The Science of Gambling

Fans of slot machines, roulette, and poker were able to fully experience during the pandemic all the charms of online services from any service area, including casinos. That is why the popularity of online casinos in Canada is now undeniable, since you can feel the atmosphere of a live game in any comfortable place with the Internet. However, there is an opinion that the mechanisms of gaming sites do not allow you to win and you can lose everything you came with. Well, it is worth dispelling these fears, saying that you can win, and it happens more often than you think!

If casinos didn’t give winnings, would people continue to gamble? Another thing is that there are people who, for whatever reason, are luckier than others, and there are also people who firmly believe in their bad luck. These opinions are all quite wrong, everyone is capable of getting their winnings at a legitimate online casino, but why does the thinking of so many of us continue to hold these false truths? So why does this happen? Here we’ll break down the reasons for both bad and good winnings, how our emotions affect it, whether you need to be a mathematician to win and what anyone can do to break even at online casinos more often, using a bit higher casino bonuses Canada

How to play it right

Before you start playing, you need to make sure that the online resource you choose is legal, because fraudulent sites will definitely only take your money. Take a good look at the playground and learn several important factors: 

  • availability of a license and SSl-security certificate;
  • reviews players;
  • range of slot machines;
  • the rules and policies of the club.

Once the choice is made, it is important to define for yourself, what exactly you want to get from the game: it’s positive emotions, a sense of excitement, relaxation after a hard work week, the desire to make a profit or other reasons. And, most importantly, it is to understand your degree of readiness to lose money. If you are not prepared for the fact that you lose, it is better not to start playing online casinos, it may have a negative impact on your mood. 

There are several laws that seem trivial, yet work flawlessly in relation to gambling are listed below. It is noteworthy that these laws are also present in everyday life. 

  1. The compulsory expectation of winning is usually rewarded by a total loss of money. Meaning the type of expectation when winning is extremely necessary, and losing will severely weaken your emotional state and financial situation. Only then will you become a winner, when losing money becomes a meaningless occurrence for you, as strange as it may sound.
  2. The ability to relax and look around, watching yourself as if from the sidelines, without getting completely involved in the game. Think back to those times when you played with someone just for fun, without expectation of any prizes or rewards. Exactly the same should be the state of a player at an online casino, without emotional swings, it is in this state that you can avoid many mistakes. It is a well-known psychological nuance, when a person makes the right decisions being in a good emotional state.
  3. The ability to hold back. If you see that now the game does not work, you are angry, the machine does not give combinations, the roulette does not give your numbers and so on – call it a day. Nothing bad will happen if you play next time. Perhaps it’s the next attempt that will be your success. To practice restraint, you can play a viral game. Wordle, the viral word game, is a fun game where you are given one task for one day and if you solve or fail it, you will still get the next one the next day. It definitely teaches patience!
  4. Knowing how to go for a promotion. Being in a relaxed easy state of mind during the game, you can notice the right moment when raising the bet will give you a jackpot. Bravely and easily raise the bet, especially in the bonus game. As for the slot machines, the winnings are possible on regular raising bets.
  5. The ability to stop in time. Yes, it’s very important! Having managed to raise your bets two or three times, stop and think about it, maybe you should take your winnings, to thank the higher powers and play again after a while?
  6. Trying to win back in case of a loss very often becomes another collapse. It is better to take a break. The spesial mechanism of the mind works here, when rage, anger and stubbornness do not allow us to weigh all the pros and cons, preventing you from making the right decision.
  7. Never gamble because of the need for money, and in case of addiction to the game, consult with a specialist.

Practical advice for newcomers

In any field each of us is a beginner and makes mistakes, it’s normal. It’s not normal to make the same mistakes over a long period of time, but this story isn’t about us, right? In order to prevent mistakes from being fatal, experienced players help newcomers. The list of their tips you will find below, adhering to which you can be in the plus more often than vice versa:

  • carefully study the licenses and protection of gaming sites, among which you choose;
  • test the game you choose in demo mode before you start playing for money, it will help you better understand the mechanism of the game;
  • once you have decided on a game, make sure it has the right and good equipment;
  • the casino bonus is directly proportional to your first deposit, so the bigger the deposit, the higher the bonus and vise versa;
  • follow the deposit procedure carefully, check every point;
  • before you start playing, set yourself a losing limit, and stop as soon as you’ve reached your limit;
  • know that there are very few cases where a small deposit gives a good score;

There are times when the machines don’t give you any winnings in most cases. You both raise the stakes, and replenish the account, but the result is zero. Well, in that case, you need to change the online casino, as soon as possible. 

To sum up

Playing at online casinos is definitely not suitable as a way to make money. Winning directly depends on how easily we can say goodbye to the money, stop our gambling impulses, and not give in to anger. The energy of easy money won’t allow your financial situation to rise much, so winning is best spent just as easily and casually. It’s not a stable income and you shouldn’t make your future depend on winnings. The game should be for the soul and a good mood. Choose the right game for you and have a productive time and frequent victories! 

Written by Austin Crane

Austin is the principle web director for Untamed Science and Stone Age Man. He is also the web-director of the series for the High School biology, Middle Grades Science and Elementary Science content. When Austin isn't making amazing content for the web, he's out on his mountain bike or in a canoe.

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