The Fastest Way to Get the Effects of CBD

There are many ways to get CBD into your system. Each approach comes with benefits and drawbacks. One point of variation is the speed of efficacy. Say you want to relax quickly before going to bed, which CBD delivery method acts the fastest on the body? Let’s look at popular options and compare them to find out.

1 – CBD edibles

Many factors impact how long it takes for edibles to take effect. When ingested, CBD is processed by the liver before it can reach your bloodstream. How long that will take depends on how long it has been since your last meal, as well as what you ate. Factors like age, weight, and taking prescription medications may also impact that speed.

All of this amounts to great variability when it comes to edibles. It can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours for an edible to become active after consumed. Although a time of around 60 minutes is more common. After ingested, the effects of edibles frequently last 6 hours or more.

The category of edibles includes not only the wide range of CBD food items — like chocolate, gummies, and jam — but also CBD infused drinks. The latter undergoes a similar process after being ingested.

2 – CBD oil and tinctures

Although oils and tinctures can be ingested, CBD products of this nature are more often placed under the tongue. That allows for quick absorption and higher bioavailability than ingesting the substance. When placed under the tongue, the calming effects of CBD usually take hold within 5 minutes.

CBD oil usually stays active for 3-4 hours. And while this is not the fastest method in this list, it is fast enough. Sublingual application of CBD through a dropper also allows for greater precision with the dosage.

Patients using CBD as part of an ongoing medical treatment usually prefer this delivery method. It helps patients and healthcare providers keep track of how much CBD the patient is using.

3 – CBD topicals

In the case of CBD topicals — such as creams, oils, and patches — speed can be measured in different ways. These products are often used to provide localized pain relief for various conditions. Since CBD interacts with pain receptors in the skin, the pain relief usually only takes about five minutes to set in. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also kick into effect right away, helping treat conditions like acne and red skin.

However, when applied to the skin, CBD does not make you calmer. Not usually, at least. It takes CBD about six hours to get through your skin and into your bloodstream. Meaning that if you sleep with a CBD face mask on, you might feel the substance affect your mood in the morning.

4 – CBD Vaping

Vaping takes the crown as the fastest delivery method in this list, with some asterisks associated with it. When vaporized CBD makes it into your lungs, it has easy access to your bloodstream. The calming effects are often felt in under a minute.

However, there are health concerns associated with vaping. Make sure you look into those before you pick up the habit. You might be better off sticking with sublingual application of Cibdol’s CBD oil instead.

Written by Austin Crane

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