The Top Science Apps You Can Download

Science is complicated, so many definitions, theorems, anatomies, and chemical equations to grasp and to top it all the content in books is unclear and repetitive. Most students and teachers are enthusiastically taking advantage of this digital world by downloading applications that explain the concepts with visuals that are easy to comprehend. You may also be trying out new apps like Betway, to be on your favorite matches on However, Betway isn’t the only app that has engaged users the world over.

Want to know how these two fields come together and aid people worldwide? Here’s how.

Technology and Science

These two very different fields come together with applications that stimulate better understanding. Science generally is a systematic representation of facts and concepts however, when mixed with technology this representation takes a more dynamic and visually appealing form and helps the viewer comprehend better. It can be said that apps connect users with information better than traditional modes of knowledge can.

At present, Android and iOS devices act as powerful tool and developers are taking complete advantage of this latest trend and coming up with more and more applications to educate their viewers.

Make Learning Fun

Using applications teachers and students can explore various branches of science like biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. These applications are interactive and let you observe planets, dissect frogs, and mix chemicals (without explosions) to learn in a safer and more adaptable environment.

Here is a list of the best applications currently trending science applications available for both, Android and iOS devices.

Top 4 Science Applications

The Human Body

This great application (by Tinybop) is available in 5 different applications, and easily explains the working of the human body in a detailed and graphical way. Using this app, users can experience what happens inside the human body after it is fed and with detailed sounds and visuals of the intestine and the stomach.

Audio Sky Tours – Astronomy

An ideal way to observe the night sky and learn about what the viewer might see along with a well-read and clearly written audio attached to every tour. With this application, the learner does not have to wait for different seasons and time of the year to understand about the night sky.

NOVA Elements

The widespread periodic table scares away most of the students with so many different elements and concepts. For those who wonder how the table acquired its structure, how every set of elements is characterized, and more knowledge about the basics of the period elements, the NOVA Elements application is highly recommended.

Circuit Calculator

Electrical circuits are confusing, and students and teachers can’t get access to the kits and equipment at home to learn and implement their notions. For this, the Circuit Calculator application lets users design and implement electrical circuits at the same time be safe. The app is helpful as it lets the users create dynamic circuits and with a tap, the users can see required enhancements if the circuit is not functioning as it should.

It is true that learning is easier with a practical approach, but a practical approach is not always safe which is why Science Applications allow users with the safest and best alternative for learning in a controlled and fun way. So go ahead and make science and learning fun by using the best science applications.


Written by Rob Nelson

Rob is an ecologist from the University of Hawaii. He is the co-creator and director of Untamed Science. His goal is to create videos and content that are entertaining, accurate, and educational. When he's not making science content, he races whitewater kayaks and works on Stone Age Man.

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