Filmmakers on Twitter: Check Best Practices to Get Many Followers on Your Account

Twitter is often an underestimated social network among others. But its power is great – even when you reach 500 Twitter followers only, your account is already useful for promotion. But for success, one needs a reliable and effective strategy. Whatever industry you choose, even filmmaking, there are universal tips that will help to receive good results on Twitter. In this article, they are collected to be utilized for your tactics and planning.

Keep Up With The Time

Twitter is a very energetic social network, and to make sure your target audience will see your content, you must tweet at the right moment. This point has two sides to count in. First, like any other social network, there are periods when users are active at most – that’s when you must catch the wave and be active too. And secondly, unlike most platforms, Twitter requires your constant presence online, so you have to spread your content throughout the day, accentuating more active periods.

Plan Ahead

To achieve the desired result, you have to do thorough planning. Presence on social media requires schedules and timing. Twitter is no exclusion – you have to think ahead, to be sure of what result you get. Figure your prospects and spread your content accordingly, to make your appearance consistent and enthusiastic. Users on Twitter like a regular flow of fresh content in their feed, so it is much better to have your posts scheduled and created for some period, to prevent your account from dropping down in the process of growth.

Pin Your Best Tweets

This method helps to drive the interest of the new users and demonstrate your content to them. By pinning your most engaging tweet to the top of your profile you can maintain important and vigorous discussions you have, increasing activity on your page and stimulating your content. Just check the account of Barry Jenkins, an american film director and you will understand the power of pinned tweets. 

Pinned tweets can also contain important details you want to highlight, so your audience has easy access to the information.

Follow Other Users

The secret of Twitter and its main difference with the further social platforms is that to gain influence and widen your reach, you should follow other users, and connect with them. Don’t just choose random users from all around the network. Define who you really want to follow and communicate with.Doing so, you can connect with other influencers of the sphere and enter discussions that will drive the attention of the public to you.

Imply Visuals

Although Twitter was developed as a texting platform, images and videos are nowadays an important part of engagement here. Your caption matters a lot, but accompanied by the relevant image or video, it becomes more visible and engaging for your followers. It doesn’t mean, however, that each post you make has to contain an image. But your feed looks better if visuals are present frequently. The main rule here is that quality has to be prevalent over quantity. If you don’t have much visual content to post, you need to repost your own tweets from time to time, diluting your feed with the pictures and re-engaging your supporters. Also you can retweet visuals and add a few words like Mynette Louie, american film producer. Make your account more attractive!

Use Hashtags

Hashtags on Twitter are the instrument for searching and engaging new followers. By exploring relevant tags for your industry, you can find levers to pull in your favor. This way you can discover new ongoing conversations and get into them, providing awareness to your profile. Squeezing into ongoing discussions on Twitter is a must for anyone who wants to reach success on this platform, and hashtags assist you to find where is the best place to show yourself. Also, there are universal hashtags that are important for your growth, like:

  • #FF (Follow Friday)
  • #TBT (Throwback Thursday)
  • #TwitterChat

However, you must avoid generic hashtags. These may only invite spam comments to your tweets.

Retweet, Reply

As for any other network, it is important to communicate with your following base at the same level as they reach out to you. Your task here is to encourage users to interact better with your account, both by offering worthy content and reacting to what they have to say. Twitter is basically held on the conversations that happen under popular tweets, so that is the goal to reach. Reply to comments under your tweets quickly and be genuine in your responses. Replies here aren’t the place for aggressive promotion, it’s an instrument for bonding with your audience.

Another tool in your arsenal that can boost you to improve communication is retweeting. As you develop dialogues with your followers and other entrepreneurs on Twitter, you can retweet their posts and prolong the discussion. You can also quote other posts and add your opinion or response, to spin a new discussion.

Use Twitter Chats

You can either host your chat or participate in the one that is applicable to your industry. In such chats users can discuss various themes in different aspects:

  • Q&A
  • Polls
  • Surveys and interviews
  • Panels
  • Debates

Remember that chat responses cannot be a bold promotion. Twitter chats are another method to strengthen your significance and expand the reach. This is a place to meet like-minded people and create connections that are important for your growth. Also, you can transmit your content through chats to a wider audience and gain more influence for your opinions.

Use Twitter Ads

This is a great and legit path to gain more followers on Twitter. The main task here is to define your target audience, so your promotion hits the right group. There are various types of ads that are available on this platform, and you should choose which are the most relevant for your objective. Of course, you might combine different ads to increase the quality of your result. For gaining followers or is recommended to use promoted tweets, and you should choose tweets for this purpose manually.

Personalize Your Account

One of the most effective tactics for growth on Twitter is making your presence personal. This strategy works for any industry. People come to social media for communication with others, so brands and companies who want to get more of their presence online should use personalized experiences to connect with their audience. When users see that you share your experiences, it resonates with them and they engage more actively with the content you produce . Being sincere and open in your responses and tweets lures more users to your account.

Provide High-Quality Content

Whatever you want to post on Twitter, has to be top-notch. With the current state of competition in practically all industries, users become more demanding of the content they consume. So you have to put your best into every tweet you make. Think of what is the merit of this information for your followers and potential audience. Try to prospect your results by examining the industry-related posts throughout the platform. Look what your competitors are doing too, to see what practices are effective for your target group.

Use the best possible visuals and look for original content when you create your plan.


To get more followers on Twitter, you have to make a consistent flow of original high-quality content that is engaging and interesting to your target group and beyond. Being active online is what also drives the attention of a wide audience.

Written by Austin Crane

Austin is the principle web director for Untamed Science and Stone Age Man. He is also the web-director of the series for the High School biology, Middle Grades Science and Elementary Science content. When Austin isn't making amazing content for the web, he's out on his mountain bike or in a canoe.

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