New Mind-Blowing Black Hole Theory

Scientists have a way of messing with our heads every once in a while. That’s one of those
moments, I have read that stuff that is sucked into black holes don’t stay there forever.
It felt like one of those times we have the ruckus about Pluto. Scientists upset a lot of people
when they said Pluto was not a planet. There was an outcry before the scientists said it was a
sort-of planet, blaming the error on a dodgy calculator or something.

When I was a kid, things sucked into a black hole were never seen again. As I grew older, I
learned that black holes are when time and space wrap causing powerful gravity that even
light is sucked into it. Einstein’s theory of general relativity states that the mass of many stars
is crushed into the zero-size volume at the center of the holes. Below are some new black
hole theories that will have you re-think what you’ve learnt about the phenomena.

Cosmic Recycling Plants?

Papers published in the Physical Review D journals and the Physical Review letters challenge
the accepted theory about the inner workings and lives of black holes. The research is based
the new theory of gravity which the authors argue is necessary when dealing with small sizes.
Abhay Ashtekar, Parampreet Singh and Javier OLmedo, took the loop quantum gravity
theory and applied it to black hole-scenario. According to their theoretical findings, Einstein
was wrong as there isn’t singularity at the centre.

Instead, the strong space-time curve means it continues into the future, and here it becomes a
white hole, where what got sucked in including light is shot out. If their maths is right black
holes will one day vomit everything they ever swallowed.

Possibly Explaining the Unexplained

This new theory may explain other unexplained phenomena. High amounts of radio energy,
Known as radio bursts have been observed by scientists over a short period. Also observed
are, high-energy cosmic rays that collide with the earth’s atmosphere.

None of the phenomena are fully understood. However, if the research papers are correct, it
could be evidence of a black hole turning into a white hole. Could it be possible that the
matter that will shoot out of the white holes are seeds of a new solar system? Could scientists
be witnessing the universe recycling itself?

A Closer Look

The main reason why scientists are unconvinced that is a singularity exists in the middle of
black holes is the infinite theoretic density of objects that have mass but no size. Newton’s
law of gravity applies to objects far from earth, where an object closer to earth weighs more.
We can only understand those changes in behavior by using equations more complex than

Smaller objects get more different gravity behaviours, which is why quantum gravity theory
was developed. If that expanded to loop quantum gravity, space-time needs to be understood
as evolving latticed spin networks which are mathematical ways of describing the
relationship between things.

Written by Dan Bertalan

Half Geo-scientist, half outdoor adventure filmmaker, Dan is driven to share his passion for the natural world through award-winning documentaries, television, and educational videos. Over the years, he's produced scores of the educational videos with Untamed Science that companion the Pearson Education series of science textbooks.

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