Untamed Chemistry

A national chemistry education program

Although chemistry offers some of the greatest potential for solving the health and environmental challenges facing our planet, the majority of today’s students lack interest in chemistry careers or fail to understand how deeply chemistry affects their daily lives.

To overcome this educational and inspirational void in traditional chemistry education, Untamed Science, a non-profit science education organization in partnership with Northwestern University and others, are launching Untamed Chemistry. This online comprehensive educational program targets America’s school audience (primarily high school) using an array of student-engaging multimedia.


Because of Untamed Science’s proven ability to connect with students, their adventure-theme
educational videos replaced the Discovery Channel four years ago as the prime media producer for Pearson Education. With over 200 videos covering every science category from K-12, Untamed Science videos will be a recognizable force seen by over half the science students in America over the next decade. This includes the 25-video High School Chemistry Series created in 2010 for Pearson Education. The American Chemical Society is also using Untamed Science in creating video for its Landmarks In Chemistry educational program. In addition to its national recognition in classrooms across the country, untamedscience.com is one of the fastest growing free science education websites, generating over 300,000 hits per month from students and teachers by offering over 200 science videos plus thousands of pages of science content.

Untamed Chemistry is a new 16-topic chemistry education portal launching on the established Untamed Science website designed to engage and excite America’ s next generation of chemists. Each of the 16 chemistry topics corresponds with popular trends in formal and informal chemistry education and each topic will offer:

  • A student engaging topic specific video that connects chemistry with students’ everyday lives that inspires them to pursue careers in chemistry (approximately 5 minutes).
  • Supporting chemistry content, in text and images that further explores the topic and its connection to students that empowers them to think critically for themselves about chemistry.
  • A related short video “experiment” that shows the topic concept in action (approximately 1 minute).
  • Text and image of a “real chemist profile” in the topic field. An inside look at life as a chemist with inspiring advice to students.
  • Downloadable resources and/or lesson activities for students and teachers to expand educational and potential career concepts.
  • Resource hyperlinks to additional videos, content, and related educational resources.

Available Partnerships

To maximize the effectiveness of this web based educational program and compound its distribution, the program is seeking educational partnerships. Because the goal remains to inspire and affect the lives of America’s next generation of chemists, partners will also be offered the right to show any of the series videos on their respective websites to help reach the widest possible audience.

Topic Partnership – $16,500

Untamed Science is funding the creation, design, construction, and hosting of this interactive website portal. It is also funding program management and effectiveness monitoring. In partnership with Northwestern University’s Chemistry Department, it is also funding the creation of many of the videos, chemistry content, experiments, and chemist profiles within the 16 topic pages. To help fund the remaining pages and related videos and content, “Topic Partnerships” are being offered. Partners have the right to select from the available topics or multiple topics. The main chemistry page and premiere introduction video is also available for partnership participation ($16,500). Each contributing partner earns;

  • The right to select any available topic or topics (see remaining open topics list below).
  • The right to suggest creative content relative to topic slant.
  • The right to review the Rough Cut of the video for accuracy.
  • Exclusive partner credits for its select topic video, both in the video open and end credits. (see link for example chemistry video – bottom of page)
  • Exclusive partner credit on the main topic page, with logo and website hyperlink.
  • Right to webcast its topic video/s and any of the its topic videos on their website (using embedded code).
  • Partner’s chemist of choice will be profiled in the Real Chemist webpage profile. (see link for examples of other chemist profiles by Untamed Science (formerly thewildclassroom)

Topic specific partnerships are being offered on the following topics, and are subject to availability.

Topic Page

  • navigationMain Page with Intro Video
  • Matter
  • Molecules and Atoms
  • Properties of Chemicals
  • Molecular Bonds
  • Acids & Bases
  • Electrochemistry
  • Materials
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Life
  • Chemistry of Light
  • Chemistry of Energy
  • Our Earth
  • Chemistry History
  • Nanochemistry
  • Green Chemistry

Production is underway on a number of the funded videos and related series of pages. The remaining open topics on the site will be completed based on available funding, but it is anticipated that all will be completed in 2012. Content development and the production process begin within 30 days of receiving funding on partner-selected topics.