11 Money-Saving Tips for Students Who Are Into Traveling

Since traveling has been made affordable and accessible, many students became obsessed with visiting new places and new cultures. Of course, there is nothing more exciting than meeting different people and getting to know their lifestyles.

However, excessive travels are still too expensive for a student budget. It does not stop avid travelers, but it makes them more economic. Cutting expenses can help students afford more in the receiving country. It is important to remember that the level of knowledge must be maintained and updated even if you are traveling. For example, the resource https://studyfy.com/ is designed to help students. It is always interesting to read wherever you are. 

But it is not the only way they can save their funds. Knowing a few tricks can help to decrease the average budget per travel. Interested? Read ahead!

Cut Your Educational Service Costs

Many students today have extra education-related expenses. They include the usage of online libraries, subscription for online courses, purchase of books and other materials, etc. Students also spend on academic help provided by essay writing companies.

You can significantly cut your expenses on the latter select PaperWriter when choosing an academic helper. This service lists the most popular professional with their pros and cons to make your choice easier.

Forget About Fancy Hotels

Do not think that 5-star hotels define your travel. Quite the contrary. The more local you become, the better. You’ll see how real people live and save lots of money for other experiences.

Thus, consider renting a flat or a room from locals. Use websites like Airbnb or Rentberry to see the best offers. Sometimes you can get lucky to rent a nice place for as little as $10 per person. Can you imagine that?

Even local tourists who travel across their country should look for cheaper options. Hotels often make your experience so much far from the reality that you may not even feel satisfied with the whole trip.

Seek Cheaper Transportation Offers

You must have noticed that already – airfares for direct flights are sometimes much more expensive than for connecting ones. Take advantage of that. Buy those tickets that are cheaper with a longer layover. Go to the city in-between and see what it has to offer.

Also, cut your travel costs by combining several trips into one. For example, a journey to Las Vegas can be extended to a journey to the Grand Canyon. Isn’t it beautiful?

Choose Regional Airports

If you have an opportunity to travel to smaller airports near your point of destination, choose those to save your money. Low-cost airlines choose these airports as their hubs. Thus, you’d be able to cut your airfare costs roughly by 30% if you make this choice.

Large airports near big cities charge a lot from airlines. Thus, your ticket is getting more and more expensive. Smaller airports have fewer taxes. That’s why your ticket drops in price. 

Such airports are usually very well connected with the city, so you won’t have a problem commuting as well.

Go Off-Season

If your goal is to discover a city or a place, you do not have to go there when the season is high. Let the place chill out from tourists a bit. It is not only beneficial for your pocket but also promises a way better travel experience.

Some places require you to go on a trip when the season is on. However, in most cases, going somewhere when the season is low is the best idea.

Use Public Transportation

Uber and Lyft are great, but public transportation is much more economical. Also, it provides you with a better understanding of what life looks like for regular citizens. They do not go by taxi every day, so you should try buses, too.

In Europe, for example, the public transportation system is very well developed. You can reach whatever place you need by using just one kind of transportation. Also, most cities have a system of discounts when you buy a daily or weekly ticket.

Can Drive? Rent a Car

If you are sure about your driving skills, it is highly recommended to rent a car then. By driving, you can discover places that are far from the main tourist paths. You can also stay late and change your plans whenever you see fit. Public transportation does not allow such flexibility.

Do your research on driving in a new place or a new country. Sometimes locals share some useful information that can guarantee extra savings for you.

Never Forget About Your Student Benefits

Many public and private organizations around the globe encourage students by providing them with certain benefits. However, sometimes companies intentionally keep silent about those.

Do not be afraid to claim a discount if you think you can have one. You are entitled to it if you have proof of being a student. When traveling abroad, keep your ISIC card with you to get discounts there too. You’d be surprised, but these benefits can help you save up to 20% of your travel budget.

Have a Nutritious Breakfast

Make sure you are full before you leave your place of stay in the morning. Having a nice breakfast means lots of energy and saves money. If you eat properly, you’ll be spending less on food. Also, you’ll feel great up until lunch.

Eat in Small Family-Owned Cafes

Going to fancy restaurants may be interesting only a few times. Some gourmands or cooking fans will definitely appreciate the atmosphere and taste. For most travelers, eating is about maintaining energy levels and feeling gastronomic satisfaction.

Thus, google family-owned cafes with a nice rating nearby. Such smaller places value their clients much more than highly advertised places. You’ll get a chance to discover local cuisine for little money. The atmosphere in such cafes is also one of a kind.

Do Pet-Sitting

Many business people have to travel a lot. Most of them have pets and nobody to take care of them. Thus, a new type of traveling called pet-sitting is already benefiting many students all over the world.

There are some websites that let you find people who’d let you stay for free at their place if you promise to take care of their pets. The job is not a hard one, but it definitely means lots of saved money for you.

Final Words

These are only a few tips to make your trips not expensive. Every new journey requires an individual approach to its budget planning. 

However, one thing remains common: spend critically and wisely rather than emotionally. Your comfort is important, but it is not always about fancy hotels and expensive restaurants.

Written by Austin Crane

Austin is the principle web director for Untamed Science and Stone Age Man. He is also the web-director of the series for the High School biology, Middle Grades Science and Elementary Science content. When Austin isn't making amazing content for the web, he's out on his mountain bike or in a canoe.

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