The technology being used by marijuana industry

Have you ever wondered about what the technology being used by the medical marijuana industry is? If you have, then this blog post is for you. Marijuana has been around forever and there are many ways that people can use it. From smoking it, to applying it on your skin to simply eating it. More recently vaporizers have become popular as an alternative way to consume marijuana without smoke or odor. There are other technologies also in development that improve marijuana and if you want to know what those technologies are, here are a few:

The use of genetic sequencing 

Scientists are now trying to make use of genetic sequencing which is the process of engaging the Cannabis sativa‘s DNA to assemble a blueprint for how the plant generates an impressive collection of chemicals that are within the human body. Genetic sequencing can improve the agricultural and medical quality of marijuana and you can edit the gene to grow plants with any property. One company based in Colorado grew plants with no THC or CBD in them that are easy to grow and have different flavors. This is very helpful for the future when buying CBD for example, from online stores like Smoke Cartel, since at some point you will be able to choose the exact dosage you want. Genetic sequencing could radically change the way consumers get high and might even allow for industrial production without the process of growing a single plant. 

Apps and online purchases

Technology has made way for apps where you can purchase marijuana. You get apps that deliver cannabis to customers and you get apps that inform users where the nearest dispensary is while also providing information about the different cannabis strains available that comes with reviews to help educate the customer. In Australia there is an app called Concierge which consists of patients, pharmacists and healthcare professionals who answer all different types of questions while simplifying the prescription process. Apps and online purchases makes it convenient for customers to purchase cannabis and gives them information at their fingertips. 

LED technology

Marijuana growers don’t have to be concerned about their electric bill anymore because there is LED technology available to help with the process of growing marijuana. LED technology grows marijuana indoors with a high intensity bulb and is better than previous methods of growing because unlike other lights, these don’t cause high temperatures in the room which means you don’t have to spend money on temperature control. LED lights also gives growers more control. They can control things such as the appearance and potency as well as the yield of the plants. Growers are also able to grow all throughout the year. 

Products for individuals

Marijuana is on the road to being personalized which means that marijuana consumption will move towards tailored blends of essential cannabinoids that are balanced to your unique physiology. Everybody has a different biochemistry that makes them process cannabinoids differently and what companies are doing is administering a saliva based swab test that creates a profile to notable cannabinoids. A report is then produced to predict your compatibility with different strains. This development will make your experience with cannabis more personal and tailored to your specific bodily needs and wants.

Better CBD consumption

Currently most people consume cannabis through the traditional way of smoking which is not the greatest method of consumption because it carries health risks due to combustion. Scientists are however looking to improve that and offer a wide variety of ways to consume cannabis. One of ways is adding CBD into oils, capsules and even beverages. The only hurdle with creating beverages is that CBD is not water soluble so when added to liquids, it separates over time. Another hurdle is that when you consume CBD orally, only 20% of the product ends up in your bloodstream. The solution is encapsulating cannabinoids in a smaller emulsion to increase bioavailability which will make it smoother and easier to consume. Nano-CBD products are also in development and when a reliable technique for nano- encapsulation finally hits the market, beverages can start being produced and distributed. 

Overall technology has become the new way of life infiltrating every industry and if you don’t keep up with technology and use it to advance your product, you will get left behind as times evolve. The marijuana industry is not any different. 

Written by Austin Crane

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