The Science Behind a Gun Safe

Gun safes were designed to make sure that the gun that you own is as safe as possible, away from children and also not accessible to somebody who might break into your home.  There is science behind this, and today we’ll look at what a good gun safe looks like, as well as the key facts you need to be aware of when you see a gun safe for sale.

Why Have A Gun Safe?

All responsible gun owners take gun safety seriously and understand that when you own a gun, there are certain safety obligations that come as a given. Gun safety is of paramount importance, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from any potential accidents. When you have a gun safe, it should only be accessible to those who need access, such as yourself.

They can be as discrete or as obvious as you want, coming in a variety of styles that can fit into many different spaces. There are various locking systems that can be suited to different situations, with quick access sometimes being preferable, while others might want a safe that’s even more secure and permanent. Safety is key, and it needs to work for you and how you use your guns.

What Are The Different Options?

When it comes to getting a safe for your guns, there are many different options for you to consider with specific models being more suited to different occasions and uses. When you’re on the market for one, you should have an idea of what you will use it for, and keep in mind the kind of weapons that you will store there as you will need to make sure they fit the space.

Full-Size Gun Safes

One of the more popular models of gun safes for the modern consumer is the full-size gun safe, being similar to the classic safe that was once popular in banks. These safes are as tall as a man and can easily fit an assault rifle, sniper rifle, or shotgun. They are also very secure, being almost impossible to move, and are imposing, dissuading any home invaders from trying anything.

Secure Home Safes

These smaller safes are ideal for the office or at home and are small enough to be hidden inside a wardrobe or cupboard, making them perfect if you don’t want them to be visible to visitors and those you live with. Everybody has a different relationship with their guns, and if you don’t want your collection to be at the front and center of your room, that’s absolutely okay and normal.

Discrete Handgun Safes

If you want something small that can be kept hidden away until needed, a handgun safe is the product for you. These models are great for keeping valuables in, meaning you can keep money, travel documents, jewelry, and your gun all in one inaccessible place. Despite being small, they’re super secure and are perfect if discretion and security are your biggest priorities.

A Scientific Method To Buying A Gun Safe 

Buying a gun safe is a big deal and isn’t something that should be rushed, no matter how keen you are to order whichever one you’ve seen online. There are some things you should consider when buying a gun safe and below are a few things you should ask.

What Are My Valuables Worth?

No matter how expensive a gun safe might seem, the things that you keep inside it will almost always be more expensive and so making that initial investment could save you a lot of money in the long run. The upfront cost is insignificant when you consider a situation where your valuables are at risk, and the only thing keeping them safe is the thick walls of your gun safe.

How Often Am I Away From Home?

If you plan on spending a lot of time away from home, spending that little bit more on a higher-quality storage space will mean you have more peace of mind. While you might think a smaller safe could do the job, one of better quality will provide added protection and ensure that even if you’re away for prolonged periods, you won’t need to worry about your valuable items if there is a domestic fire or local flooding.

How Many Guns Do You Own?

Perhaps the most important question here is related to how many guns you have and what type of guns they are. If you have a pistol or two, a handgun safe will probably suffice, leaving enough room for some valuables too. If you have some long-barrel guns or weapons that require two hands to use, a classic gun safe will probably be needed due to their size.

So, Do Gun Safes Really Work?

You don’t need to be a genius to see that gun safes work. According to the CDF, over 20% of young people living in a home that contains a gun have accessed it without being given permission. What’s more shocking is that over half of young people who committed suicide using a gun did so with a gun found at home. The science doesn’t lie: leaving guns lying around is dangerous.

Here are some gun safe considerations:

Measure The Thickness

Gun safes are scored on the thickness of their walls, with a smaller number being better than a bigger number. A gun safe with a thickness of 5 gauges is much stronger than a gun safe with 10 gauges. The science is confusing, but the numbers don’t lie.

Weight Is A Deterrent

The heavier the gun safe, the harder it will be to steal. Because many are constructed using hardened steel, they’re super heavy and can sometimes weigh thousands of pounds. If the average person can comfortably lift 50-100 pounds, it’d take at least 5 to lift a 500-pound safe.

Watch Out For Fire

With many fires reaching in excess of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, a good quality gun safe is absolutely vital. The gun safe doesn’t need to be able to withstand that heat for long, but it does need to be able to stay strong long enough for the fire to die down.

Written by Austin Crane

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