Panthera leo

King of the Cats

Lions are members of the family Felidae. They are one of four big cats in the genus Panthera, with the Jaguar, Leopard, and Tiger. Today, wild lions can be found in both sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. In Western India there is a small and critically endangered population.

How long to lions live?

While both male and female lions can live for more than 20 years in the wild, most lions live for only about eight years. In certain protected parks, such as Kruger National Park, lions may live for 12 to 14 years on average.

What do lions eat?

Lions are carnivores and predators. They prey generally on large ungulates, such as african buffalo and gazelles. While humans are not a lions main prey, they will attack humans if the opportunity presents itself. Thus, care should be given at all times when in the bush in a lion’s native range.

What habitat do lions live in?

Lions live in the tropical savanna and grasslands of Africa. They may also venture into the bush and forest. However, they have unique social hunting skills which make the grassland habitat a perfect fit for prey acquisition.

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