7 Best Research Paper Writing Services

No matter how many research papers students write, these assignments will still be challenging. Each academic project is more complex than the previous one. It’s no wonder why most students will request assistance from a research paper writer at one point or another. Low grades are unacceptable when you invest so much time, effort, and finances in higher education. 

With so many research paper writing services on the market, it’s not easy to choose one. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve tried several websites so far, and we’ll recommend the best ones!

Recommendations: 7 Best Research Paper Writing Services

You’ll notice that our top reviews recommend services that allow you to choose your own writer. We prefer that system over the one where you place a project, pay for it upfront, and let the service assign you an author. When you choose your own writer, you can get a more competitive price. Plus, you can work together with them and request more updates during the completion process. 

That being said, not all bidding services are good. We’ve tested many writing agencies, and these are the ones that impressed us:

EduBridie.com – Best Overall Choice

EduBridie has attracted a loyal base of returning users. The service was founded in 2015, and it soon became the most popular research paper writing service based on a bidding system. It’s gained great reviews on independent reviewing sites, and it’s one of the most commonly evaluated writing services overall on the web. 

In our experience, EduBirdie is the best choice in general, since it meets our standards for quality, support, choice of services, and price. You can check out more details about it in-depth EduBirdie review from an unbiased writer.

Why Students Choose EduBirdie

This agency has several advantages over its competitors:

  • The website is intuitive and user-friendly. It offers all the information you need before ordering papers online. You can check out the profiles of the research paper writers and their qualifications. 
  • EduBirdie has a great community of writers. Students don’t have to wait long before they start getting bids on their projects. 
  • No matter what your paper is about, you can find an author with adequate skills here. The writers have different qualifications and skill levels. 
  • Even if you have zero experience ordering papers online, you’ll immediately figure out how the system works. You just need to place an order and follow its development. 
  • You’ll find a free citation generator, automated essay writing tool, and plagiarism checker on the site. 
  • EduBirdie has an effective referral program. If you like your paper and recommend the service to others, you’ll get points that you can use for discounted prices on your future orders. 

You might be wondering about EduBirdie’s disadvantages. We can only mention the fact that it might take some time for you to choose a writer, since there are many great ones in the team. But in our experience, you can’t go wrong by choosing anyone who’s experienced in the topic’s niche. 


The starting price on this site is $13.99 per page. Most writers will bid at least $15. It’s great to have options. You can choose from the different bids, and the best part is that even the most qualified writers suggest affordable prices. 


EduBirdie is a great site on many levels. The overall user experience is great, and it’s the website with the best price-to-quality ratio we’ve tested so far. 

StudyClerk.com – Detailed Writer Profiles

StudyCleark is a slightly less experienced research paper service than EduBirdie.  It’s very similar in the way it works. You can place an order for any type of paper. The ordering system lets you choose the subject area, citation style, and all other details for your project. Then, you’ll wait for the writers to start bidding. 

The quality these writers deliver is great! Students praise them for the custom-crafted content that conveys the customer’s voice and required tone. You can tell them all about your opinions on the topic, so you’ll get a paper that doesn’t go against your point of view. 

Why Students Choose StudyClerk

Students regularly choose StudyClerk for several reasons:

  • Each writer’s profile has a biography and a detailed order history. You can see how they qualify for your project, and you can check how they met other students’ expectations previously. 
  • All writers offer unlimited revisions, so you’ll confirm the order only when you’re fully satisfied with it. 
  • The chat feature works! The writers are quick to answer all messages, respond to requests, and take additional instructions into consideration. 
  • There’s a free plagiarism checker, which you can use to check your own papers. 

Let’s see what disadvantages students faced with StudyClerk:

  • The blog section is not impressive. You’ll only find research paper topic suggestions. Students rarely read blog posts when they are after a research paper writing online service. But they could certainly use free writing tips from experts. 


StudyClerk sets a starting price of $13.99 per page. Depending on the deadline and project’s complexity, the writers will determine their own bids. The price is a major factor that influences your choice, and we found that the authors of this website set reasonable quotes for top-quality work. 


StudyClerk is one of the most reputable custom research paper writing services. It offers a fair starting price for great papers in all areas of study. The bidding system is effective and fast, so you can easily find a writer for your paper. 

AResearchGuide.com – Free Tips for Writing Academic Papers

AResesarchGuide makes up for what most research paper services miss: it offers excellent tips from experts. If you’re willing to write your own research projects, you won’t find much use in mainstream tips. You need real insights and detailed guidance on how to handle all parts of the project. This is where you can get them.

The website features a detailed research paper writing guide, which takes you through all stages. You can get help with choosing the topic, finding information about it, using resources, writing a thesis statement, and so on. 

As you might have guessed, this is not a traditional writing service. You can’t buy a paper here. However, if the tips don’t help you complete the project, AResearchGuide will directly take you to EduBirdie, where you can easily order it.  

