Why You Should Study Medicine in 2020: Top 5 Healthcare Majors

In the light of recent events, especially the Covid-19 pandemic, the profession of a medical worker is valued more than ever before. Doctors and nurses are in high demand in every place in the world. The profession is already being promoted, and students will be encouraged to pursue a career in medicine even more now, and there are lots of viable reasons to do so. Working in medicine might be one of the best career choices available in 2020.

Why Should You Study Medicine? 

There are lots of reasons why you should consider studying medicine in 2020. They do not only involve great career prospects, but also the massive contribution you can make into the well-being of humankind. Here are some of the top reasons. 

Discovering New Drugs and Cures

The world desperately needs talented researchers and scientists in the domain of medicine who can discover new drugs. There are lots of diseases that have been plaguing the planet for ages, and no remedy has been found to eliminate them yet. As a medical worker, you can become one of the discoverers who change the course of history and invent a new future, free of certain illnesses and diseases. 

Always Being in Demand 

Considering the current state of global affairs, there is no way being a doctor can become unnecessary. This profession will not be secondary for many decades to come. It means that you can always expect to have a steady job and a great number of job opportunities. You can travel the world and work in any country you want, as this profession is so unique that it does not really get you attached to a certain location.   

Having a Variety of Career Options

Medicine is a world of its own. There are lots of professions you can pursue as a medical worker. You can study dentistry, pharmacy, nursery, physiotherapy, and many other fields of medicine. You can even choose to become a surgeon and decide on a narrow type of surgery to specialize in. For example, you could go into cardiovascular surgery and become as successful as Denton Cooley, one of the best surgeons in the history of the USA. In his own time, he studied various reasons for people getting cardiovascular diseases, and he was actually the very first surgeon to perform an artificial heart transplant in a human being. 

Easing People’s Suffering and Pain

There are also high moral standards behind studying medicine. As a medical worker, you will hold the great power of helping people get rid of their pain and have a happy and healthy life. You will be able to help your patients manage stress and insecurities, give them hope and new chances to live, and simply bringing joy to everyone you interact with. 

Top 5 Healthcare Majors to Choose in 2020

The landscape of medicine is very dynamic, it is constantly changing, and you need to choose the right healthcare major to secure better career prospects and more learning opportunities. Here are the majors that will meet the highest demand in the upcoming years:

Registered Nursing

People with this major will have abundant learning opportunities around the world in the years to come. Registered nurses get to work directly with patients, diagnose, and help manage their conditions. You can also choose a specific group of people to work with, like only children or only elderly people. The studying itself can get quite challenging, so if you feel like you are overwhelmed with all of your assignments, consider reaching out to a medical essay writing service to easily manage your studies. 

Healthcare Administration and Management

Working in medicine does not automatically mean that you have to become a nurse or a doctor. You can also work in medicine and take a managerial position where you get to organize and synchronize the work of medical staff. Healthcare administration and management professionals are facing a rising demand from employers. Running operations within healthcare facilities and making sure everything is in good order is essential for the successful performance of medical institutions. As someone working in the field, you will get to learn financial and business management along with healthcare-specific instructions.

Adult Health Nursing

One of the reasons why adult health nursing would be an excellent choice in 2020 lies in the fact that there are more and more prospects for graduates. This is due to the fact that the adult population is considerably higher than the US underage population. It means that at a point, there will be many elderly people needing the services and assistance of nurses and carers. What’s more, compared to other majors like surgery, this one is considerably more affordable to pursue. There are lots of aspects of healthcare that are focused on adult patients, so you will have many narrow-field options to choose from.

Dietetics Nutrition Services

With each coming day, the world is getting more and more into a healthy lifestyle and sports. A healthy lifestyle is promoted on social media every day, with all the fit influencers around. Many young people have already embraced the power and potential of regular exercise, and they do their best to watch their diet. In addition, they seek help and professional consultations from the medical workers who are knowledgeable in the field of nutrition. Choosing such a major will give you a chance to work not only at a hospital but also to offer consultation services, which pays very well. 

Maternal and Child Health

The world is becoming more conscious of the importance of healthy motherhood experience. People are discovering the bonds between a healthy pregnancy and the whole life of a child after being born. Pregnancy and reproduction are some of the top fields of medicine to study as they have to do with the future of the world. As a professional in the area, you will get to study the health of families, children, and women.

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