Using Furniture Props in Commercial Photography

Photography is a form of visual art. It is intended to convey an idea in order to evoke an emotional response. And the fact that 90% of the information entering the brain is visual proves that images are very important for the human psyche. Therefore, for the success of a product or service among consumers, visual content, namely the advertising image, is of key importance.

Even if the main objects in the frame are not interior objects or outdoor furniture, they still play an important role as background tools. For example, if a commercial photo is being taken for a hotel or resort on the coast of the Emirates, then hotel furniture and beach furniture will make a huge difference. In this matter, it is very important to choose high-quality and environmentally friendly outdoor furniture, like Parasoldubai. Their best outdoor furniture is resistant to aggressive weather conditions and lasts a really long time.

In commercial photography, every detail counts. After all, a person who is a future buyer of a product or service perceives the picture as a complete one. Furniture can be more than just background or props. Due to the diversity of their colours, styles, and textures, they can set the mood for the whole photo. Furniture can evoke emotions and enhance the overall visual appeal of a composition. 

In this article, we will delve into the importance of furniture in commercial photography and look at the key points that photographers should consider.

The Role Of Furniture In Commercial Photography

For whatever sphere and subject matter a photograph is created, furniture will always be in the forefront. Whether it’s interior design, lifestyle, fashion, or the hospitality industry, furniture serves as a powerful tool for photographers to convey various aspects of the brand, product, or concept being portrayed. 

Special Atmosphere

Furniture in a certain style can create an appropriate entourage. For example, tables or chairs in antique style can immediately emphasise the atmosphere of antiquity and aristocracy. Thus, it will be easier and more efficient for you to convey the mood to your viewer.

Emphasise Brand Style

It is important to convey to the person who perceives your photo the perception of the brand for which this photo was created. Luxury brands can emphasise their luxury with vintage and sophisticated furniture. On the contrary, more affordable brands can attract their segment of buyers with simple furniture without intricate details.

Transfer Of Emotions

On the subconscious, furniture, even if it is just in the background, can convey the emotions you conceived. If we take the upholstered furniture of the home plan as a basis, then a feeling of relaxation, cosiness and comfort is instantly conveyed. And the more restrained and strict furniture evokes the idea of seriousness and professionalism.

Framing And Composition

The furniture serves as a compositional element that guides the viewer’s eye through the frame. A strategically placed piece of furniture can direct the viewer’s eye to the main subject of the photo, providing visual appeal. 

Key aspects of using furniture in commercial photography

When incorporating furniture into commercial photography, photographers must consider several important factors so that the final images effectively communicate the intended message and resonate with the target audience.

Be In Place

It is necessary to evaluate the concept and the plot that the photo should reflect. It is better to select furniture based on this parameter. It should not stand out but complement the overall theme and concept.

Quality And Condition

It should be remembered that in addition to the style and relevance of the furniture used, the condition and quality of the furniture also play an important role. Sloppy or dirty furniture will completely ruin the entire professional shooting experience, no matter how well you prepare it.

Scale And Proportions

Proper scale and proportions are critical to maintaining visual harmony in a composition. Furniture that is either too big or too small in relation to the surrounding elements can throw the photo off balance.

Colour And Texture

It is very important that these parameters go in harmony with the overall colour scheme. The texture can very beautifully and favourably emphasise other details in the photo, and well-chosen furniture colours can shade and complement the whole concept.

Lighting And Shadows

A very non-obvious point that can be easily forgotten. However, it is extremely important, because the furniture interacts with light and shadows, affecting the mood and depth of the image. Photographers must consider how lighting conditions affect how furniture is portrayed and make adjustments accordingly. 


Furniture serves as a significant element in the world of commercial photography, offering a multitude of opportunities to enhance the visual storytelling process.

From setting the scene to conveying emotions and enhancing brand identity, the role of furniture is undeniable. Photographers must carefully consider factors like relevance, quality, scale, colour, and lighting to ensure that furniture seamlessly integrates into their compositions. By mastering the art of using furniture in commercial photography, photographers can elevate their work to new heights, captivating audiences and effectively communicating the intended message.

Written by Austin Crane

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