Casinos have often been featured in films, showcasing the different strategies skilled players have used to beat the house. But bingo takes on a different style as it is a game of chance. There’s no bluffing, no drawn-out strategies – just plain old luck. However, this simplicity does not mean that the game is dull; it is far from that. No wonder this game has evolved so players can enjoy it on the best bingo apps as they relax at home, make it through traffic, etc. And this movement has not gone unnoticed by movie producers. When it comes to filmmaking, bingo has cemented its presence as much as any other game. Let’s see how this has worked:

Best Bingo Scenes

If you’ve played bingo, you know that the game features unique attributes:

  1. It is fun: The game requires players to mark out winning numbers. Doing so with the hope of winning activates dopamine and adrenaline, creating a thrill unseen in most other games. Some people play it to get this kick – something that reminds them they are alive,
  2. It is easy: Bingo has always been an easy game. And despite the introduction of new variations, this has not changed. This simplicity makes it easy for people of all ages to master the rules and go with the flow, and
  3. It makes room for genuine connections: Despite the heated banter and competitiveness in some bingo rooms, bingo is a game that allows players to interact. Many people enjoy how much they can converse while playing the game which allows them to destress. Studies have shown that bingo is a great way to alleviate anxiety and loneliness.

The movies below have highlighted these key bingo features and somewhat paid an ode to the game. 

Mama’s Family

Have you watched this show? It’s one of those series that has you laughing from start to finish, as it features many twists and turns. And isn’t that the basic setting of bingo? You never know what number you will draw and who will end up yelling, “bingo!”

Mama plays an online bingo game in the second episode of the first season. And like many other people who have luck on their side, she scores a whopping $3 million. Great, right? But there’s only one problem. She must prove to the bingo operators that she can speak English. That should be easy enough to prove when there’s $3 million at stake. But if there’s anything that this episode proves, nothing is ever linear – anything can happen!

Bad Grandpa

For a long time, people considered bingo a game for older adults. This thinking was in line with the main bingo demographic in the 20th century. It mainly comprised retirees looking for a way to spend that extra time. And there’s no better film to highlight this stereotype than this movie!

As the name suggests, the main character has peculiar habits that get on people’s nerves. And he happily showcases them at a bingo game, to the annoyance of the other players. He even drinks the bingo marker fluid at some point!

If you’ve ever played in a traditional bingo hall, you can appreciate the lengths to which the main character goes. He depicts the classic sore loser in a bingo game, and you might even find yourself relating to the other players’ reactions. 

The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been around for so long that we might need to point you in the direction of the referenced scene – 1992. In this scene, Lisa goes to a retirement home where she meets Jasper, one of the residents. You will appreciate that this setting takes place in an era where bingo was often considered a game for older adults. So, it’s not surprising that the retirement home residents played bingo.

Jasper invites Lisa to one of the games. And like we said earlier, bingo is an easy game, so it does not take much for her to get the hang of things. Soon enough, she’s marking numbers and engaging in the same competitiveness the other players show. 

This scene demystifies the notion that bingo is best for older people. As we have seen over the years, all ages and genders enjoy bingo. Who would have thought a Simpsons episode could open people’s eyes to this reality?

Big Momma’s House 2

Anyone who’s watched any of the movies in this series can attest to their hilariousness. And this movie is not any different. While we said that bingo has easy rules, players must always understand the rules in each game. That’s because the rules are not standard. For example, what applies to a 30-ball bingo game will not necessarily apply to a 90-ball game. Players who do not understand the rules can miss out on a win. Or worse- they can suffer the fate we are about to showcase.

This movie has a bingo scene where players engage in a very heated game. The stakes are high, and people can barely take their eyes off their cards. But something happens in the middle of all this – a player yells, “bingo!” Anyone who has played bingo knows that this shout means someone else has scored a win. It’s a shout that disheartens other players who realize they have lost their chance.

All seems well until people realize that the player who shouted “bingo” had not won the game! Given the game’s competitiveness, you can imagine what follows this realization.

Watching bingo movies can give you insight into some aspects of the game you never knew. For example, Big Momma’s House 2 showcases the differences between 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. So, you can learn more about the game as you appreciate the character development. 

Written by Austin Crane

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