White Locoweed

Oxytropis sericea

A Crazy Weed

This small pea is known as White Loco, Rocky Mountain Loco, Silverleaf Loco, Silky Loco, Silky Crazyweed, and White Point Loco. It can be found in the Rocky Mountains, from the plains to the sub-alpine regions. It flowers from May to August.


This small plant grows up to 16 inches high, can be found in large colonies, and has curved, silky, grayish stems.


Flowers bloom in numerous, white, up to one inch long, dense clusters, with purple-tipped keels and silky sepals that have black tips.


Leaves are innately compound, up to 12 inches long, with silky, silvery leaflets (up to 21). Seed pods are erect, plump, and up to one inch long.

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