10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Study Better This Year

Every year we promise ourselves to study better – to do our homework on time, to visit every single class, to note every lecture. But then the time comes and we don’t do any of that. Instead, we torture ourselves, forcing to fulfill our promises and get exhausted at the very beginning of the year. It doesn’t have to be this way! Studying should be an enjoyable process where you can feel at your best. To achieve that feeling you need to develop your own study method. Maybe our 10 proven ways on how to study effectively can inspire you to approach the process from a new angle. 

Pick the best study environment

First things first, the environment you are spending your studying hours is extremely important. You should pick a place where you feel the most concentrated, a library, own room, a coffee shop – this is up to you. The point is to be in a space where you feel at ease. By studying in one place you send your brain a signal that you are there to be productive. 

Organize your study space

Next, organize it! Put all the things you need and get rid of everything you don’t. If you need tea to study, make it first and put it on a table. Don’t disrupt the process by constantly searching for a new pen, textbook, etc. An appropriate well-organized space will limit your distractions and help you to focus better. 

Block your notifications

Speaking of distractions. Your smartphone – where is it? Is it next to your on the desk so you could pick it up any moment you hear the notification sound? Don’t do that. There are plenty of apps that can block notifications for a short period of time. Use them while you study

Know your study methods

To study better you need to know what works for you. Maybe you are learning better with visuals, or by reading, watching a documentary or teaching others. Think of the methods that help you study better. If it doesn’t help, get your assignments done for you, this will surely work. 

Take breaks regularly

To stay productive for a long period of time you need to have breaks. Breaks are crucial as they give your mind and body to rest and secure the information that you just learned. This is why it is important to use 25/5 rule, where you work for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. 

Have productive breaks

About breaks, there is a way to do them right or wrong. The wrong type of break is when you are still sitting in your chair, on your phone, watching some silly videos. The right one is when you get up to do some exercises, bringing a healthy snack and air the room. Then, of course, it is up to you.

Eat a healthy snack

Snacking and eating right is also extremely important! Try to avoid any fast-burning fats and sugar. This means no milk chocolates and greasy burgers. Better try fish and green veggies, and snack on nuts and dark chocolate. They will boost your energy and brain work.

Don’t go for caffeine 

Don’t get me wrong, coffee is not that bad per se – the abuse of caffeine products is. Try to stay away from energy drinks, they are full of sugar and caffeine which give you a very short boost of energy that leaves you depleted after. It can also increase your anxiety and mess with your sleep.

Keep good sleeping patterns

You can do everything from the above but if you don’t sleep well it will do nothing for you. Sleeping is when your brain is resting. It is time for it to assimilate and analyze the information it received during the day. It is also the time when it recovers and gets ready for a day of work. 

Plan your exam sessions in advance

Nothing ruins the exam day more than your nerves. To help yourself stay more focused, try planning or even living the exam day in your head. Think about what you’ll need, what you wear, what you eat, etc. This will give you a sense of control we all need during potentially stressful days. 

We hope you have enjoyed this short guide to help you study better. We truly believe that the college years should not be as difficult as people tend to make them. Studying can be a fun and interesting process. You are learning something new, something useful for you in the future, something that will help make your life easier. Isn’t that great? We should celebrate such opportunities! So don’t forget to study better this year using our 10 proven study tips!

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Written by Sandra Larson

Sandra Larson is a self-published writer. She is writing about the national educational system and ways to reform it on her personal blog - ElizabethanAuthors.org. Sandra is also living a zero-waste life and volunteers in a pet store.

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