How to Maximize Your GAMSAT Score

The GAMSAT is a test that covers a range of topics, including sciences, humanities, and essay writing. It’s used as part of the admissions process for graduate programs in medicine and health sciences. 

If you’re planning on applying to these types of programs, then it’s important to do everything you can to maximize your score on the GAMSAT and be aware of the GAMSAT dates for this year. 

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance of success.

Know What the Test Covers

The first step is to make sure you understand what type of material is going to be covered on the test. 

GAMSAT covers a wide range of topics, so it’s important that you familiarize yourself with all of them. This way, you’ll know what to expect and can better prepare for the questions that will be asked with the help of a GAMSAT prep course.

Study the Material Thoroughly

Once you know what material will be covered, it’s time to start studying. Make sure you cover all of the topics thoroughly so that you’re well-prepared for the test. 

If possible, find study materials that are specifically designed for the GAMSAT. These will give you the best chance of success.

Take Practice Tests

In addition to studying the material, it’s also important to take practice tests. This will help you get familiar with the structure of the test and give you a better idea of what to expect on test day. 

There are many different resources available online that offer practice tests for the GAMSAT. Take advantage of as many as possible so that you can hone your skills.

Create a Study Plan Around Key GAMSAT Dates

One of the best ways to prepare for any test is to create a study plan and stick to it. This will help ensure that you’re studying regularly and not leaving anything to chance. 

Your study plan should include both how much time you’ll spend studying each day and what material you’ll cover during that time. Be realistic in your approach so that you don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged. 

Stay Focused While You Study

Staying focused while you study can be difficult, especially if you’re someone who tends to get easily distracted. 

There are a few things you can do to help yourself stay on track, though. First, try studying in short bursts rather than in long sessions. 

This will help keep your attention focused on the task at hand. Additionally, make sure you take breaks often so that your mind doesn’t become too overloaded with information. 

And finally, try listening to music or white noise in order to breathe deeply and relax while you study—this can actually help improve focus and concentration levels! 

Avoid Cramming 

Cramming for any test is never a good idea, but it’s especially true for standardized tests like the GAMSAT. 

This is because these types of tests require understanding and critical thinking skills rather than memorization. So, if you try to cram for the GAMSAT, chances are good that all your hard work will go to waste. 

Get Plenty of Rest

Getting enough rest is crucial for performing your best on any test. This is because sleep helps improve focus, memory, and problem-solving ability. 

Make sure you get plenty of rest in the days leading up to your test so that your mind is fresh and ready to go. 


If you follow a good course, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your score on the Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test! You can also learn about GAMSAT dates here.

Written by Austin Crane

Austin is the principle web director for Untamed Science and Stone Age Man. He is also the web-director of the series for the High School biology, Middle Grades Science and Elementary Science content. When Austin isn't making amazing content for the web, he's out on his mountain bike or in a canoe.

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