Top Casino Themed Movies to Watch

Have you ever come across a gambler who plays online casino games but doesn’t watch casino-related movies? The answer is likely to be no because everyone loves to relive high stakes, thrills and big wins. With that in mind, there is a good chance that you are here because you love both excellent movies and gambling in online casinos.

Gambling is a fascinating activity, and this excitement has been captured in numerous casino-themed movies. Apart from just watching these movies for fun, players can acquire new gaming skills and concepts, which is a great reason to check out the best casino-themed movies. We have assembled a list of top films that can improve your gambling skills and mastery of games from reputable software developers, including Platincasino game providers.

‘Casino’ (Director Martin Scorsese, 1995)

Casino is an exciting movie directed by Martin Scorsese, one of the industry’s best directors. The movie helps showcase the mysterious and glamorous Vegas lifestyle experienced by regular people.

In the movie, Robert De Niro, who plays the role of Sam Ace, is a former gangster. He now leads a normal life and works for a top Vegas casino. It doesn’t take long before his old friend, Joe Pesci, playing a mafia boss, visits him. Even when Ace is playing by the rules, neither Nicky nor Ginger, two additional teammates for Ace, are playing by them.

The trio acquires more power that they use to cheat the system. However, the movie also shows their downfall. They are brought down by corrupt government officials, angry mafia leaders, and the FBI.

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (Director Steven Soderbergh, 2001)

The movie is centered around Danny Ocean who is a known thief. Danny assembles a group of eleven con-artists to steal from three Vegas casinos; the Bellagio, MGM Grand, and The Mirage. The three casinos all belong to Terry Benedict, who happens to be Danny’s rival in love. Will they manage to execute a $150 million heist without being noticed?

What makes this movie stand out is the legendary cast consisting of superstars, including Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney. The movie is exciting because it combines many comic references with a good plot. It presents a good detail of glamour and elegance.

With a team of professional thieves, Danny would just need to break into a casino and walk home with a lot of cash.


‘Casino Royale’ (Director Martin Campbell, 2006)

This movie is a remake of an older film (Casino Royale) which premiered in 1973. It represents the high-stakes world filled with wealth, risk, and class. It is directed by Martin Campbell, who happens to be among the industry’s best directors.

The movie features the legendary James Bond played by Daniel Craig as the main actor. James Bond is on a mission to stop Le Chiffre, a banker of the Worldwide Criminal Organization, from winning at the Le Casino Royale in Montenegro in the high-stakes Texas Hold’Em game. Preventing Le Chiffre from winning means many organizations being affected as they will be left without proper financing.

The movie is full of dirty mind tricks and violence. It also shows how money laundering happens through gambling and the extravagant James Bond atmosphere. Since the day it was released, this classic movie has created a good reputation in the gambling community.

’21’ (Director Robert Luketic, 2008)

21 is directed by Robert Luketic, who is among the industry’s best movie directors. What makes this movie interesting is that it was developed based on a true story. It is a modern classic movie.

The setting of this movie is when gambling was not very popular among people. It features Kevin Spacey, who trains talented students to count cards in a major Las Vegas casino. Following after is hedonism, trickery and betrayal that couldn’t be predicted to happen. However, it does glamorise card counting to a degree, encouraging players to try this system out but with limited success.

‘The Gambler’ (Director Rupert Wyatt, 2014)

The Gambler is another great movie, this one directed by Rupert Wyatt. In the movie, Mark Wahlberg, who plays an English teacher, is very much into high stake gambling activities. Eventually, he ends up playing with some criminals and, in the process, loses in blackjack against them. He ends up owing these criminals $240 000 in cash. As you would expect, the criminals are not that impressed about it.

In the movie, Mark is looking for ways to get the money and settle his debt with the criminals to stay alive and clear of trouble. Although the movie has a predictable plot, it aims to show the disadvantages and downsides of gambling addiction and aggressive gambling.

It teaches that irresponsible gambling can destroy your life. This movie is worth your time as it involves a great script and a wonderful atmosphere. It also stands out from the rest as a movie that actually doesn’t completely glamorize the casino world.

There are so many good films out there that include gambling-related activities into their storyline. Some demonize it, some glorify it, but they come with great performances that leave us interested in playing casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Though we have assembled some top movies in the industry that offer both entertainment and gambling strategies, there are many more that also provide such film thrills. With these movies you will also get a few lessons on gambling addiction and aggressive gambling.

You will also get a chance to watch some of the industry’s best actors, such as Brad Pitt, in action. However, you should understand that some movies have violent stories, and the strategies and moves utilized can get you into trouble if you attempt them. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that you gamble responsibly in any online casino. Always play in reputable and licensed casinos, which means they are regulated and secure. It would be best to play with games from the best software and game developers since they are random and fair.

Written by Rob Nelson

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