The Biology of How Skin Ages and the Methods to Slow This Process Down

Skin aging is an inevitable process most people are going to face, sooner or later in their lives. But why is it so? What is the biology of how skin ages? And what are the methods to slow this process down? Let us find the answers to these questions together by checking out this article!

Why Does Skin Aging Happen?

Skin aging is a natural process during which the skin undergoes changes over time. It eventually leads to the appearance of certain visible signs of aging, such as facial and body wrinkles or sagging skin with the gradual loss of elasticity and firmness.

Also, it is essential to mention that skin aging might be caused by both internal and external factors. More precisely, here is the list of the most widespread reasons for you to mention that your skin has become wrinkled, sagging, and non-elastic:

  • Internal factors that cause skin aging (for instance, genetics, metabolic processes, and hormonal changes). As we age, the natural production of collagen and elastin in our skin tissues starts to decrease. it eventually leads to the thinning of skin tissues and the slowing of wound healing;
  • External factors that cause skin aging (for instance, UV radiation, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle habits). Even though the above-mentioned decrease in the natural production of collagen and elastin is inevitable, there exist numerous outer factors that have the power to accelerate this process.

As clinical trials show, skin aging is caused by a combination of internal and external factors in most cases. Apart from aging in a natural way, a person might simultaneously accelerate this process by undergoing direct sun exposure, smoking, keeping a poor diet, experiencing sleep deprivation, and experiencing high levels of stress.

What Are the Methods of Slowing Down Skin Aging?

It is worth mentioning that the skin aging process cannot be prevented. However, contemporary advancements in aesthetic medicine allow us to substantially slow it down. Namely, a person might try out face-building, qualitative skincare products, dermal filler treatments, botulinum toxin injection procedures, or plastic surgery to keep his or her skin young and attractive for as long as possible. Below, you will be able to check out the short information on each of these methods.

#1. Face-Building

Face-building is a term that refers to exercises and techniques used to strengthen and sculpt facial and neck muscles. Its main task is to improve the overall facial appearance and combat the first signs of aging. With the help of face-building, a person is oftentimes able to lift sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, improve facial symmetry, and enhance facial contour. The most common face-building exercises include the so-called facial yoga (for instance, “fish face” or “lion face” exercises), facial resistance training, and facial massage. Moreover, special tongue exercises usually do a great job when it comes to rejuvenating the overall appearance of the face via face-building. Really, it is just like exercising other parts of your body to keep them healthier and helping them to appear/feel younger. 

#2. Qualitative Skincare Products

Treating your skin with qualitative skincare is also an effective method of slowing down the risk of premature skin aging and reducing its symptoms. More precisely, it is a skincare approach that emphasizes quality and efficacy over quantity and trendiness when it comes to the composition of skin products. In other words, cosmetic treatment with the help of skincare products characterized by high-quality ingredients and formulation integrity can do wonders for the overall appearance of the skin. With its help, it becomes possible to both get rid of the first signs of aging and slow down the process of natural collagen and elastin breakage without the risk of any serious side effects or adverse reactions.

#3. Dermal Filler Treatments

The treatment with the help of dermal filler injections is also worth mentioning. Patients who have received injections of hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, or poly-L-lactic acid fillers at least once in their lives claim to temporarily improve their overall appearance in a quick, safe, and effective way. When used to treat the first signs of aging in the treatment area, dermal filler injections effectively address mild to severe frown lines, forehead lines, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet lines, and other facial wrinkles. Furthermore, they manage to return the elasticity to the sagging skin tissues by accelerating collagen production in them. Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra belong to the most popular FDA-approved dermal filler treatment option solutions these days.

In the majority of cases, people treated with dermal fillers do not notice any unpleasant symptoms (such as trouble swallowing, breathing problems, blurred vision problems, cerebral palsy, or flu like symptoms) after undergoing the treatment. At the same time, it is important to exclude the chance of any allergic reaction before administering the product beneath a patient’s skin.

#4. Botulinum Toxin Injections (Including Botox Injections)

Injections of botulinum toxins are likewise effective when it comes to the methods of slowing down skin aging. By means of relaxing body and facial muscles through temporarily numbing nerve endings attached to them, they might be effectively used for both medical purposes and cosmetic purposes. The main active substance in their composition, botulinum toxin, is a powerful muscle relaxant produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. With its help, it becomes possible to take care of overactive bladder, poor bladder control, urinary incontinence, cervical dystonia, lower limb spasticity, drooping eyelids, lazy eye problems, chronic headaches, excessive sweating, and other medical conditions related to muscle contraction. Furthermore, botulinum toxin does a great job when it comes to the relaxation of facial muscles (for instance, forehead muscles), which eventually leads to the reduction of dynamic facial wrinkles (for instance, mild to severe frown lines).

The most popular botulinum toxin is Botox treatment. It is a prescription medicine used to take care of numerous aesthetic and health conditions related to muscle contraction. If you are currently looking for an advantageous place to order Botox vials online, check out Botox wholesale supplier with profound experience behind its shoulders.

#5. Plastic Surgery

Last but not least, seeking help from plastic surgeons is also a great method of slowing down skin aging. Even though it is more invasive than all other methods mentioned above (starting from face building and ending with Botox injections), clinical trials prove it to be exceptionally effective. When performed by high-level professionals, plastic surgery does not create an increased risk of allergic reactions or complications. Otherwise, patients undergoing plastic surgery claim to notice very beneficial effects of the treatment. After it, the skin tends to look young and attractive.

There exist several contraindications to plastic surgery. For instance, both pregnant and pediatric patients are recommended to postpone the treatment. Moreover, it is preferable not to take any blood thinners or medications that affect the nervous system shortly before and after the treatment. There is also always a rick with any kind of surgery, so one should really consider if a slightly younger appearance is worth it. 

Final Words

Summing it all up, it is worth mentioning that skin aging is an inevitable process. While being caused by a variety of reasons, starting from genetics and ending with direct sun exposure, it eventually leads to the appearance of facial creases and sagging tissues. Luckily, skin aging might be effectively treated by a wide range of FDA-approved methods, including botulinum toxin injections and dermal filler injections. So, how about scheduling an appointment with your cosmetic specialist and discussing the possibility of your future treatments to take proper care of your skin? On the other hand, you can choose to age gracefully and beautifully; to each their own. 

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