Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuel Investments: How Renewable Energy Is Taking Over

Renewable energy is gaining traction in the United States, with nearly 5 percent of the nation’s electricity coming from solar panels. Fossil fuels have provided power for generations, but the finite resources are running low. Breaking away from oil companies becomes much simpler when you commit to investing in clean energy through wind turbines and solar panels from renewable energy services.

Follow the stock market, and you’ll notice that renewable energy companies are gaining traction. It’s the perfect time to look for investment opportunities to bolster your investment portfolio and grow wealth. Clean energy is the way of the future, and the sooner you invest, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.

Fortunately, you’re in the perfect spot to learn more about investing in clean energy and helping the environment. Continue reading to learn more today!

Why Are Renewable Energy Services Growing?

The primary reason behind the growth in popularity of renewable energy services is global climate change. Oil companies and other industries dependent on fossil fuels are speeding up climate change and causing irreversible environmental damage.

The combustion of fossil fuels produces carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases. These gases get trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere and cause higher surface temperatures. Coal, oil, and natural gas are the most significant causes of these changes. Despite this, fossil fuels still account for 80 percent of the world’s energy. However, cleaner energy sources are gaining ground, thanks to the decreased environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Fixing the planet and helping the environment starts with investing in renewable energy services. The population is becoming aware of the issues that fossil fuels are causing. With this, many are interested in purchasing solar panels for homes and businesses.

Reasons for Growth

There are several reasons behind the growth in the popularity of clean energy on the stock market. The push to reverse climate change before it spells disaster is a massive motivator. It’s worthwhile to dive into the global outlook on renewable energy services to make the best investments.

Technology is improving, and more countries are discovering the benefits of solar panels and wind turbines. Businesses and homes are thinking about installing solar panels to reduce energy usage and save money. Here’s a closer look at four reasons behind the growth of clean energy.

1. Renewable Energy Is Abundant

Look around you, and you’ll find several renewable energy sources for your home or business. Billions of people depend on fossil fuels for power, but renewable energy is abundant everywhere. The people who rely on oil companies are at risk of changing geopolitical landscapes.

You’ll find abundant renewable energy sources in all countries worldwide. Addiotnally, the potential behind these energy sources has yet to be harnessed. Advanced countries are capitalizing on solar and wind, and technology is becoming more accessible.

The hope is that clean energy sources will fill 90 percent of the world’s energy needs by 2050. It’s a way around import dependency and giving power to oil companies. Countries can diversify their energy resources and become independent from oil states.

It’s the most effective way to protect people from unpredictable price swings. Solar panels will also create new jobs and drive economies. Clean energy is a step toward ending poverty and boosting the quality of living.

2. Renewable Energy Is Cheaper

Renewable energy is also much more affordable than fossil fuels for energy production. Solar and wind energy are some of the cheapest energy options worldwide. Technology is improving and becoming more accessible, lowering energy prices for nations and consumers.

Falling prices make renewable energy sources more appealing to businesses and consumers. Low and middle-income nations can afford to provide power to citizens with solar and wind power. Clean energy is gaining traction as the go-to energy source for the future.

The increase in gas prices and electric bills for homeowners is reason enough to commit to solar panels and wind turbines. Investing in clean energy is the best path for your investment portfolio.

3. Renewable Energy Is Healthier

Another benefit of renewable energy is the improved health of people worldwide. A shocking 99 percent of people on Earth breathe in air that is harmful to their health daily. Millions of people die each year due to poor air quality and the health issues it causes.

Most of the issues with air quality can be traced back to oil companies and other industries. They’re all dependent on burning fossil fuels to make a profit. Those decisions are having negative impacts on billions of people.

Committing to clean energy wipes out the problems associated with air pollution. People will enjoy clean air and the health benefits it provides. Switching to clean energy helps the economy and the health and wellness of billions of people worldwide.

4. Renewable Energy Helps the Economy

Supporters of oil companies will tell you that eliminating fossil fuels will ruin the economy. The irony is that renewable energy will require less investment to make a difference than supporting the fossil fuel industry. The fossil fuel industry gets trillions of dollars in tax benefits and subsidies annually.

Renewable energy is more affordable and could make a massive difference in the climate in a matter of years. These investments could result in a healthier planet by 2050. It’s in the best interests of consumers and businesses to use clean energy.

The upfront cost of clean energy is the most significant holdup. The investments in the stock market for renewable energy services will pay off sooner than most think.

Invest in Renewable Energy Sources Today

Renewable energy sources are humanity’s best shot at mitigating climate change and improving the health and quality of life for all. It benefits the economy and requires less support and subsidies than oil companies. 

Investing in solar panels and wind turbines produces cleaner air and fewer carbon emissions. The best part is that renewable energy is abundant everywhere. It’s an excellent option when boosting your investment portfolio. And the good news is that technology is making clean energy more accessible than ever. 

Written by Austin Crane

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