Autism Meltdown – Strategies for Dealing with Meltdowns

Dealing with Autism Meltdown

An ordinary person does not always manage to cope with nervous tension, and sooner or later he has a breakdown. Let alone people with special needs. Let’s talk about Asperger’s meltdown. What is autism meltdown and how to deal with it?

Causes of Aspergers meltdown

Such people often experience sensory overload, which results in breakdowns. What can cause an autistic meltdown in children? Any situation that seems normal can serve as a trigger point. For example, places where there are a lot of loud sounds, a large crowd of people, bright, pungent odors, and aggressive fluorescent lighting, as well as many other factors.

You need to understand that such a breakdown and the usual tantrum of an autistic child are not the same things. Hysteria can be provoked, but meltdown is not. This is a completely uncontrolled state.

How does one go through an autism meltdown?

Every person with autism experiences the condition differently. But there are similar characteristics of seizures. They say that a breakdown is something like a nuclear explosion in the brain. When the entire nervous system and brain simply overheat and respond to this recycling with a momentary burst of energy.

People with autism themselves describe the condition as a moving uncontrollable train at full throttle. For some, it seems as if their consciousness is in the form of uncontrollable anger. Aggression is bursting out, while some part of them remains watching, but cannot influence the process. No matter how the meltdown is described, it is clear that the person at that moment feels nothing but fear, rage, and anger. He has no control over his body, a huge charge of energy has been given to his brain. And he is not told how to use it.

Strategies for dealing with an autistic meltdown

Meltdowns in children with autism are quite common. They can be caused by nervous overexcitation or fatigue if the child has been stressed for a long time. Such meltdowns are very dangerous for children. Therefore, the task of parents is to find ways to stop this condition and minimize the number of such cases.

So, how to calm an autistic child?

Try to understand what exactly caused such behavior

Possible causes:

  1. Anger over inability to explain his desires. Imagine how frustrating it is when a person needs to explain something, but cannot express it in words or understandable sentences. This causes great distress, and the child may snap.
  2. Sensory overload. Autistic children may experience irritation when there are too many stimuli in the room. Bright lights and loud noises make a child angry and uncomfortable. This can cause an emotional breakdown (which looks like a tantrum, with the child unable to control himself) or withdrawal (when the child stops responding to what is going on around him).
  3. Unwillingness to do anything. When a child is forced to do something against their will, they may lose their temper.
  4. Last resort. If a child doesn’t believe he can get his way with words or alternative means of communication, he may resort to this behavior, believing it is the only way to be understood.

Respond calmly and patiently

Never raise your voice or threaten your child. Demonstrate the kind of behavior that you yourself would like to see in moments of anger. A child learns behavioral patterns by watching you. Give yourself time to cool down, if necessary.

Take a time out

If the above actions don’t work and the baby is difficult to calm down, this is usually due to an older age. Then it is necessary to show firmness. Simply tell him that he needs to be alone and leave him in the room. No one will tell you the exact amount of time it takes to calm him down. It may take anywhere from 3 minutes to several hours. It all depends on the severity of the breakdown and the age of the child.

Prepare for the next breakdown

Unfortunately, this condition is not an isolated incident. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared for subsequent attacks. Hide items that can cause injury. A child with a breakdown does not control himself and can harm himself and others. Warn those around him of the possible condition so that they do not feel fear and make the situation worse. Always carry your work phone with you. To have contact with the doctor or other relatives and acquaintances in case you can’t make it on your own.

Autism is one of the widespread developmental disorders, with symptoms usually appearing before the age of three. Life is a source of stress for individuals with autism. This stress results in behavioral patterns that pose some difficulty for parents. However, if treated with love and respect, it is possible to improve the child’s social skills and make the child’s life happy.

Fortunately today conventional treatment as well as treating with stem cells offer an entirely new tool for parents and patients to explore. Thus, stem cell treatment for autism in Switzerland lessens some autistic characteristics. So that it reduces their negative impact on the patient’s life. This type of treatment has several other positive changes in the health of people with autism.

How to prevent seizures in autistic children?

Don’t let your child get bored or overexcited. Fatigue, frustration, and overexcitement are the main signs of such conditions. Protect the child from stressful situations. Do not let him be in places with a lot of people and loud noises. Try to talk to older children. Explain the difference between good and bad behavior, and explain that the child can try to cope with a meltdown on their own. When a child tries to control his behavior, be sure to praise him, and in general, try to punish less and emphasize positive parenting.

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