When Love and Science Double Date: What Shows Your Age

If you fall into the category of a ‘mature single,’ perhaps you’re under the impression that it’s going to be difficult to track down a prospective partner. After all, those trendy bars or buzzing nightclubs rumored to be a haven for singletons never seem to be too senior-friendly. But there are many ways of contacting someone compatible these days, with so many factors impacting how we connect as human beings. Let’s take a closer look at some of these.

How Your Emotional State Is Formed

This is something that will be just as relevant to a senior as anyone half their age. You could be a Millennial in a trendy nightclub. Or an older single seeking a mature hookup by signing up to a digital dating service. You will be attracted to like-minded individuals who share your interests. Algorithms within dating sites can help point you towards the most appropriate hookup partners. On other occasions, just the look of someone will cause your pulse to quicken. But what’s the science behind this? It’s all down to the chemicals that flood through your bloodstream when your eyes target a potential sexual partner. Hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen will have a direct impact on your sex drive. If you happen to be browsing through online profiles with a swiping option, it’s those hormones that will cause you to decide who you’d like to get to know better. Once the chemistry has done its job, you can set about introducing yourself via the private communication channel and let the biology take over.

Feeling Positive

How do you feel at the moment? Elated about some good news? Down in the dumps about an unexpected bill you’ve received? Eager to get to know that new person who’s started at your favorite coffee shop? All of these feelings are impacted by daily triggers. When it comes to sexual attraction, you’ll know from experience how your emotional state is likely to be boosted by spotting someone you are excited by, either due to their beautiful features or their figure-hugging attire. Compare the stimuli you are likely to receive strolling by bikini-clad sun-worshippers on a beach, as opposed to some indoor mall where everyone is fully-dressed! 

Indifferent, Hate, and Other ‘Downers’

It’s important to appreciate that just as these hormones will raise your spirits (sometimes to an equivalent extent to some class A drugs!), there are always potential downsides to your emotions. As well as positivity, your mood swings can be affected by many things that will have a negative impact. Anything that lowers your self-esteem has the potential to lead to mental health issues. This is a key issue that you need to be aware of, especially once you get to a certain age and are burdened by so many other anxieties – mortgages, work-related problems, car trouble, and so on.

How Science Can Harness Your Love Interest

We have already touched upon algorithms. Let’s look into this in more detail. This is a form of computer science that also forms a ‘double date’ with natural science. As humans, we are programmed to be attracted to people to whom we already have some form of empathy. This often has to do with our habitat and personal circumstances. We will be inclined to socialize with others from our peer group, geographical location, or ethnic background. But there is also a strong emotive force personified by the adage, ‘opposites attract.’ We are also keen to have new experiences, which is why many mature singles find themselves instinctively drawn to people from different countries or races or who might be in a younger generational demographic.

Dating sites know how to tap into either of these emotions – familiarity and the desire to expand horizons. So they’ll provide filters that can be applied to search forms. For the latter, this technology will allow you to home in on someone who might make an ideal partner.

How About Some Other Interesting Scientific Facts?

  • ‘Being in love’ implies a long-term state of mind. But love alters. The feelings you have when you meet someone new are driven by serotonin, sometimes leading to obsessive thoughts. Maturity brings a different hormone, oxytocin, associated with feeling calm and contended.
  • Attitudes to love have also evolved. People assumed love could fade, meaning a relationship had run its course. But relationship therapy is becoming huge, with individuals being encouraged to kindle emotions by talking through issues and grievances.

Love is so often imbued with a sense of intrigue, even mysticism. But the bottom line is that the emotions that draw you into finding someone else attractive are all down to human biology. Without those hormones rushing around your blood system, you wouldn’t experience any of those tell-tale signs of being ripe for romance.

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Written by Austin Crane

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