The relationship between mathematics and slot machines

Mathematics has always been an inseparable part of gambling. It is used in all casinos to help players and the casino alike realize appropriate winnings. Complex mathematics is also used to calculate the results in sports betting. This ensures that bookmakers earn income regardless of the outcome of individual gamblers. The slot machine software is programmed in such a way that the slot machine is always profitable.

Nevertheless, there are slot games that offer better opportunities than others such as top cluster pays slots games. While traditional slot games map the winning combinations only linearly and the paylines have to be filled with matching symbols, Cluster Pays slot games work a bit differently. Instead of the rational winning combination, clusters of symbols are added, both horizontally and diagonally and from left to right, some even generate wins formed in both directions.

Everything stands and falls with the casino software

While the casino software was developed a long time ago, the development continues to progress steadily. Behind this software is nothing but the logic of mathematics. There are calculations regarding the average payout of the slot as well as the respective time frame within which the winning symbols appear.

It is a precisely developed software that calculates everything accurately. People always talk about a so-called random number generator, but no computer in this world to this day is able to generate a true random, but this is ultimately about pure mathematics.

How does mathematics help you win?

In gambling, mathematics has another interesting aspect in its application to games of chance. Time and again, it is claimed that mathematics could also be used to cheat the casinos’ house advantage. According to this, mathematics should not only help to predict the outcome of certain parts of a game, but also make it possible to achieve high winnings on top of that. However, this is anything but child’s play and only the very few succeed. Some very experienced real money players can draw on their years of experience and are then really able to use mathematically logical techniques to stay one step ahead in the game.

Mathematics as part of the game

Mathematics can be described as a special part of gambling. On the one hand, it can help players to complete the gaming experience and on the other hand, it can always be used if only possible.

Becoming a real expert in gambling requires a lot of experience and concentration. But then there are quite a few interesting ways to use mathematics in your favor. Because of this, a great many reference books have already been written on the subject, in which experts share their knowledge and experience.

Casino games and mathematical methods

Over time, quite a few common methods have evolved whose functionality has been proven using mathematical expertise. Obviously, they are based on probabilities and predictions of events. But what is fascinating about them is that they are backed up with extensive mathematical calculations. Below we will explain some mathematical practices used in various casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and others.

Counting cards

Probably the oldest method where mathematics comes into play in the casino is card counting. Those who biologically are able to remember the cards dealt and their own cards in hand are able to make some accurate predictions. Some gambling professionals have perfected this and have been able to achieve really decent results with it.

In many games it is necessary to beat several opponents at once. Card counting can give good clues as to which cards are ultimately in the hands of the opponents. If you can observe this closely, you improve your chances and can predict more accurately, so that you can then make the right decisions during the course of the game.

The probability model

Often the probability model refers to games like craps or roulette. Here, the chances of winning depend on how many squares are hit by the ball in roulette or how many dice are rolled in total. The calculations here refer to the expected result of the next dice roll. So you know that a dice has the numbers from 1 to 6. You also know the number of dice that are in play. Now predictions can be made about how high the chance is to guess the numbers correctly.

Roulette is one of the simple games where the so-called ”standard deviation” can actually be calculated with the help of a ”binomial formula”.

Sports betting and the mathematics

In sports betting, there are several options of mathematical calculations that are used very often. Many of these calculations are used by bookmakers. Thus, the risks and the chances of winning for certain sports events are determined. Also, the ratio between expenses and possible income is taken into consideration. Mathematics can also be applied as a gambler. It involves probabilities and expertise, which are then applied to sports betting in the form of mathematics.

How to calculate the chances of winning is well known to experienced players. On the occasion of placing bets, there are different betting methods.

Arbitrage betting

A player can gain an advantage in arbitrage betting by placing a bet with different bookmakers. These must offer different betting lines. Arbitrage betting occurs mathematically when the gambler places bets on the opposite outcomes with different bookmakers.

The bettor hereby guarantees a profit, no matter what the outcome may be. Since bookmakers are in constant competition, they often offer very different odds. For experienced bettors, this is a very convenient starting point to make some calculations and sound out the chances of winning.

Betting exchange

Many bookmakers offer this type of bets. They can definitely be used to the advantage of the players, because here you trade with the result. One can buy or sell the bet during an event. This provides an opportunity to minimize losses and at the same time secure the profit. Bookmakers, in turn, generate revenue because they charge commissions on winning bets. However, this also requires good mathematical calculations.

Conclusion: How mathematics is related to slot machines

The experienced casino players and sports bettors all have extensive knowledge of mathematics. By successfully applying the methods described in this article, they have also proven that it is possible to achieve corresponding profits. Thus, gambling is not just pure luck after all, but also has a mathematical background that should not be underestimated.

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