The science behind online casinos

The online casino industry is big and it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with an estimated market size of 53.7 billion USD. One of the reasons why the online casino industry is so successful and popular is because they never fail to adopt different technologies quickly. Another reason is the diversity of online casinos and the games that they offer. Today you have the option to search for websites like Japan-101, which is a very popular online casino reviewer in Japan. If you want to read more you will find out a lot about the possibilities you have regarding the game selection. The game selection just gets bigger and bigger and that is why online casinos are becoming so popular. If you are a seasoned gambler, or even if you are new to the industry and would like to learn more about it, here are a few ways in which online casinos use science to generate success. 

RNG and RTP 

Online casinos use RNG which stands for Random Number Generator. RNG is a number algorithm created by a computer that online casinos use to create random results of a spin. It generates a sequence of numbers and each number corresponds to a symbol on the reel which cannot be predicted at all. RNG works entirely by chance. You get 2 types of RNGs and they include:

  • Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG): this generator generates random numbers without a set algorithm. They are truly random also sometimes called True Random Number Generators (TRNG)
  • Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG): this RNG generates numbers that look random but you can reproduce the random number sequence if you know the state of the PRNG.

You also have RTP which stands for Return to Player value. RTP value tells you how much a slot pays you back over time by calculating and using a percentage value. For example: a slot has an RTP value of 96% meaning that for every $100 that you wager, the machine will pay you $96 over a period of time. This is a theoretical value and a statistical calculation. Although RTP tells you how much you can expect to win back, it does not tell you when you can expect to win the money back. 

RNG and RTP affects you as a player in many ways but mainly you can rule out any suspicions that you have and stay calm about any potential scams because RNG protects you, you also have the same chances of winning big prizes and you don’t have to choose games based on whether or not you receive a large amount of bets or not. 

The music and colors

Online casinos use music to regulate the environment. Music cheers up players and puts them in high spirits and all online casinos play music for long durations of time. The casino also has different music to cater for different players. Some play slow, pleasurable music while others play high pitched and cheerful music. Music is an important part of the online casino experience and it is very popular among players. The 2 types of music that you will find in all online casinos include: 

  • Sweet music which is slow and pleasurable. This music is played to relax users. 
  • Rhythmic music: fast music that accelerates the heart rate of the player and makes players more enthusiastic which increases their chances of taking more risks to win. 

Colors also impact human psychology and certain colors trigger certain emotions. Online casinos use this to their advantage. Online casinos use colors to attract attention. The most frequently used colors are red, yellow and green. These colors attract attention the most. 

Blockchain technology 

Online casinos also use Blockchain technology to create a secure environment for safe transactions. Blockchain technology uses cryptocurrencies to create the safest and secure transaction. Blackchain technology underpins digital currency such as bitcoin and allows the information to be distributed but not copied. Blackchain has many benefits including the fact that it allows for faster transactions that are transparent and easy to track. 

Live dealer

Liver dealer is a new and developing technology that creates a realistic experience for gamblers. Basically it is a room or multiple rooms on an online casino site where you can play traditional or modern casino games and the games are run by a real person. This technology livens up the gaming experience and mimics being in a real casino. The benefit of this technology is that you can enjoy your favorite casino game is real time with a real dealer which makes for a more authentic experience. 

Written by Austin Crane

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