What are Some Preventive Technologies Casinos Use

When you think about a casino, what thoughts come to mind? Slot machines? Poker tables? Roulette wheels? If you’re like most people, your first association with the word “casino” is gambling. And while those aspects are certainly present in casinos today, they’re not as prevalent as before. In fact, there’s a lot more that goes into operating and maintaining one of these large establishments than just keeping gamblers happy. For example: how do you keep all the slot machines running smoothly without having to manually restock them every day? What happens when someone wants to play poker but no one else can be found at the table for him or her to partner up with? 

By now, the internet has gotten used to seeing casino technology appearing in just about every casino that ever opens, and it’s not hard to see why. The casino industry is a booming one, and it’s been riding the wave of technological innovation ever since. Online casinos are bigger and safer than ever, but only if you choose reliable sites. Top rated online casinos offer a variety of bonuses, and you can check them out at review sites like 6Takarakuju, where you can browse through their extensive list of no deposit casino bonuses. Despite getting the best bonuses, avid gamblers looking to maximize their winnings are always trying to come up with clever systems to beat the house at its own game. From counting cards in blackjack to shoe computers, there has been no shortage of attempts to cheat at casino games. What do you think casinos, both online and physical, do about that? It is important for you as a player to be safe at a casino, but how do casinos protect themselves? Here are a few secrets revealed.

Biometric face recognition

Did you know that you are constantly being watched at physical casinos through CCTV cameras? They are thoughtfully designed, and one of the benefits is that they can scan each visitor’s face as they enter, play, and exit. When they see a person of interest, that person’s face is scanned and uploaded to a database, and using sophisticated software, they can immediately recognize your entry into the casino. Expect security to escort you out of the building quickly.


There are tons of encryption going on within casinos that only computer software can recognize. So many transactions are taking place that random number generators are used to keep things fair and secure. They help make sure that there are no predictive measures that any person can recognize and use to their advantage, a surefire way to keep things fair.

Angel eye

The Angel Eye system helps prevent gamblers from swapping cards under the tables, by using a barcode that is printed with invisible ink on every card. When the cards are dealt, a sensor in the shoe tracks the cards dealt, which are then tracked by the computer. When the dealer presses the shoe button, he determines whether the cards on the table match those that have been dealt. 

RFID chips

Are you planning to import counterfeit chips? Think again! RFID computer chips are inside each casino chip, which emit radio frequencies that the casino’s computers recognize, and no one else. These RFID chips are accounted for and would be noticeable if any tampering had gone on. 

Good old guard

If all else fails, hire a huge squad of muscular men who can take out any unsympathetic person at will, whether or not you have the technology to see their treachery. A person who stands watch to see, with their very own eyes, who is playing fairly and who is not. It works every time!

Written by Rob Nelson

Rob is an ecologist from the University of Hawaii. He is the co-creator and director of Untamed Science. His goal is to create videos and content that are entertaining, accurate, and educational. When he's not making science content, he races whitewater kayaks and works on Stone Age Man.

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