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Studying online has been a trend for the past few years, but even traditional education turned to online platforms due to 2020’s pandemic. Either to reenter the job market or simply because getting an online education became mainstream, more people are looking for complete courses on the web.

There is a huge availability of courses nowadays, which might make it more difficult to decide. Not to mention that most of them are not worth your time. Also, without any guidance, some people might end up looking at memes or playing at Jet Casino or a similar website. Therefore, this article has 5 steps on how to get an online education that will actually suit your plans for the future. 

Before Getting Online Education

Most online courses will be available whenever the student has time to do them, being flexibility one of their great advantages. However, that implies the need to have the discipline to establish the habit of studying online. That said, prepare and reserve some time for getting online education in your schedule before continuing.

Step 1: Define What You Want to Learn

The huge catalogs of online courses can make decisions harder, especially in platforms that allow just anyone to create a personal school. Therefore, take a moment to think if there is any subject that is a priority and focus on it. By doing it, the risks of ending up losing time scrolling through courses like Netflix movies will be reduced.

Step 2: Find Suitable Education Platforms

There are platforms whose goal is to offer courses on crafting skills, while others are directed to programming or even traditional school courses. Some of them are accredited by education authorities and, therefore, probably offer better quality. 

Searching for the keywords “online education” will show a myriad of options. Stick to the subject you defined in step 1 as your goal and look for recommendations and reviews on the websites you find. Try to reduce them to a small number.

Step 3: Paid Tuition or Free Courses?

Some online education platforms are completely free and count on ads, others have low-budget courses, and some are professional in both content and price. The chances are you already selected websites that match your planned budget – or the absence of it – for online learning.

However, step 3 is not about choosing, but considering what each option means. Free courses will most likely not offer the same level of information as private online tuition or complete courses. Once again, your goal defines what should be chosen.

Step 4: Get the Course and Study Hard

It does not matter if you take notes with a pen or if you use a text editor. Each person might have a different way of absorbing the content of online courses. In any case, one thing is for sure: the results will only come from dedication to whichever course you chose.

Step 5: Keep Up With Your Goals

Maybe you enrolled in discussion forums, participated in online events, and collected the contact of other online classmates. Perhaps you did not do any of it and simply absorbed as much knowledge as possible. Either way, consider if you achieved your primary goal and define what the next step is. A new course or actually using that new information in your favor?

Takeaway Tips to Get an Online Education

  • Online or not, education must be taken seriously if you actually want to improve yourself.
  • Keep track of your evolution, notice sudden losses of focus or interest, and try to keep up.
  • Stick to your schedule but allow the flexibility of online courses to be your friend in times of need.
  • Have a personal and quiet place for studying. Let other people know that you are serious and should not be disturbed.
  • Leave your smartphone and TV for another moment, avoid distractions altogether.
  • Try different learning strategies. Do not be afraid of testing them and spending some time doing it.
  • Participate in discussion forums, if available.
  • In the case interaction with other online classmates is available, start building your network.

Written by Rob Nelson

Rob is an ecologist from the University of Hawaii. He is the co-creator and director of Untamed Science. His goal is to create videos and content that are entertaining, accurate, and educational. When he's not making science content, he races whitewater kayaks and works on Stone Age Man.

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