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  • Eastern Tiger Salamander

    Ambystoma tigrinum


    The Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum) is a common and large species of Mole Salamander. Technically, the correct common name is the Eastern Tiger Salamander, so as to differentiate it from other closely related species.

    How big are Eastern Tiger Salamanders?

    Eastern Tiger Salamanders will reach typical lengths of six to eight inches. However, they can actually reach up to 13 inches long.

    Distinguishing Features

    Adult Eastern Tiger Salamanders are usually blotched with grey, green, or black and have large, lidded eyes. They have short snouts, thick necks, sturdy legs, and long tails.

    What do Tiger Salamanders eat?

    Tiger salamanders generally eat small insects and worms, but it isn’t rare for an adult to consume small frogs and baby mice.


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