The Science Behind Believing in Yourself: Main Tips for Curvy Women to Change Their Lives for the Better

For many centuries, larger women were taken for granted (full-figured females with wide hips ideal for bearing children were considered ‘the norm’). From the so-called ‘Swinging 60s onwards, the fashion industry has tended to favor skinny models over big beautiful women (BBW), and being plus-sized has often been treated with a sense of shame. This stigmatization has covered everything from larger ladies drawing attention, and occasioning disapproving looks, to the pressure of being bombarded with advice about diets. But the facts point towards a completely different mindset. In straight relationships, the majority of males seeking female partners still gravitate towards hourglass physiques, not androgynous-looking waifs. Despite the undue emphasis society seems to place on weight loss, BBW are naturally healthy, with a positive outlook. It has never been more important for curvy girls to celebrate their vivacious figures and personalities.

5 Ways for a Curvy Girl to Believe in Yourself

Dating sites to increase self-esteem

The best way for plus-size females to cultivate self-belief and, by extension, strong self-esteem is to sign up for a BBW dating site made for ladies plus-size and their admirers. These websites and their app version represent an inclusive environment where nobody is ever judged on their appearance. The process of registering with one of these outlets is so straightforward, and once aboard, you can rely on algorithms to help narrow down your search for the most appropriate partner. With secure communication channels that are conducive to open and candid chatting, even the most introverted singles will soon find themselves flirting with a fabulous array of BBW seeking a meaningful relationship.

Mastering the body language of confidence can put you on the path to success.

Confidence might be something innate to many people, but even if you’ve always thought of yourself as awkward or hesitant in social situations, you can master basic techniques. Always bear in mind that shyness is much more of a human default than being the ‘life and soul of the party.’ Even people who appear to be party animals or social butterflies are often using a verbose attitude as a mask to hide the fact they’re just as insecure as everyone else. So before embarking on any social situation, whether meeting friends or going on a date, spend a moment before a mirror, telling yourself you have no reason to feel second-best to anyone. Check out your fantastic curves – wherever you are heading, you are going to own it!

Look after your health and well-being

Women who are overweight might face issues when it comes to blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues. But just like anyone else, actual body shape can become irrelevant when considering ways to look after yourself. Whether you opt to join a gym, go swimming, or pop out for regular long walks, there are no rules whatsoever dictating what can or can’t be achieved as a result of your physique. Just do whatever you feel comfortable doing, and enjoy the experience. Looking after your health will give you such a lift.

Take pride in your appearance

If you feel that you look good on the outside, this will be reflected in your confidence. Take some time preparing for social situations – and have fun. Trying out different outfits before going out can be one way of embracing your fabulously curvy figure, with each wardrobe option allowing you to check out the eye-catching image you will project.

Always be mindful of self-esteem

Adopt a holistic approach to your mind, soul, and body. It’s always important to stay in peak physical condition, as this will have a natural knock-on effect on your mental state. Self-esteem can be impacted in so many ways, with scientific evidence pointing to a raft of areas where this can be impacted detrimentally. Emotional or domestic abuse are obvious culprits, as are circumstances such as family divorce or work/study-related traumas. There are strong scientific reasons why you might feel stressed in certain situations – the chemicals flowing through your mind and body at these times are coping mechanisms.

Being plus-sized should never be a source of shame. There’s an adage about ‘everything in moderation,’ and when this comes to dietary concerns, you should make the most of invites to interesting restaurants rather than fixating on transitory fad diets. Life is there to be embraced, and science has consistently proven that nutrition, sensible eating, and exercise are so much better for your overall health and well-being. A sharp mind can be kept in tip-top condition by using maths to solve problems – this can even make you more successful at games. If you think you fall into the category of ‘curvy women,’ the key snippet of advice is this. Embrace your curves. Remain upbeat. And live your life to the hilt.

Written by Austin Crane

Austin is the principle web director for Untamed Science and Stone Age Man. He is also the web-director of the series for the High School biology, Middle Grades Science and Elementary Science content. When Austin isn't making amazing content for the web, he's out on his mountain bike or in a canoe.

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