe? No? Well then check out the video and find out! 11 more everyday topics to be covered over the year!

And if you want to practice you Swedish, you are in luck! You see the videos are going to be shot in TWO versions – One English and one Swedish! (Swedish versions will at this point only be available if you send us an email first and let us know.)

An Introduction to the Series

See all of the IYoC videos on our chemistry site!