Bell Pepper

Capsicum annuum

Sweet Peppers

Capsicum annuum is the species of many sweet peppers and hot chili fruit, including the Bell Pepper. Some of the cultivars of this species are aleppo, anaheim, ancho, cascabel pepper, cayenne, guajillo, Italian sweet pepper, jalapeno, mirasol, puya, serrano, and tien tsin.

Bell Pepper Native to the Americas

The Bell Pepper is native to the Americas from Mexico south to northern South America.  It was only when the Americas were discovered that the seeds spread to Europe and Asia.

What’s in a name?

Have you ever wondered why pepper is a name that designates two biologically different plants? Black peppers come from the inflorescence of a Piper vine. Bell Peppers come from a deadly nightshade. Black Peppers were already known to Europeans when Christopher Columbus brought back the first Capiscum to Europe. In fact, peppercorns were highly prized in Europe. The resulting name was really just a misrepresentation of the plant.

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