Best Job Options for Biology Students and Graduates

Despite being one of the most popular subjects to study, biology often causes confusion and concern among university students when it comes to figuring out which biology degree jobs one can go for. That is because the subject is so vast that it can encompass everything from molecular studies to coursework related to communities of living organisms. For a student of this subject, therefore, it is important to know the kinds of careers they can look forward to having.

So, Why Go For Biology Study?

As stated before, this subject is very broad and may open many doors for a student. Going to school and getting an education in this field is tough but there are a lot of resources to research and help with your final exam or dissertation, etc. For example, it is easy to find high-quality free essays for college students when they are working on a diploma project or an assignment from their tutor. These free college essay samples go a long way in helping graduate and even Ph.D. students in writing their own papers and making their academic course a little easier to get through.

While you are working on your college and university assignments though, it is crucial to have some ideas about the possible career you may want to have when you graduate. The good news is that there are many, no matter what GPA or grade you end up getting from your faculty.

Top Careers That Use Biology


Some of the most rewarding biology degree jobs include research positions. In the shoes of a research biologist, you may be involved in one of the many fields within biology and uncover the mysteries of life or create new solutions to existing problems. The great thing about research is that you can get involved in it even if you’re a student at the moment. Your university campus will likely have a research center you can join and start getting real-world experience.


Whenever someone talks about a job related to biology, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a career in healthcare. Other than working as a doctor or another medical practitioner role, you may also get hired by large research institutions to develop cures for diseases, etc. And once again, you may be able to work in a clinic as a student to just learn the ropes and gain some experience.


Like with pretty much any other field of study, you might also want to become a teacher or a writer of biology. You might end up writing a book about your work or joining a university to teach the next generation of biologists. Getting higher education in this field will allow you to publish your work and have it in a library where students can utilize it.

Other Careers

If you’re still asking yourselves, ‘what can you do with a biology degree’, there is plenty more. Some of the less common biology degree jobs include:

  • Biotechnology expert
  • Forensic scientist
  • Government official
  • Pharmaceutical researcher/developer
  • Biological economist


There are many different jobs related to biology that you can get involved in after you are done with the final lesson of your final class. Even better, there are things you can do even as a student of biology to get professional experience before graduating. While doing a job as a student can be very difficult during an ongoing term, when you have to write essay after essay, it can be a very rewarding experience overall.

So, if you’re interested in pursuing biology study and are a little hesitant about what you can do as a student or a graduate, don’t worry. There are too many fields that you can join and make your mark on as a professional biologist. 

Written by Austin Crane

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