Teachers Using Media

If you love teaching with technology and particularly using media, I highly recommend you read up and learn about these stellar teachers. They’re leading the way in science and technology in the classroom. They’re also not your typical teacher. They’re stories will inspire you to want to do more in the classroom.

Paul Anderson

You may know Paul from his BozemanScience youtube videos where he uploads short powerpoint style science presentations. If every teacher thought as much about how to teach effectively as Paul, we’d be well on the way to solving all our education standards. I wanted to ask Paul a few questions regarding his philosophy and inspiration in teaching. Read more here


Joe Grabowski

Joe Grabowski wanted to connect his students to scientists and explorers around the world. But, he found that there wasn’t a great place to connect up teachers with these amazing people. So he founded his own site called Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants. When he’s not moderating the sessions, he is a Science and Math Teacher and Education Director of Sharks4Kids. Read more here.

Chris Borgati

Chris is a family man. He’s also a high school science teacher in New England who was using our Untamed Science videos in his class. But, instead of just showing them, he does an annual science film festival at his school whereby he gets his students to make their own science videos.

Susan Vandall

I’d like to say that Susan is an overachieving teacher from West Virginia that is extremely passionate about getting her kids excited about learning and doing. She gets them to build greenhouses and playgrounds. She fills the entire school auditorium with students to chat with experts online (she did that with some of the crew here). But maybe more than anything, she’s inspiring her kids to be life long learners. Read more here.

Hazen Audel

Here is a teacher that has found a way to teach both high school biology classes, art classes and wilderness survival. Oh, and on the side he hosts a National Geographic show called Survive the Tribe and another called Primal Survivor. From Spokane Washington, Hazen does not represent your typical teacher. Read more here.


Tom McFadden

If you like RAP songs mixed into your science lessons, then you have to check out what Tom is doing on a Youtube channel he calls Science with Tom. Not only does he mix in NGSS aligned science videos into his channel, but he trains his students to make their own videos! Read more here.



Other Great Teachers

Clearly there are lots of educators out there doing great stuff. Here are a few we think you should follow if you haven’t already done it.

  • Susan Vandall – WV amazing and inspirational teacher.
  • DC Randall – An African American mover and shaker who takes kids to the Amazon every year.
  • Tyler Dewitt

Find out more about using Technology in the Classroom

There are lots of great resources I’ve come across that basically tell me that technology is a fantastic tool in the classroom if used right. I for one, wrote my masters thesis on what makes videos engaging in the modern american classroom. If you’re not convinced that recording your lessons for your students is beneficial, watch this video. If not convinced that students will learn anything from a video, watch this video. If you’re keen on getting students into using video as a learning tool, I highly recommend using this book to get them started or showing them this introductory series of videos.

Know an Educator we should point out?

Send us an email and nominate a few educators you think should make the list. UntamedScience(at)gmail.com – and direct it to Rob Nelson.