Giant Garter Snake

Thamnophis gigas

The largest garter snake in the world is Thamnophis gigas, the giant garter snake.

Where is the Giant Garter Snake found?

This snake lives in wetlands of the Central Valley of California. In fact, it is endemic to this area, found nowhere else in the world. In colder temperatures, the snake goes underground and becomes dormant.

What Does the Giant Garter Snake Eat?

The main diet of the giant garter snake is fish and frogs.

Conservation of this Species

Serious threats to the giant garter snake have arisen because of habitat destruction. In fact, the species is listed as threatened by the state and federal government because the wetland habitat in the Central Valley of California has been so severely destroyed. Recent studies have shown that its habitat is only 2% of what it used to be. There are efforts underway to improve the habitat in these areas to help restore this species’ status.

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