Stock Photos Ideas For 2024: Casino, Tech, Sustainability & More

Many professional photographers who sell stock photos have a niche they tend to work in, and this is normally a great strategy. However, if you are hoping to sell more of your stock photos, you need to make sure there is a demand for the pictures you are uploading. When figuring this out, it helps to think a bit about what people need for their digital content. Take some time to see what are popular topics for blogs and websites, and what companies are doing well, and investing in more marketing – such as casinos for example. So what are some in demand stock photos you can try out in 2024? 


With a huge rise in the online gambling industry as of late, casino photos are in demand. Sites like Vulkan Vegas bring in many online gambling customers, but they of course want to invite more players to enjoy their platform. To do this, online casinos need great images portraying the glamor and excitement of gambling. 

The fun thing about taking casino stock photos is that there is a lot of range in styles here too. From smokey, low-lit, and sophisticated to bright, loud, and exciting, you can use the whole range of your skills and styles to create many attractive images for casinos. For the best results, try a few styles to see what receives the most downloads and do more of those kinds of pictures in the future. In the end, you just want to capture the thrill of the game!


Not only for the online gambling industry, technology is everywhere and people have a lot to say about it. Whether a tech blog writing reviews, educational sites talking about the impacts of technology on youth, or people predicting future tech trends, technology stock photos can do very well. 

Common useful pictures are of people using everyday technology like phones, cameras, and computers but you can also really get creative with these pictures. For example, you can have people in VR gear with exciting backgrounds, or make surreal sci-fi tech shoots for futuristic topics. Just like with technology, the sky’s the limit!

Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability

We are living in a green revolution, and we need the pictures to support that. Companies that are trying to spread their message of “going green” need beautiful pictures that speak to sustainability and eco-friendly products and services. 

Think green and new, and don’t forget to think outside the box! You can play with props, models, plants, and even wildlife, working to capture the sustainable side of our world. With some quality eco-friendly stock photos you can help others portray the new world that they are trying to create!

Time in Nature

Not only are a lot of people talking about, writing about, and advertising time in nature, pictures of people outdoors are extremely versatile. Blogs and websites talking about travel, adventure, exercise, weight loss, and even mental health can use beautiful images of people outdoors. 

You can get some models together and get photos of people doing all kinds of activities outdoors, from walking to yoga, to fit this niche. You can also play around with getting pictures in the same place but at different times of day for even more versatility. All you really need is a nice natural background, and the rest is up to you! 

Drone Shots 

If you have access to a drone, use it! Drone shots – whether it be of cities, nature, people playing sports, and everything in between – are in demand. This is because drone shots are more rare, harder to get, exciting, and add a new and exciting perspective. 

Make sure you are flying in areas that you are allowed, but otherwise get drone shots in a range of areas and upload them to your stock library and watch the magic happen! From people playing sports to wide open landscapes, drone shots are really versatile stock photos to sell. 


There is, in theory, an endless amount of themes for stock photos. However, if you are looking to make money from your stock library you should focus on themes that are in higher demand and are more likely to be downloaded. Some hot areas now to create stock photos for are: casino, technology, sustainability, time in nature, and drone shots. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a good place to start! All that being said, make sure you add your own personal touch to your photos so that they stand out from the others!

Written by Kirstynn Joseph

Kirstynn graduated with a Bachelors in Ecology from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada in 2018. She was born in Yukon Territory, and is currently living in Ecuador, where she is working on various projects and exploring as much as she can before she figures out the next big adventure. She is passionate about the outdoors, about nature and conservation, and of course, science! She loves writing, art and photography and strives to share the wonders of our big mysterious world with as many people as she can.

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