Five memorable video games with animal protagonists

Throughout history, animals have played an integral role in the success of a variety of books, television shows and movies. The same applies to the video game industry, with animal heroes forming a big part of the gaming sphere for a while now. From fish to furry creatures, there have been some iconic characters featured in an array of video games over the years. 

These animals aren’t physically human, but they provide a variety of human characteristics during a specific gaming session. These characteristics and more have enabled animal-themed games to rise to popularity in the modern world and make them stand out in what is a saturated marketplace on the whole. These types of classic games with animal protagonists have helped contribute towards many of the popular modern-day options people are accessing, too, like these animal-themed slot games and a variety of other releases people can access on a smartphone device. The options certainly don’t end there, though, particularly when assessing some iconic video games from over the years. In fact, animal protagonists have been heavily featured in a variety of releases. Let’s remember five of them below. 


Banjo-Kazooie is a brilliant game, especially for animal lovers who enjoy a touch of chaos and mayhem. Featuring both Banjo and Kazooie, the game was a favourite for many gamers growing up and was a prominent title in the gaming sphere around 20 years ago. Both Banjo and Kazooie were so loved that they even managed to make an appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. As far as animal protagonists go, this particular platformer houses two of the very best. 

Sonic The Hedgehog

Perhaps the most famous animal from the video gaming sphere, Sonic The Hedgehog is a game many people are familiar with. A gaming icon, the famous blue hedgehog has become etched in the public consciousness ever since he first burst onto the scene in the 90s. Overall, the games were up and down in terms of their all-round offering, but there’s no doubting that Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the most iconic animals in the gaming world. 

Star Fox

Another instantly recognisable character for many, Star Fox is a popular release from Nintendo’s catalogue of games. Featuring anthropomorphic animals playing the role of space adventurers, Star Fox is a blast to play and represents a truly fun and entertaining gaming experience thanks to the variety of things players could do in the game. With a whole host of missions to complete and some bad guys to see off, Star Fox is a truly memorable franchise of games. A favourite release for many was the 1997 release of Star Fox 64, although most of the Star Fox products have gone down well with gamers. 

Donkey Kong

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When delving deep into the various animal-themed games on Nintendo consoles over the years, Donkey Kong is right up there with the most iconic products. A memorable game for a variety of reasons that are still going strong today on the Nintendo Switch, Donkey Kong products achieved big success and featured a variety of animals, although the main ape players are in charge of throughout is the most memorable of the lot and the star of the show. 

Untitled Goose Game

Unlike the other games featured so far, Untitled Goose Game isn’t as well known but it most definitely deserves to be. An indie title that has won over millions of players in the modern world, the game involves players playing as a goose and wreaking havoc in a local neighbourhood. Offering plenty of comical value and hours of entertainment, it’s a great game. 

Written by Austin Crane

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