Can Your Mindset Actually Change Your Success and How You Feel?

Modern research has shown that mental health is indeed linked to physical health, and that your mindset can actually impact your body. So, how do you go about having a more positive mindset, in order to be healthier and feel better?

Today, the expression “positive mindset” is not just an idea about an easy attitude to life, but is a whole concept and system of motivation. There are other definitions too, such as: mental positivism, right thinking, power thinking, and new thinking. This concept includes special techniques and methods of practicing a “positive mindset”. They are taught in popular trainings on personal growth and ways to achieve success. Generally speaking, the system is built on the belief that our thoughts can materialize things in our life. If you are positive and think about success, health, and happiness, then you can have them. The psychology of a positive mindset was born a long time ago, and its heyday came in the 20th century.

Principles of Positive Mindset

What are the basic principles of a positive mindset? They include certain attitudes, exercises, and techniques that help to form positive personal qualities and a positive way of thinking. In order to eliminate negative thinking and begin to think positively, you must practice these principles every day and sincerely believe in their effectiveness. Here are the main ones.

Our thoughts materialize

Even science tells us that like attracts like, likewise the world around us treats us the way we treat it. Be kind, and caring, help others and you will see – the world will reciprocate.

The main thing in life is love

Love is an important part of the human experience and is at the heart of how to learn to think positively and attract good things. Although it may often be thought of last, self-love is actually the most important. You can practice loving yourself by eating well, making time for hobbies, or booking a massage at your nearest spa center. If you aren’t convinced the first time, try some other  recommended massage parlors and try a luxury massage with oils session. Not only are massages great for your body, from helping rid your body of lactic acids and built up stress, but they can help you relax and work towards that positive mindset. 

Each of us is the author of our own destiny.

Do not look for the reasons for your failures in other people. Believe that everything in your life depends only on you.

Love yourself.

Tell yourself every day that you are smart, beautiful, and happy. Praise yourself even for small victories. Research done in psychology shows that giving yourself rewards for achieving different task can help increase your motivation. 

The world around is fair: if something happened to you, then you deserve it.

Therefore, do good deeds, and the world will reciprocate. This principle is similar to the method of causally positive thinking widely used in psychology.


Consider exercises aimed at developing a positive mindset. Unlike principles, these are specific actions that need to be performed every day. It is believed that they need to be done daily for 3 weeks. After this time, the exercises will simply become a habit.

Think like a leader.

In a difficult or unpleasant situation, ask yourself the question, but what would a leader think? What can be done in this situation to benefit everyone? How can I make choices that are good not only for me but those you count on me? You must also have the confidence of a leader. 

Speak positively.

Find a way to verbalize things in a more positive way, and do your best to eliminate negative thinking. Not enough people came to your lecture? Instead of saying “almost no one”, say “a few”. Not enough money? Say “you need to earn more”, not “I have no money.” This rule also applies to people. Stop seeing them as flaws. There are many virtues in every person, learn to see them, and make sincere compliments.

“My Perfect Day”.

The technique is as follows: describe your ideal day on a piece of paper. Pay attention to the details, highlighting what is the most important and pleasant for you. This could be time with loved ones, playing sports, walking in the fresh air, interesting projects, an effective meeting with colleagues, etc. After that, try to spend the next day the way you described it. Think about how happy and satisfied you were. If the day was hard, then try again tomorrow.

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Written by Austin Crane

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