The Science Behind an Online Bingo Site

One of the most loved games in the world? It has to be bingo. Studies have shown that there are more than 100 million bingo players around the world — with 4 million of these people who are regularly playing bingo based in the UK. And the rise of technology – and some amazing online bingo games – means that new generations and audiences are increasingly getting into the game.

But what makes this game so appealing to players? Is there science behind it? And what’s been its evolution with new technology? Read on to find out!

A short history of bingo

Bingo is a centuries old game that has quite an interesting history. Many historians believe that the game began in Italy during the 1500s and originated from the country’s traditional lottery game. From there, the game was said to move to France during the latter parts of the 1700s and was enjoyed by the aristocracy.

Over the next few centuries it travelled across Europe and grew in popularity, before a version hit North America in the 1920s. In the 1960s, Bingo boomed in the UK, with the opening of bingo halls in the late 70s and 80s making it a big hit with people across the nation. While its popularity waned during the 90s, the internet boom brought the game back to life online.

These days many people are still enjoying the game in bingo halls – but an increasing number of players are accessing it on online bingo sites such as Jackpotjoy and others. One aspect that makes playing bingo online so popular is the fact that there are so many variations and themes that people can access, so you never get bored with the same game.

With millions of people around the world across generations playing bingo, it looks like the game is here to stay.

But what’s the science behind why bingo is so popular?

Why do people love online bingo sites, as well as in-person bingo, so much? It actually comes down to science. Below, find some of the reasons that this game is such a hit worldwide from a scientific perspective.

Bingo is social

Whether it’s online or at a hall, bingo has always been considered a social game. Many people these days enjoy bingo “party style” at places like Bongo Bingo. The bingo halls themselves have always been places for gathering, and the food and drink offerings that go alongside the game have added to the fun atmosphere and entertainment value, which can be enjoyed alongside others across generations. It’s a great way to connect with others in a world that’s becoming increasingly busy – and sometimes isolating for many!

While bingo going online may have changed things slightly, bingo remains a social game in this format. The element of chat rooms at many bingo sites allows players to socialise as they might in a real life setting. There are also social media pages and online community forums that help players stay connected with one another. And of course, players who choose to play online benefit from making their own food and drink at home, which is less expensive than a land-based bingo hall.

The power of dopamine and serotonin

If you haven’t heard of dopamine yet, now’s a good time to learn about it! This hormone is connected to things like memory, motor function as well as playing a role in enhancing your mood and your experience of pleasure.

Researchers have shown that when you play games like bingo, dopamine and other “happy” hormones like serotonin – which is a mood stabiliser – are released and encourages you to keep playing. Dopamine is called the “feel good” hormone and can motivate you to search for pleasurable experiences. Importantly, it also is responsible for your tolerance levels. It’s the similar sensation of eating some delicious ice cream on a warm day or enjoying some hot chocolate and cosying up by a fireplace. And one that you can get at either a bingo hall in person or online too!

So if you want to give yourself a feel-good dopamine boost, bingo is one place to start!

A stress-buster

There are many scientific studies that have shown that playing games can help to relieve stress and keep your mind away from daily struggles.

Playing a game of bingo, which is easy and enjoyable, can help to relax your mind and give you a bit of an escapism as part of a daily or weekly routine. The effect of this can then bleed into your daily life and help you to better handle situations as you’re allowing some of the stresses to be released and not holding them in, where they can later appear in challenging situations. The combined elements of the social aspects and dopamine release contribute to its stress-busting powers, making it a great option if you’re looking for something to relax you.

Written by Austin Crane

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