Palawan Bearded Pig

Sus ahoenobarbus

The Palawan Bearded Pig (Sus ahoenobarbus), while formerly treated as a subspecies of the bearded pig, was recently elevated to a new species by Groves (2001) and Lucchini et al. (2005). Thus, there is very little information on the web on it. We have yet to find a good video on this species. If you have a video of this pig, please contact us.

Where does the Palawan Bearded Pig Live?

Palawan bearded pigs are endemic to the Philippines, particularly to the Palawan Faunal Region. This means they’re found there and nowhere else on earth. These pigs have been recorded from many places in this region: Busuanga, Calauit, and the Calamain islands (including Culion and Coron).

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