7 Top-Rated Movies about Science

The film industry has so many genres, which are determined by the factor the movie is inclined to and what it depicts.

Science movies are a genre of the film industry that may be fictional or non-fictional but meant to teach and depict scientific phenomena, technological advancements, myths, research, and others, which include; robots, cyborgs, artificial intelligence, space travel, or other technologies.

Scientific movies are always created with mind-blowing visual ideas, which explain human experience, imaginations, and evolution from the past centuries, current advancements, and the future of humanity.

As a student, you are bound to be frustrated from daily academic activities and extracurricular activities; you sometimes need to relax and cool your brain; watching movies alone or with your friends may be the best option.

Are you the type that isn’t a fan of animations, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Korean Movies, but always gets interested in Science movies?  Have you been searching all day long for a scientific film to watch? You are welcome to the best page for your answer.

Advantages of Watching Science Movies as a Student 

Promotes interest in science. Research shows that when people watch science movies, it creates a form of enthusiasm, excitement and develops their interest in science and technology. It is more advantageous as a science student; it helps to increase your understanding of scientific ideas, technology trends, concepts and enhance your background knowledge in science.

Tool for the academic concept. Science movies have been researched to be a great educational tool for science students. A student may find it hard to read, learn, and process, but movies make the concepts clearer to assimilate and understand than the traditional classroom setting.

Motivation for the future. Science movies make students get familiar with inventions and technological trends that will be made in the future. They are motivated to be creative, innovative to solve problems faced by people for the future. After researching several reliable and academically accurate sources and watching several videos online, a custom research paper service with advanced writers has completed a list of top-rated movies about science that will grab young learners’ attention for sure. 

7 Top-Rated Science Movies

1. Eternals

The newly released movie was released from Marvel Studio, directed by legendary director Chloe Zhao and had the appearance of prominent actors like; Cherry Styles, Angelina Joli, Kit Harington, Gemma Chen, Richard Madden, and others.

The movie can undoubtedly be regarded as one of the science movies ever produced.

Eternal revolves around a race of superhumans who are immortals fortified with special powers that have successfully lived on Earth and formed relationships with humans for thousands of years.

After thousands of years, their once conquered enemy called deviants emerged again to invade the earth.

The Eternals are mandated to fight against invasion of the earth by deviants and prevent the planet’s emergence.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey

The film, released over five decades ago, still retains its stand as one of the best scientific movies ever produced.

Written and directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1986.

The film will be of interest and more advantageous for students interested in space, flight, astrology, and other space-related courses.

A Space Odyssey was a movie that predicted the next fifty years to come. It revolves around a  tribe that was driven away from its habitat by predators.

An alien monolith was discovered in (Machines built by unseen extraterrestrial species). These were later utilized to make a weapon out of bone, which was later used to reclaim their land from their rival. 

The United States National Council of Astronautics Chairman later discovered the tribe while in space and explored it.

3. Interstellar

The film was written and produced by Christopher Nolan in 2014 had the features; Matthew Caughey, Anne Hathway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, and Ellen Burstyn.

It depicts a dystopian future where the human race struggled to survive due to invasion, famines, crop blight, dust storms, and strange dust patterns.

A small group of astronauts inclined towards a solution, led by Cooper, traveled through a wormhole near Saturn to find a new habitat for the human race.

After much research, two plans were developed to later come up with two goals to ensure the survival of the human race. They battled with betrayal, deceit during their journey.

4. RoboCop

The movie was first released in 1987 and was later remade in 2014, named Robocop 2. It portrays and enlightens about robotics and artificial intelligence.

OmniCorp, a conglomerate organization, after carrying out many experiments, was able to develop robotic peacekeepers that were programmed to maintain law and order. 

The innovations hit the market to be sold but were hindered by the United States, which passed the Dreyfus Act, which prevented the deployment of militarized drones in the US.

There were suggestions that humans should be integrated into robots. Unfortunately, a police officer that narrowly escaped death by accident was used to conduct the human-robot experiment.

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

An American scientific movie directed by Gareth Edwards and was released in the year 2016.

A research scientist went into asylum On another planet before he was pressured to complete the Death Star (mobile space station and super-weapon) capable of exterminating life.

The scientist was after his wife, while his daughter escaped, he completed the day-star project, and war broke out.

6. Arrivals

Released in the year 2016 and directed by Denis Villeneuve in America.

A twelve extraterrestrial spacecraft were discovered in various places of the Earth. 

All countries sent their scientific experts to monitor and study them, and they found two cephalopod-like, seven-limbed aliens. 

This alien contains a complex language denoted by palindrome phrases in circular symbols, which later broke out among seven nations.

7. The Imitation Game

It was released in 2014, a true-life story of a mathematician called Alan Turing, who was young and bullied at school.

Developed interest in cryptography (a structure used to send private information to avoid getting breached) Turing was employed to work with a cryptographic team during the war. He later innovated a machine to decipher Enigma messages.

Turning got into the black books of his fellow cryptographers because of his dominating character.


All those mentioned movies are epic scientific movies that will aid and boost your knowledge, promote your interest in science, and entertain you.

These movies have proved to have helped students over a long period.

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