Singwe EcoServices

Singwe EcoServices was established in the kingdom of Swaziland, southern Africa, in 2010 to encourage the next generation to live sustainably on the earth’s finite natural resources. Realizing that what each of us does on a daily basis matters in the bigger picture can be very empowering. Nobody is insignificant. Through various activities, youths develop a better understanding of the human pressures placed on water, biodiversity, energy sources, and the climate, all of which directly impact human health and well-being. Equally important, they learn how they can make a positive difference, imparting self-confidence and motivation to act.


Our main activities include school lessons, workshops and nature camps. The school lessons are tailored to local conditions and enable primary school students to enjoy weekly activities with a strong outdoor component, garnering the benefits of learning in nature. Students observe and experiment with the natural environment at their school’s doorstep to solidify concepts not only about the interconnectedness of humans and the environment but also the core subjects—math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education and life skills.

Youth workshops focus on particular issues, such as litter, through a series of games and hands-on activities that enable attendees to develop an in-depth understanding of the issues along with ways to address them. Through hands-on activities, attendees better retain what they learn during the workshop.

The nature camps provide an opportunity to explore Swaziland’s wilder side. Attendees hike through different ecosystems and see first-hand how precious and unique these places are. Much of the wildlife in these parks and reserves were previously locally extinct and were reintroduced through the efforts of a small band of dedicated conservationists. Only by appreciating these rare creatures will the next generation be moved to continue protecting them and their habitat.

All of these activities are designed to increase awareness, appreciation and empowerment. It is the culmination of many small acts by each and every one of us every day that has caused so many of the environmental problems we face. Each of us can exercise our power to restore environmental health and secure our well-being. Together, indeed we can change the world.