Science Projects Should be More Diverse

As we know, science is the most reliable source of knowledge and the involvement and use of diverse methods and practices can prove useful for this phenomenon.

When someone mentions a science program, you are bound to think of a group of scientists cohesively working in a laboratory. But what if science wasn’t only limited to the scientists alone, but also the general public or the ‘non-scientific’ people as well? With the best iptv service usa you will be able to get more done easily.

The result of such collaborative projects is what is now termed ‘Citizen Science’.

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen Science is the product of the collaborative efforts undertaken by professional as well as amateur scientists in several scientific projects. Several such endeavors are recognized in the form of Higgs Hunters, Gravity Spy, and Steelpan Vibrations to name a few.

What does Citizen Science do?

Citizen Science efforts allow individuals, or the participants, to learn from the scientific practices besides advanced scientific understanding. Although, as determined by Rajul Pandya and his 12-member committee at Thriving Earth Exchange, the institutes offering such diverse citizen science projects must be well equipped and educated.

Features of Citizen Science

  1. The first and the most important aspect of this approach is that anyone (literally) can participate in the scientific program.
  2. All the data that is available to the general ‘scientists’ is what the real scientists also refer to, which means that the combined data can be of premium quality.
  3. This data then helps the scientists to come to real conclusions for the project.
  4. Scientists and large communities volunteer data which can be accessed by all the citizen scientists along with the actual scientists related to the project.

Benefits of Citizen Science

  •        Availability of fresh knowledge

With the additional help, scientific projects include research done from different views and aspects, scientific as well as general. This leads to better results overall.

  •        Scientific Awareness among masses

Most of the time, the general public is not included in the programs that are conducted which formidably leads to very little scientific awareness. But with Citizen Science projects, the general public is included throughout the process allowing them to learn and understand the phenomenon of science better.

How else can a Science Project be Diverse?

Besides Citizen Science, there are several assorted areas which result in extensive scientific discoveries. Researches say that it takes a team of scientists with both the genders to come up with the most successful endeavors.

The best example of this is since the women are part of medical research teams, more attention is now being paid to the female health problems like breast cancer.

Is it Effective?

Scientific teams which are more diverse in nature, gender, and practice generate better outcomes than traditional scientific projects. This is due to the presence of mix perspectives under a single roof, which allows them to think beyond the natural horizon.

Scientific research becomes borderless with the recruitment of diverse researchers to the group, every individual brings something new to the table which makes the project even more progressive.

Written by Dan Bertalan

Half Geo-scientist, half outdoor adventure filmmaker, Dan is driven to share his passion for the natural world through award-winning documentaries, television, and educational videos. Over the years, he's produced scores of the educational videos with Untamed Science that companion the Pearson Education series of science textbooks.

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