Why Students Choose AResearchGuide

Students find this website valuable for many reasons:

  • The tips are offered by professional online research paper writers. These authors have experience completing all types of academic projects. They are aware of students’ limitations, and they can help you overcome them. 
  • AResearchGuide offers nicely categorized articles. You can find precise tips for the problem you face with academic assignments. 
  • In addition to guidelines, the website offers motivational tips that encourage you to face academic writing challenges. When you realize that you’re not the only one struggling with papers, you’ll realize that it’s a learning process that you can cope with. 

We identified a single disadvantage: you can’t purchase papers here. The website redirects you to EduBirdie. That’s OK, but it would be nice to get the entire service on a single website. 


All tips on this website are absolutely free. We’re talking about insider tips from professional academic writers. You’re getting great value, and you only need to invest some of your time to go through their posts before you start writing your own projects.  


AResearchGuide is a valuable tool in a student’s academic writing journey. These authors know what they are talking about. If you’re willing to improve your writing skills, AResearchGuide is the best place to gain some knowledge for free. 

GradesFixer.com – Great Free Samples to Get You Inspired

GradesFixer is mostly known for offering admissions essays to students. It’s the site’s specialty. However, you can get all other types of academic assignments, including research papers here. 

This research paper writing company works through a bidding process. You will place an order to explain what type of paper you need. Then, writers who are available and skilled to complete it will start bidding on it. You can go through their profiles to see what they specialize in and how they rate with their previous orders. Then, you can choose the author who seems suitable for your paper. 

As with all other services of this type, the money will be reserved in your account until you confirm the relevance and quality of the project your writer delivers. 

GradesFixer is a trusted writing service with positive feedback on independent reviewing sites. It has earned students’ trust in a relatively short time. 

Why Students Choose GradesFixer

GradesFixer has several advantages that distinguish it from its competitors:

  • It offers free paper samples. If you’re looking for some inspiration that would help you write your own research project, this is where you can find it. The samples are useful for another thing: they showcase the authors’ work. They give you a glimpse into the quality you can expect when ordering papers from this agency. 
  • GradesFixer offers a free conclusion generator, title generator, plagiarism checker, and citation generator. We especially liked the title generator tool. It can inspire you to come up with a unique title for your upcoming project. 
  • If you have a paper that you’d like to share as a sample, you can donate it here. GradesFixer will showcase it among the papers featured on the site. Your name will be visible. It’s a great way to get recognition for your own work.   

What about the disadvantages? With so many features, you can easily get confused. The Hire Writer Now button is visible, but all that content on the website may be distracting. Another important disadvantage is that the site doesn’t feature a minimum price. That confuses students even further, since they don’t know how this service compares to others in terms of pricing.


Since no minimum price is featured on the site, the writers can go lower than $13, which is the usual minimum we see with these services. But in our experience, most authors still bid above $15 for the longest deadline of 10 days. 


GradesFixer is a useful website for those who want to improve their academic writing skills. It features free samples, which can get you inspired. You can also choose a research paper writer online to complete a unique project for you. 

EssayVikings.com – Best for Academic Paper Editing

This service is unique in its dedication to editing assistance. If you’ve written your own academic papers and you want professional editors to go through the post-writing stages, EssayVikings is a great choice. 

You can get editing help elsewhere, but you’ll work with pro editors here. They are qualified to improve academic content in terms of style, format, citations, and logical flow. 

EssayVikings is a relatively new service. It quickly gained attention among students, since it’s the only website dedicated to academic editing.  

Why Students Choose EssayVikings

We noticed one major advantage with this service: it has an impressive team of qualified editors. It’s the only service of this type we’ve seen. When students need their papers edited, they usually turn to traditional writing services. They assign an editor without the student’s participation in the selection process. The students cannot contact these editors, so they often end up disappointed with the way their style was altered with the amendments. 

With EssayVikings, you can choose a qualified editor, who has experience working on several papers. You will receive updates during the process. It’s easy to contact your editor through the direct chat feature. You’ll release your payment when you’re fully satisfied with the outcome. 

What about the disadvantages? It would be great to get some free tips from professional editors. The blog features some free samples, and they are great. But we’d love some detailed guidance through the post-writing stages.


The website doesn’t feature a starting price, so the editors are free to bid as high or as low as they estimate. Their price offers will be based on the project’s deadline and complexity. They usually bid around $10 per page to edit academic content under a 10-day deadline. 


EssayVikings is an excellent choice for those looking for editing help for their academic papers. The website also offers writing services, but it’s mostly known for editing. It features an impressive team of qualified editors. 

SameDayPapers.com – Excellent for Urgent Deadlines

Founded in 2015, this was one of the first services to enable students to choose their own research paper writers online. All writers have their own profiles. They feature brief statements about their experience and qualifications. You’ll also find a history of their completed projects, along with the ratings they received from students. SameDayPapers ranks among the top services on independent reviewing websites. 

The writers deliver high-quality papers that are completely unique. They are known for meeting really short deadlines without sacrificing the level of quality. SameDayPapers is one of the most common choices for research papers with deadlines of 3 days or less. 

Why Students Choose SameDayPapers

We noticed these advantages about this website:

  • You can get urgent help with research paper without being worried about the quality. The writers are skilled to work under pressure. They still complete top-notch work that meets academic writing standards. 
  • All papers come with a free bibliography. You can choose the referencing style. 
  • The customer support is super-effective. That’s important when you order content under a short deadline. 

