The Untamed Science Production Company

Since 2008, the media impact of Untamed Science has soared from hundreds to tens of millions of media impressions per year. This is due in large part to the fact that Untamed Science replaced The Discovery Channel as the prime science education video producer for Pearson Education, the world’s leader in science textbook production.


Untamed Science has now produced over 200 classroom videos in all the major sciences in grades K-12 and will be seen by over 50% of students in North America over the next decade. That equates to about 7 million impressions in just one science in one grade level during that time. The next generation of Americans may never have to know much about Brad or Oprah, but the Untamed Science team will not only be a household name, they will be the trusted faces and voices that will shape the way a nation thinks about their lives on planet Earth.

Additionally, Untamed Science has supplied the expanding need for online science and environmental education with its comprehensive educational community-based website, With thousands of pages and hundreds of science videos seen by millions of students and teachers each year, it has emerged as a premiere online educational resource.


Now that Untamed Science has fulfilled its massive production contracts with Pearson and become a trusted and leading force in science and environmental education, it is ideally suited to branding, production, and delivery of similar media campaigns for target and general audiences. One pivotal social marketing skill that Untamed Science has refined in their production process is creating value-based impressions that audiences will carry for the rest of their lives. That’s a monumental difference between trying to tell a person what to think using media, verses equipping them with the framework and information for them to think for themselves, for the rest of their lives.

jaimeMost NGOs are driven by the prime goals of influencing their select user base with their message or call to action, plus recruiting members or funding. Unfortunately for many, few have the perfect combination of media talent and resources to achieve their outreach goals. That’s where Untamed Science is ideally suited to craft, produce and help distribute their media messages. However, because of the trusted and influential image that Untamed Science has built, it must be selective in the scope of what they promote. Fortunately, many NGOs that focus on improving social and environmental issues share a similar vision as Untamed Science that could make for a powerful partnership.

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