It was hard to find a disadvantage with SameDayPapers. But you should keep in mind that the prices are higher for urgent papers. Even if your deadline is 10 days, the writers will bid slightly higher than what we’re used to with other services.  


SameDayPapers doesn’t indicate a minimum price for its services. You won’t pay when placing an order. You will get bids from different writers, and you can choose an offer that works for you. The funds will be reserved on your account, and you’ll authorize the payment when you’re happy with the result. 


SameDayPapers is an excellent choice for those who need good content with a short deadline. 


This website’s value is in the free online samples it offers. They have been submitted by students. The site features over 30K samples on different topics, so you can read them to get inspired. There’s something better: the site’s editors have shared an opinion about each paper. They explain how it could be improved to meet academic writing standards. 

If you want to get professional online research paper writing help, Eduzaurus offers such services, too. 90+ writers will see your order, and you can choose among the ones who compete for it. The price will depend on the paper’s complexity. Each writer takes their experience and qualifications into consideration when bidding. The more experienced writers tend to set higher prices. 

Why Students Choose Eduzaurus

This is not a traditional college research paper writing service. Most students visit it for the free samples. That’s how they gain confidence in the writing and editing team, so they choose to hire it for unique papers. We noticed important advantages with Eduzaurus:

  • The site offers the most impressive collection of free samples we’ve seen. 
  • You can use the search feature to find samples relevant to your subject.
  • You don’t have to register to search through the samples and read them. 

The only disadvantage is that the site can be confusing. The ordering process is simple, but Eduzaurus is so focused on its free samples that students often forget they can get unique papers here, too. 


The minimum price is not indicated, but our research and experience show that the writers tend to bid around $15 per page for the 10-day deadline. 


Eduzaurus is a great website for students who get inspired by reading research paper samples. The team also offers custom-crafted content of finest quality. 

Reasons to Use Professional Research Paper Writing Services

When you have the time, skills, and will to write your own papers, you’ll certainly do it. But sometimes, luck is not on your side. The deadline is too pressuring, you’re not confident enough that you can handle such a complex paper, or you simply don’t feel like working on it at the moment.  Research paper writing services are helpful for several reasons:

Pro writers deliver high-quality content

Let’s clarify one thing: not all writing agencies are great in terms of quality. That’s why it’s important to read at least one review before you hire a helper for your research paper. But when you find a great agency and you start working with a qualified writer, you’ll get an outstanding paper. 

Remember: you can indicate the level of complexity you want. Sometimes students want simpler papers that don’t get them the best grades. That’s OK! You may also ask for exceptional content that would make a great impression. The best thing about pro writers is that they adjust their work to your preferences. 

When you hire a reputable service, you can expect 100% unique content that’s never been delivered to anyone else. The writer will take your instructions and write the paper from scratch. 

The services are affordable

Ordering great content online won’t cost you too much. There are many websites offering academic papers. All of them are trying to get students’ attention, and they do it through competitive prices. We only recommend cost-effective services, which offer good quality for an affordable price.  

The writers meet deadlines

Research papers are complex projects. They may take weeks for a student to complete. But pro writers deal with such assignments on a daily level. They have the knowledge, skills, and resources that make them more effective. You can get a complete research paper under an urgent deadline when you hire the right service. 

Hiring a writer saves you time

Academic writing is not the only responsibility you have as a student. Classes, homework, studying, friendships, work, extracurriculars… you’re busy all day long! If there’s a chance to outsource something, it’s no wonder you want to take it.  

You can get any type of research paper online

Maybe you’re good at writing and you like literature. You’ll complete your literature research paper all by yourself. But you also took a psychology course, and you find it extremely challenging. No matter how hard students try, they cannot be good at everything. If you don’t want to make peace with a lower grade, you can order content for the courses you struggle with. Online writing services offer all types of research papers, regardless of the topic or niche. 


When you need to hire a professional research paper writing service, the immense choice can be overwhelming. The first step is to identify your needs. Then, you can read reviews to see what service is proven to meet those needs. Hopefully, the reviews we shared will help you make the right choice!


  • Is using an online research paper writing service legal?

Yes! Only plagiarism is a problem, and the best services are never guilty of it. They only deliver 100% unique papers. No laws prevent you from getting academic writing help that results in original content. 

  • How can I know if a writing service is reliable or a scam?

User-based reviews are your best indicator! You can check review sites. Our reviews are also based on independent experience and research. 

  • Can I get a research paper by an urgent deadline?

Absolutely! Research papers are complex projects that demand more time, but pro writers can successfully complete them under short deadlines. We still recommend students to order their papers earlier. They can get a lower price when the deadline is longer. 

  • Can I hire a writer who follows APA citation style?

Yes! All services we recommend let you choose the citation style during the ordering process. You can choose APA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other citation style. 

  • How do I hire the best online research paper writer?

First, check out our reviews to see what services fit your needs. Then, you can visit the websites of the services that get your attention. Read through their guarantees and terms, check the free tips, and you can choose the website you feel comfortable with.  

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